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Didi Oviatt -Author


One week. For one whole week that smell has practically taken control of me. It’s like a tidal wave washed over my neighborhood and as the water settled, the scent of it was left to linger everywhere — in and on every single item of my home. This smell is like a luscious chemical in the air, clinging to everything it floats past. Which means only one thing. Whoever has blood this strong, is close. Very close. Possibly even next door. It’s a salty, petulant smell, sort of like the sea itself. I’ve never smelt anything like it. What’s even more odd, is that it doesn’t make me thirst. My throat doesn’t itch to suck down every last drop, like it does with most humans, especially the youthfully spirited ones. It only makes me curious, and wanting. Weird enough, it turns me on. The very first second that it…

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Who’s In On This, This Week? #lockdowngoals

Good afternoon!

I hope you’re all well in the part of the world you are? And your family are too. So yesterday, I was inspired by Didi who is doing March’s WIP challenge, which looks good! I can’t wait to see her story. Then this morning I woke up with a creative “download” of my own. On my FB page I put this out to those I’m friends, with and wish to do it here too! Creatives take a look….target-1513758_640

Today’s the day I woke up with some creative downloads for a couple of projects 🤩. Anyone up for a WIP ( Works In Progress), writing OR creativity sprint with me today until the weekend? Last week I did one with Author Kristi Tailor. Let’s carry on.

It’s real easy, drop your creative goals in the comments, and let’s check in as the week progresses, and motivate each other. We’re all stuck at home, so let’s go and get some novels or novellas outlined or done! It can be anything you wish to do, no matter what as long as it’s creative. Here are my goals, a little ambitious but I’mma see what I can do in the next week.

1. Add 3k words to the 20k words of my crime thriller. Then submit the full plot outline to my publisher to consider.

2. Outline and change the direction of a short story I started to write for a different project. I now wish to make this the outline of book #1 of a crime/detective series! It’s going to be a ‘who-dun-it” thriller 🧐Then submit the outline to my publisher.

3. Outline one “billionaire romance” story! 💋😍I’ve never written one of these… but I got an idea.😆 I gotta hot billionaire in mind. 🤑💋

Now notice my goals are outlines of projects just to get started, and a small writing task to keep it realistic! And achievable. Set a goal of something you wish to make progress with.



Book Review + Giveaway ‘Kill For You’ by Ayden. K . Morgen 5 stars!!! (Romantic Suspense)

Kill For You
A Warrior For Her #2
by Ayden K. Morgen
Genre: Romantic Suspense
The last thing Detective Octavio Hernandez expects to find at the scene of a mass gang-related shooting is a brown-eyed angel standing bravely in the midst of the chaos. One look at Faith Donovan and the homicide detective knows there’s more to her than meets the eye. She’s keeping secrets that just might help bring down Los Zetas, one of the biggest drug cartels in Los Angeles.
He just has to convince her that trusting him is worth the risk.
Forced upon a mother who didn’t want her and enslaved by a gang that refuses to let her go without a fight, Faith’s life has never been her own. She thought she’d made peace with her fate…until Octavio sweeps in and carries her out of her blood-soaked cage.
Faith trusts no one, but the hardened detective makes it difficult to remember why. The way he cares for her makes her ache for what she never thought she’d find: love and a family of her own. But trusting him when she knows he has an ulterior motive is one of the most difficult things she’ll ever do.
He swore to give her the freedom she craves, but when the secrets she holds paint a target on her back, keeping that promise will prove no easy feat.
To secure her freedom and win her heart, this detective will move mountains. And take down anyone standing in his way.
Kill for You is the second book in a series of interconnected full-length novels featuring law enforcement officers willing to do whatever it takes to protect the women who need them most. Each book can be read as a standalone, has no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.


On March 17th, 100% of author proceeds from Kill for You will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad to aid in the rescue of child victims of human trafficking. Post release day, 10% of proceeds will continue to go to Operation Underground Railroad. To date, Operation Underground Railroad has rescued over 3,200 children from slavery and has helped prosecute over 1,800 human traffickers. Learn more about O.U.R. and pledge your support here.


Fight For You
A Warrior For Her #1
Some things are worth fighting for.
Some people are worth dying for.
For me, January James is both.
Too bad she hates me.
Ten years ago, I destroyed her life and lost everything that mattered to me. I’ve been in hell since, desperately trying to forget her even though I’ve never been able to do it. She still haunts me.
Now a dangerous enemy from my past has it out for her. He isn’t going to stop until he gets what he wants. I know I should stay away before I hurt her all over again, but I can’t do it.
It’s time to stop running and start fighting for her.
My name is Michael Kincaid, and this is my swan song. When it’s over, I’ll either be the monster at the end of this book…or I’ll be the man January deserves.
Fight for You is an angsty and emotional brother’s best friend, second chance romance. It is the first book in a series of interconnected full-length standalone novels featuring alpha male cops willing to do whatever it takes to protect the women who need them most. Each book has no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.
**Only .99cents 3/15 to 3/31 on Amazon!** 
Ayden K. Morgen is the Amazon Bestselling author of the Ragnarök Prophesies series. She lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood sweetheart/husband of fifteen years, and their furry minions. When not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering, causing mischief, and building a Spork army.
She graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law.
She puts her education to use as a 911 Dispatch Supervisor, where she’s responsible for leading a team of dispatchers as they watch over police, EMS, and firefighters for her county. Her books feature law enforcement officers, the women who love them, and the difficult cases that drive them.
She also writes New Adult Fantasy as A.K. Morgen.
$10 Amazon giftcard
$5 Amazon giftcard
3 Warrior Series swag packs
2 copies of the complete Teplo Trilogy
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Kim’s Review- ‘Kill For You’

5 ‘Outstanding Character Development’ Stars!!

Thank you to Silver Dagger Tours for my free copy in exchange for a honest review.

Well of course I’d be drawn to this book, the genre, the blurb, the man in a suit on the front it all screams ‘Kim’s read’ really. And it did not disappoint one bit!! In all honesty, I am so proud to have this author representing the romantic suspense genre. Here’s what I enjoyed.

Character development– Boy, can this author craft an alpha-male  (that’s not a dick, and come across as not very nice. ) The whole male line up is just tooooooooooo dieeeeeeeeeee for! In one shape or form I swear to God, I tell no lies here. I found the main character Octavio to be very believable, authentic and hot! His co-workers and the other guys who he worked with in the plot, were all just as hot and enjoyable to meet.The same for the females, Faith is just adorable and so strong. Overall I felt that this author did a great job with developing a strong male lead, and a believable female lead that has experienced major trauma.

Now the ‘bad guys’, to me they were also really enjoyable to read and very well developed.

Plot and Pace- it moves quickly, has twists and turns and one very unexpected change for Faith. I never saw it coming ( no spoilers). It was beautiful to read, and nice that it was an outside of the box twist too. The whole plot ties together nicely, it felt almost like reading not just romantic suspense, but also a detective story, as we readers ‘get to the bottom of the mystery’ around Faith.

Reality-  I must say, I found this plot to be very realistic, it touches on abuse and the  human sex and slave trade. It tied in very well with Faith’s  plot twist I mentioned. So not only for me as a reader did I feel the characters were extremely believable, so was the plot, reality, likelihood of things happening. It all left me with no doubts over the character’s motives and actions. It touches on drugs, crime, and gang related activities also. Just brilliantly executed.

Overall, five wonderful, well written and enjoyable stars from me. Romantic suspense fans you don’t wanna miss this one, I’m just sayin’.  I would read more of this author’s work. I have the next one on my kindle, and gutted I can’t read it in time for the end of her book tour, but trust I’ll be reading it!! I wish Author Ayden K. Morgen all the best with her career, and may her pen take over the genre by storm!



March WIP Writing Challenge Prompt: Vampires Lurking

Didi Oviatt -Author

My March WIP Challenge was actually pretty easy to decide on, which is rare, I usually stew around and change my mind a dozen times before deciding on a prompt. But, I got to thinking this morning that I very rarely do fantasy prompts! I don’t know why either, because fantasy has SOOOOO many possibilities. Also because the Consistories blog is such a big supporter of my WIP monthly challenge and that’s totally the participating characters’ genre!! 

So, here it is…. The prompt for March is: Vampires Lurking!!!

photo-1527257194691-a09d09579e35Let’s see it writers!!  Using the characters from your WIP that you already love so much, write a scene with Vampires Lurking! (or any of your works, really, whatever characters you think will fit the prompt best!) I look forward to reading your stuff!



As the initiator: Every month I’ll give a real time circumstance, hang out spot, or…

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I’m Just Sayin’, You Don’t Wanna Miss This! Advance Reader Copies Up For Grabs!! @didi_oviatt

Okay, so I’m a little bias when I say ‘ this is some gooooood reading!’ 😆. Just a reminder we have advanced reader copies up for grabs. Release date 22nd April.


About The Stories…

For Mature Readers Only:
As the second installment of suspenseful short stories by two suspense authors, from diverse backgrounds, Blurred Lines offers a thrill ride with nine stories in genres across the board. From opposite sides of the Atlantic these stories have been created. One author started the tale and the other ended it. No discussion, no pre-planning, but yet their stories are seamless. With the use of writing prompts Kim and Didi have created tales that will tug at your heart strings, drop your jaws, and leave you clinging to the edge of your seat. From gory horror, romance, crime fiction, family drama, and fantasy, there is a story for everyone!

Crime Fiction, Psychological: “I’m Back Bitches, Now Panic!”
Lynn McCarmick has spent six years behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, although she’s a far cry from an innocent woman. Her once loyal team of con artists set her up for a robbery that landed her a long term home in a Scottish prison. After an early release for good behavior, Lynn is finally able to let the bad bitch inside of her roam free.

Contemporary Romance: Heart of Gold
In this star crossed, light hearted tale, two people with the purest of hearts, each long to find a mate who is giving, honest and real. A heart-felt romance.
Psychological Thriller, Slasher Romance, Erotica: Chainsaw Ridge
Alice is one of a kind, and was raised by a nasty man with killer habits. After an accident rendered the awful man disabled, everything changed. With an ultimate twist, this gory tale takes Alice and her husband on one hell of a bloody adventure. Due to popular demand this story was extended!

Investigative Crime Fiction: Crime Scene Investigation
Detectives Flynn and McBride are on the case of a murder. Owner of the Chinese restaurant where the body was found, Mr. Wang, is devastated. The pressure is on to find the killer and to clear Mr. Wang’s establishment as a safe place for his patrons. The detectives piece together outside connections that are weaved into Mr. Wang’s ties, in a very delicate way. Is there more to the murder than what meets the eye?
Historical Fiction: A Miracle Baby Story
In a tragic tale of tough love and loss, brought about in a western setting, two young lovers are frowned upon by nearly everyone around. Adsila is a teen of Cherokee descent, who falls for a young cowboy. In a bitter-sweet tale she fights for the survival of herself and unborn child in a community filled with hate and judgement.

Paranormal Suspense: A life Gone?
Franklyn Poppy, is a husband and father who found himself in a place between life and death. He becomes a loathly witness to the woman he loves having an affair with his twin brother. He’s introduced to the infamous dark Goddess, Maman Bridgette who shares his disdain for the happenings with his wife. The outcome for Mrs. Poppy and her fateful intertwining with this powerful Goddess is powerful and resonating.

Metaphysics, Clairvoyant, Thriller: Murder by Mistake
The Wilkinson family consists of an Air Force father, a loving mother, and two daughters Anna and Julie. They are polar opposites, and Julie, the younger of the two has a special gift. She’s able to see things before they happen. When she’s mentally the witness to a murder that’s yet to be solved, she’s forced into action in an altercation with the killer.

Fantasy: Witchful Thinking
Gretchen isn’t your average witch, as she was born into a clan descending from the blood of Fate herself. Growing up in foster care was an intentional way for her to find her own path in using her magic, as she’s intended to be a tool for Fate’s use. A twisty tale set in the present and past day.
Family Drama: Real Mom
After the abandonment of their mother, twins Josephine and Jerilynn are taken in by their new stepmom, and become the big sisters to quite the large and quirky family. During a family vacation the two team up, and try to uncover the mystery of their estranged biological mom.


Yes please Kim and Didi I Wanna Copy! Click Here.



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Authors Would You Like To Submit Your Book To A Book Club To Read? #amreading #bookclub #authors

Book Club

Author friends you know how much I love to read, I’ve had the pleasure of reading some of your work.  For five years I ran a book club in London, I loved it so much. I crossed paths with a wonderful author on Facebook, she has a book group with 1,000  readers  and counting!  I put it to her that we could actually start a proper book club, she accepted and so now I’m reaching out to all authors who may wish to submit their book to the club, to be considered as part of the Miss Flames So Bookish Summer Book Club. I’m seeking books for our club to read for June- September.

Here’s how it works…

1.Submit your book details below. Book club organisers will check the details, then confirm if your book has been included within the Club.

2. Your book will be put to our readers in a two week poll, to pick which book(s) they’d like to read! Between 1st-15th June 2020. On the 16th June 2020 the winning books will be announced, readers notified, and authors also notified.

3. If your book is one of the books in the top four with the most votes, your book will be allocated a month ( June, July, August or September) as a read for our summer book club.

4. Book club members will purchase your book – those who wish to join in on your book’s reading. We’ll start reading from the 20th of each month, and on the 25th of the FOLLOWING month there will be live questions and discussion, in the group, about your book. We encourage you to join us for this and engage with readers!

Note: the Club’s organisers have the right to accept books at their discretion to put to its book club members. It’s advisable to have your book available in as may formats as possible. We have readers who like audio most, some print, some e-book etc. We aim to be inclusive of members who have disabilities and need certain formats such as audio. The more you have the better!

Sound good? Great, get involved and drop those book links below on the sign up form. We’ll get in contact asap. Feel free to share this shout out with fellow authors or reblog etc.

Meet The Author: Author Nolan Holloway! ( Poetry)


Okay guys, this month let’s welcome a different kind of author who writes poetry. Ohhhhh! Let’s get to know Nolan’s style, and head over to Atlanta, USA.

Hello nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about you where are you from and other than writing what else do you enjoy?

I was born and raised in Queens, NY.  I relocated to Atlanta in 1995.  I enjoy watching sports, playing pool and going to the gym.  I also enjoy service on Sundays and co-hosting the radio show Level Up.

How did you start writing? What was your inspiration to create?

I was dating a woman and wrote her a poem.  She enjoyed it so I just started playing around with different types of poetry.

Kim> Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my!! That’s soooooooooo romantic. Man after my own heart. It’s great that it inspired you too.

Who is your favourite author, is there anyone out there that inspires you?

I don’t read as much as I want to but Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and T.S. Eliot.  Also read poets from various poetry sites.

What genre do you enjoy reading?

Weird, but I enjoy fantasy.  Have read J.R. Tolkien and Stephen Donaldson.  I also like horror.  Steven King is my favourite.

Kim> Yeah, I haven’t read a book by King for a minute. I might need to during this ‘lock down’ we’ve got.

Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? If you could what genre would you like to dabble in?

People have suggested that I try short stories, but I think poetry is my calling.

Kim> It’s always good to have a calling, but in all honesty I ‘dabbled’ in short stories and found out I really liked it, and enjoyed switching the genres of the stories I’d recommend it.

What has been your most proud moment as an author?

When I received my first set of copies of my first book from the publisher when my first grandchild was born.

Kim> *smiles uncontrollably* 

Tell us about your online show Level Up? What is it all about?

Ordinary people with extraordinary stories.  We discuss various topics with a Christian perspective.

What made you start Level Up?

I didn’t start the show.  I was interviewed on the show twice.  People kept saying I have a “radio” voice.  The host asked if I would come on as a co-host.

Kim> Ohh how cool, if that’s the feedback maybe audio book narration could be good for you too. Just sayin’

How can readers connect with Level Up?

Two ways, sign into and The Real Level Up on Facebook live

Was there ever a time you wanted to pick up your laptop, and then launch it out the window with frustration?

That has never happened.  But I have dealt with writers block where sometimes the poetry stops.  But then something happens, and they begin to flow again.

Are you a “plotter” or a fly by the seat of your pants “pants” as a writer?

The poems will come by verse or title and I just begin to write.

Kim> I’d call that a ‘panster’ writer , I think. No structure just go with the flow. I like it.

Am I the only one who gets hung up on commas? Do they make you go blah! when you’re writing?

I am liberal when I am writing.  It for me depends on the flow and vibe.

Every writer has a word(s) that they always slip up on when they write, then slap their forehead when they notice their typo. For me it’s further and farther exit or exists-  but hey I’m over it now.  Do you have a word (s) that make you go blah! Go away not another damn typo.

Not really, just type too fast when my thoughts are racing.

Kim> Lolz

What three tips would you give any aspiring writer?

Find your voice and stick to it.  Read other writing in various genres.  Never give up.

What are you working on now? What will you release next?

Just writing now.  Not sure.  When the concept hits me, I will know when it is time.

So… where can we get your books?

Just enter the titles on or go to my website

What does “success” look like to you? When would you say “damn, I’ve made it baby!”

It would be nice if I made a nice sum from my writing.  But I want people to enjoy my work and give me feedback.

Kim> Consider doing some giveaways of your works, and gain some reviewers. I’d recommend it. Not only does it attract new readers, you can get reviews too. Reviews help sell books!

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

You need to be humble.  I think having a big ego is a determent.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Yes, I do, good ones I enjoy bad reviews fuel me.

Kim> Good approach with the less favourable ones.

Do you Google yourself?


What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

Am part of author groups on Facebook, so quite a few.  All different types of genres.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

That varies.  The first were within a year because I had some much   poetry written.

What would you like readers to know?

That I am a man who writes poetry and have a passion for it and want to share the gift I have been blessed with everyone.

What’s your favourite movie?

The Passion of the Christ

What’s your favourite book and why?

Lord of the Rings.  The world he creates was fantastic

What music do you like?

Funk and jazz.  Also, into house.

Kim> I do love house too the soulful and uplifting kind.

Where would you like to travel to and why?

Enjoy the Caribbean but would like to travel to Europe.

Kim> When we leaving?


Thank you so much Nolan for spending time with us today! It was great to get to know you, and I hope readers will check out your work and Level Up. Connect with Nolan here and Level Up talk show here














Calling All Authors! #amwriting #authors

Aye, where’s everyone at?? Sign up is open🧐. Don’t all rush at once now. I’m not waiting for an influx of messages😆. Please add your details to the sign up form, and join us in this active and fun club with 1K readers and counting! 🙋‍♀️

Author TakeOver Book Club

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