Code Redhead Authors Feature: USA Today #charity #cancer

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From a wet and rainy London, I’d to share with all blog followers the Code Redhead Authors feature in USA Today in the Happy Ever After section. We came together from a great cause, to help raise money by just doing what we love … writing. I’m proud of us all.

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‘Code Redhead’ authors share their inspirations for helping to raise money for cancer research




Just a reminder about this give away … three days until release day! But you can grab a free  review copy. We’ve had 5* reviews on Goodreads so far, apparently  one reviewer felt  ” we all brought our A game, when writing.”  #badass!! Go gang   🙂

I have ten copies to give away, to the first ten readers who do one of the following to enter, you will be granted a copy.

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Book Blurb:

Thirteen of your favourite Best-Selling authors have come together to be part of a fundraising project called Code Redhead – A Serial Novel.

Each writer has their own interpretation of the title ‘Code Redhead’. There’s a story to satisfy and entertain most every reader in Code Redhead – A Serial Novel.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

REDHEAD DEAD by Jennifer Conner
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Genre: Historical Romance

REVEALED by Angela Ford
Genre: Mystery

REUNITED by Tammy Tate
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Red-HOT by Tina Donahue
Genre: Erotic Romance

RED SARAH by Carol Ann Kauffman
Genre: Time Travel Romance

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

RITUALS by N.D. Jones
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Genre: A Victorian Love Story

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Genre: Dystopian

Books To Go Now will donate the proceeds from the sale of the Novel to The Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

When children are affected by cancer it is heart wrenching for them and their loved ones. You can make a difference in their young lives by purchasing a copy of the Code Redhead Project.



Writing Prompt: What Would You Do If … #amwriting

I’ve been playing around with some of the 100+ writing prompts I shared with you earlier this week. I’ve had a really good time with the  one line generator, especially the random situation generator. Here’s one that got me writing.

Writing prompt: What Would You Do If… You Had No Money To Feed Your Children?

It’s really sad, but I think in this day and age this is not an uncommon thing in society, I’m not talking third world countries I mean built up society. I can’t speak for elsewhere but here in London, the cost of living is ridiculously high. I have spoken about this before so I won’t rant again, but take rent for example if you rent from a private landlord the prices are sky high in some of the more “nicer” parts of London. Here in the UK we have a system that does offer help with rent payments to those on low incomes or out of work, under the current government we have, when they first came into power the amount of support offered was capped. The result of this was many of those on lower incomes were pushed out of the ” nicer” areas of London they were renting in, and had a struggle to find more cheaper homes to rent. Really sad. Then there’s the average salary vs things like rent costs, food costs, and transport. All very expensive outgoings in London- not to mention child care. 

Parents ( especially women) are often faced with the tough decision of staying at home or reducing their working hours as the cost of full time child care in London, easily eats up a huge part of your income- trust me I know! Just while children are under school age a woman’s career may be set back. Some how here in London economically in some cases it can make more  sense to stay at home rather than work, as the living wage just won’t not cover  all the bills and childcare. This is a blog post for another day! It’s a big subject.

So with these points in mind, I saw this writing prompt and thought this is something a lot of parents may (at one point) have been faced with. The extent of it will vary but we’ve all been there. I have decided not to pay a bill in order to survive, I have no shame in saying that! LOL just life and real, London is expensive!

Luckily, I’ve never been put in a position where I could not at all feed my son, but let me tell you if I were ever in this situation here is what I would do. He is my king and he always comes first. Let’s assume I had no mum, sisters, support system  etc and I was totally on my own…

  1. I’d ask my local shop keeper (really nicely) if he will help me out and explain my situation. I’d like to think after going to the same corner shop (as we call it here in the UK) for almost ten years where I live, he’d help me out with food. Just until I can repay him.
  2. I’d steal it- I tell you no lie I would. This is my son we are talking about. Yes I know this is wrong but I would actually steal food from the store, if the shop keeper said no. I don’t know if I should confess this but oh well! I would probably head to one of the larger food chains. The major ones who can afford to miss the cost of one meal as their profit turn over is ridiculously high. 
  3. I’d try to find a food bank. Here in London or actually around the UK they became very popular when the recession hit back in 2007. I’d turn on the news and see news reports on how much local charity aid  increased in demand, due to job loss vs the need to feed a family.
  4. I ‘d look in my cupboard and see what I can possibly russel up for dinner from what I have. One thing I learned from my mum is keep emergency supplies of things like pasta, tuna, rice etc. To this day I always have these tucked away – just in case.
  5. I’d go out and swallow my pride and ask strangers for help. I really would for the sake of my son. About two weeks ago, I was  outside a cafe, I just stepped out onto the pavement and started to debate what errand to run first on a Monday afternoon. A young girl approached me she looked around her mid -twenties. She said to me ” excuse me miss, do you have any cooking , cleaning or babysitting work for me?” I was quite shocked  and politely I said ” no I’m really sorry.” She then continued  to explain ” I have just come here from my country and it’s really hard, no work for me so I can’t eat or survive.” My heart strings were tugged, I asked her where she is from, it turned out  imagine this from  Greece! Of all the countries. I’m sure you all kept up with the crisis that country experienced when it went bankrupt and residents were limited to just something like sixty euros per week to withdraw from the bank, as there were no funds!  The country and its people were left high and dry. I could not believe what she said to me. While I had no cooking or cleaning jobs I did give her some money for food, just my luck I had no change so I ended up giving her a full £5.00 note. Before I handed it over, I thought to myself what is £5.00 in this day and age? It can just about buy lunch, or a travel card for the day this is not a large sum of money I’m parting with. She was so grateful. All I asked from her is that she did not spend it on drugs or alcohol, I watched her walk into the Wimpy cafe and take a seat ready to order. I walked away feeling like a better person for that charitable deed that day. If I ever have no money to feed my baby, I hope if I stop a stranger on the street and explain they will feel no ill feelings about parting with £5.00 just as I did.

2017 Releases … #1 Down, 1# To Go. #amwriting


* Comes up for air * I’ve done it guys, I have met my goal of completing the Cancer Research short story I’m writing  this week, for release in February 2017. The word limit is tiny at just 15,000 for each author. I found it a bit of a struggle to keep within it. But I’ve done it. It’s within the romance genre but more on the  steamy side this one. The writing prompt all authors have to go from is “Code Redhead”- the name of the book. All I need to do is read through once, and submit for a proof read, then off it goes to my publisher. 

Earlier this  week, I spoke about my baby- my romance thriller story, I’ve left to simmer for a whole year. I really want to get stuck into writing this story and hopefully make it my third book published, after Not Just For Christmas. However, I want  to find the right home for this book as I see it as a full length novel, not a short story and it’s not a typical romance or even romantic suspense, as there’s a murder and hint of  who-dun- it wrapped up with a romantic story. I sent out the first three chapters to two publishers, one came back to me  this week and requested to see the whole manuscript! I was like damn OK!  I better get cracking. I’m still waiting to hear from the other publisher. So now I’m done with my first bit of work for 2017,  this baby is 100% my writing focus ( as well as writing prompts on the blog), without a doubt now I know there is interest in it.  I’ll start with research then get cracking writing. I’ve planned a chapter preview in November  for you all so stay tuned. I warn you be prepared for a gripping first chapter!



Book Trailer Reveal: 20 #Authors, 20 Badass Stories in 1 Book-“Code Redhead”,Released Feb 2017 #amwriting, #amreading

Are you ready? If not y’all better get ready! Then tell someone else, they  better get ready too! Spread the word don’t keep this a secret, and feel free to share this. I’m so excited over this creative writing project my publisher is taking part in. I’m extremely proud to have been asked to take part as an author. We’re writing to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research over in the USA, our stories will feature in one novel. Stories across more genres than you can shake a stick at..

Courtesy of one of the authors taking part she put this together, I’m please to reveal  our book trailer for Code Redhead released in February. If you’re not sure what all the excitement is about, click here and find out.

Thank you For Voting, The Result is…. #amwriting #standup2cancer #charity


Thank you if you left me a comment or vote on what genre story I should write, for the standup2cancer writing project I’m taking part in for 2017. It seems that the vote swung towards the romance genre, as it will be the month of February the book of short stories is published. Then I had one person comment, and  it swung back to a level playing field! But by then I had already confirmed with my publisher, a romance genre story. Thank time difference for that, I saw the comment late but thank you for it.

Voting is closed now, so that’s it.  It’s a romance I’ll be writing, using the writing prompt ” code redhead”. I will try to spice it up a little and add in a lil’ of the old suspense.

Thank you for your help! I’ll keep you posted on when the book is available and don’t forget,  all money raised from the sales go to cancer research, we authors won’t see a penny.


YOU Decide What Genre Story I Should #Write For #Standup2cancer #Author #Charity Project- Please Vote!

Evening guys,

So a few days ago I told you all about the charity writing project I’m participating in with my publisher, to help raise some money. Myself and a few other authors will write a short story to publish together in one book. The book will be on sale from February 2017, all proceeds from the book sales go to the charity Standup2cancer, we (authors) will not see a penny of it. You can read more about what I’m doing and the project   here  if you missed my blog on this.

 Today, I’d like to invite you  help or  decide for me what genre story  I should  write?  I thought this may be fun and also I can’t decide! But today I  got my deadline, so I better get cracking.With your vote, tell me should I write a romance or thriller genre short story to include for publication in February 2017? Our stories can only be 15k max in words, so it’s pretty short. Place a quick vote in below. This vote will be open until the 30th September only.

Thanks in advance.

Have a good weekend

Can You Help Save A Life? #amwriting #charity

Over the weekend I did a writing promideapt ” The Internet is Full of Rants”,  in this post I mentioned a charitable cause that’s close to my heart here in the UK, it’s called Shelter. 

Today, my publisher informed it’s authors about a cause they are supporting called StandUp2Cancer,  I’ve heard of this we also have the campaign here in the UK. We were asked if we’d like to help raise money for the cause, by writing a short story to include in a book.  All proceeds from the sales will go to cancer research. I’m taking part and will submit a short story to help raise money. The stories will be published February 2017.

I’d like to reach out to you all and let you know that if you find this cause close to your heart, or you’re just feeling in a good mood you too can help save a life by donating directly to StandUp2Cancer. Details are on the link below.No matter how small the donation, I’m sure it will help someone or something.

Once the book is available to buy (not until February) I’ll let you all know, if you can’t help out now maybe in February you’ll fancy reading a number of wonderful short shorties from myself and some other great authors, and if so, you can purchase the book and help out that way.

 Here you can find out more for now on this cause