Daily Writing Prompt:Why is Kate Brown so Fierce? Character POV


For today’s WordPress published writing prompt word, I feel like zoning in on the main female character in A Stranger in France Kate Brown. I’d like to introduce her a bit more, and most importantly let you know why she is such a ”fierce” heroine. (Without giving away all the plot!).

There are so many interpretations for this word both good and bad, one person can see fierce as bad, angry, mean  and horrible  or one can see the word as meaning survivor, strong, and full of beans! I see the word fierce as the latter in Kate’s case. Kate is not mean, horrible, bad or angry but she is one hell of a survivor.And that’s why she’s

F-I-E-R-C-E to me.

  1. Characterized by or showing hostility: gave us a fierce look
  2.  Extremely powerful or destructive: a fierce storm; a fierce flood.

Dictionary definition of fierce


Kate Brown  is married and when we first meet her she’s 32 years old, by the end of the story she is 33.  When I wrote Kate and her POV  ( point of view) I tried to portray her as  the 2nd definition of fierce – extremely powerful as a women. She overcomes a number of life challenges that many normal everyday modern women can relate to,  no matter their race, age or social status- maybe some women who read along, may have even experienced  some of Kate’s drama in their own life.

As a person, she’s smart, pretty straight talking and knows what she wants and how to get it. On the other side she is also very vulnerable due to the conflicts or drama I have thrown in for Kate along the way, throughout the story. These conflicts almost crush the poor girl, and who she naturally is. Something saves her and gives her a reason to fight not just love or the hero I’ve  thrown in for her to fall for aka Mr Nicholas D’Coix but other conflicts/plots save her and pull her back from her distressed state so she can survive and return to the Kate she once was and embrace Nicholas’ love.

In a Stranger in France, Kate Brown makes a massive realisation about her husband and even herself which you see within the first 2.5 chapters you can download this for free here. As the story progresses  drama and tension builds! With the husband  in London and over in France.  A number of very life changing decisions  take her across London, the UK coast, central and southern France, all  while in love.

She’s fierce, strong and extremely likeable. I hope! If you read along you’ll see why.

And if you’d like to ”interview” Kate or have questions about her character or what I was thinking when I wrote her ( if you do read A Stranger in France), then  let me know  comment, send me an email via contact Kim above or shout me on Twitter.


Kim’s Book Review: Trail Of Sins

JoyceHey guys, so you all know I’m a massive fan of the romance genre as a reader as well as writer, especially the sub genres of suspense and thriller with romance. I was lucky enough to get a free copy of Trail of Sins by Joyce Mcarthy  an erotic- thriller author. Her book was released earlier this year, and is available on Amazon. I read it and really enjoyed it here’s why:

Trail of Sins is described as “an erotic thriller in a corporate setting with a strong element of suspense and a powerful undercurrent of selfless love.”  There is a huge element of erotic-ness in this book, and I’d rate that  5 stars for the journey you’re  on as a reader in terms of erotic-ness. The author clearly knows how to write this style well, and  place in a reader’s mind a vision of what is taking place between characters, in this respect. I’m not talking 50 Shades of Grey (the book not movie) – soft erotic, I’m talking erotic scenes! If you enjoy this kind of journey and read, this is one for you. I said this to Ms Mcarthy already ” I wish I could write like that!” Meaning,  I don’t (personally feel)  brave enough or skilled in  very erotic writing… I totally clam up so well done and my hat is off to her for Trail of Sins.

While reading I did feel like I was on a journey, trying to find out why things are happening to the main Hero.  I really enjoyed the element of suspense/thrill I was taken on while reading. The ending I never saw coming, and that to me is also a good sign of story telling and writing (as a reader) it was a great twist. I was gripped, could not foresee the future, and surprised by the ending.

The characters I found them pretty 3D, I was able to build in my mind an impression of what the main hero is like as a man, and even make up my mind whether I liked him as a man or not. To me, as a reader (not a writer)  if I ever experience this in a book -being able to imagine a character, and make up my mind about them, if I’m on their side or not is a sign of good writing as the author/writer has given me enough to work with in my imagination.

I enjoyed this ride a lot- trust me there’s a lot of riding *wink

So in summary:

Erotic rating  5/5 stars whooo!

Suspense/thrill rating 4.5 stars yeah baby! Did not see that coming.

Character development rating 4.5 – I would have loved a more detailed description of what the characters look like, (all of them) as they are such sexy people. But this does not take away anything from the story or enjoyment it’s just me as a reader that’s all.

Overall rating : 4.5 stars out of 5, as this is  described as an erotic thriller and that’s exactly what you get.

Look forward to the next book by this author.



Day #20: The Count Down Begins!


So the count down begins, over the next 20 days I’ll be posting updates on what’s happening during the run up to the release of my first romance suspense novel A Stranger In France. The big day is  20th September 2016! On Amazon for 90 days and then on Barnes and Nobel.I’m feeling great today, the sun is shining in London and has been so far for a good few weeks. This always puts me in a great mood  and adds a smile to my face, as you can see from my Wednesday selfie posted.

So what’s happening then?  It’s been busy!  Other than doing writing prompts and finalising A Stranger in France, being a mum and trying to sleep, from release day my virtual book tour has been organised. It will  kick off just after the 20th. I will keep you updated on where A Stranger in France will be touring.  I have a ”Release Day Blitz” organised for the cover  of the book across a huge number of romance focused blogs for 3 days from the 20th September, and A Stranger in France will be featured on All Romance Reads blog also!

In October  A Stranger in France  will feature on Coffee Time and Romance. I am super excited about this, to be featured  as a new author on various promotional dates throughout the month.

Moving forward in terms of writing book writing, right I’m  waiting for my second ”feel good” romance novella to be returned to me from my publisher, so I can get the final draft together ready for a Christmas release. While that’s pending, I’ve gone back to re-working my first ever attempt at creative writing. A romance -thriller which I’ve had some worry over where to place it in terms of genre and place myself if I’m honest. But I’m confident I’ve now made the right choice. If you’re wondering well why Kim? Find out here.

This particular story is so special to me as it was my first ever idea for a story, to create into a full blown book, before either of the 2 books about to be released. It’s my baby, in a genre I feel so passionate about so I want to write it, and write it  as bad ass as I can! So I’m taking my time and re- working it in areas, now that I have a little bit of experience behind me. What I’ve found with writing a story with a bit of crime is that accuracy is sooooooo important especially when it comes to police involvement. I have 2 girlfriends who are in the legal profession and will be interviewing them so help me with research. The other challenge for me is the balance of  don’t want to give away ”who dunno it” and  leaving  little droplets of info for readers to open their mouths in shock and  think ” OMG I did not see that coming! I have to keep reading.” 

Writing this particular story is a very different experience for me compared to A Stranger in France, and my second story (which I won’t blurt out the name of). I think it’s because the story focuses on love and romance but there is an element of crime to it it is a different atmosphere to create for the story and reader, with A Stranger in France the story just flowed out of me non stop, this one is a challenge! But I am determine to research and get this idea out my head and completed.

Well I better run, I have a pile of unopened mail aka bills, * sad face* and some letters to write to pen friends overseas *happy face*. While my son is enjoying a day at summer camp I better get cracking with my day.

Have a great day!




Top of the Elevensys/Brunch to you all

Very up lifting blog to read at 11-seys o’clock. I had a day planned, full of fun in London’s sunshine but my boy fell asleep in the car so we turned back. For now I’ll just settle myself down and write until he wakes up and plan the afternoon of fun again. Top of the morning everyone!

Success Inspirers World

(Elevensies used to be a slang for Coffee Time or around 11 o’clock in the morning.   I am taking my cue from the Irish greeting of ‘Top of the morning to you’.)

I hope this cheers up someone in our Big Blogsphere.  From last week, I have been inspired to start this since I find myself assessing my morning and planning or not planning things for the rest of the day at around 11am.  So while you are having your Tea, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Juice, Water etc don’t stress.  As people, parents, especially as single parents we worry.  We unlearn that by and with faith and trust. For me in Christ’s word I have learnt to be a better person and as I am writing this, still exercising patience with my children too.  We did not just strive, we THRIVED.  Thanks to all who helped along the way.


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Crime Writing Prompt Short Story: The Stick up


W One of my favourite movies of all time female bank robbers!







You’re a customer laying face down on the floor during a bank robbery. Describe the robbery from this view point.





“All right, nobody move everyone down on the floor.”

I’m standing in line almost next to be served at the local bank on the high street, I  turn around at the sound of male voices yelling and commotion at the door, did I just hear right? My God. Yes I did it’s Monday morning I came in  to pay an overdue bill now I’m in the middle of a stick up, three masked men waving  guns at me …. and my baby boy! Are behind me. I watch everyone behind me in the line drop like flies, and customers start to scream and plead for their lives

 ” That includes you lady, get down you and the boy!” ”OK, cool I heard you just don’t shoot all right I have my son with me.” The words fly out my mouth before I have a chance to think what I’m doing, I’m arguing with a man with a gun! Kim, be cool.  ”Mama, ha ha!” I hear my baby boy start to laugh as he thinks it’s a game, in slow motion I watch him run toward the three  men at the door waving their guns. ”Get back here”  I grab my baby boy’s hand  and cover his eyes, he starts to cry and yell we get down on the floor slowly. I hold on to him  tight and try to calm him down he’s shouting and screaming. ”Keep the kid calm, and nobody gets hurt.”  I bite my lip and  cut my eye  at this ass hole, and in my mind start to pray they get the money and get the hell out.

Laying here on the dirty grey carpet of the bank , I turn to the left and right slowly and calmly I watch everyone around me freeze, I make eye contact with an elderly lady in her 60s and I think of my own mama. I want to reach out to her and bring her close to my baby boy and me,  I can see the terror in her eyes.

” Hey, lady I said get down, don’t look up and don’t move the old girl’s fine.”  Me like  a fool I look straight up at the masked man pointing a gun at me and back at the elderly lady and offer her a nervous smile. I cuddle my baby boy closer and cut my eye again at the masked man. Lord, I know I’m not the most religious person out there and I know I don’t go to church and I hope you don’t think I only turn to you when I’m in trouble, but please keep us safe. In my mind I pray… hard.

From the corner of my eye to the left I see one of the three men run up to the counter and put his gun in the young pretty cashier’s face, she throws her hands up higher and screams. I look to the right  while the other two walk around the customers lying on the floor making sure no one moves a muscle. Waving their guns around trying to breathe fear into everyone- it’s working. I hear sobbing, small cries, coming from a lady behind me. I glance around she looks about my age in a smart suit and an engagement ring on her left hand. The poor thing, she’s probably thinking she’ll never make it to the alter.

” Hey, lady you wanna get outta here alive today or what?”

I turn around quickly facing the front and put my head on the floor.

“Mama, I wanna go now” ” Ok, son, we be gone soon it’s just a short game it be over soon and-” ” But mama!”

“Shut the kid up!”

“Sorry he’s only two what do you expect!” There I go again, that smart mouth with no filter my own mama said would get me into trouble. In slow motion I watch one of the masked men walk up to me, he comes close I tighten my grip on my son and meet his eye trying to show no fear I need to show my boy it’s OK. He leans down close to my face , lifts me by the scuff of my dress and shouts at me.

“Keep the kid calm, no one gets hurt.” He drops me like a hot cake and   walks back over to the counter.

“Mama-” “Shhh baby.”

” Fill up the bag, quick, c’mon c’mon b*tch what’s taking so long and don’t even think about pressing any alarms or you’re toast you hear me?”

”All right, OK OK just please don’t hurt me.” I watch the cashier’s face turn bright pink and she breaks out in a visible sweat as she slowly opens her draw, and starts to fill up the masked man’s black bag with money.

” Hurry up!” ” We aint got all day!” 

I turn to my right and follow the voice demanding the cashier hurry up, it’s one of the two watchmen he’s nervous, I can tell  by the way he is hopping from foot to foot bouncing around looking left and right, like a startled rabbit caught in a head light.

“B*tch I said move, get that money and fill up the bag hurry!”

” Hey, hey I said don’t move!”


 I wrap my baby boy up tighter in my arms and watch one of the two watchmen move closer to the counter from my left, as he shoots at the screen at the man behind, the man ducks. It’s bullet  proof and the stray bullet hit the glass and fires back at him- dumb ass does he not realise that this is not the movies, glass in a real bank is toughened ready for jerks like him. I watch the bullet backfire and hit him in the left shoulder.

”C’mon we gatta go, Sean’s been hit let’s go let’s go!” ” I turn back to my left raising my head slightly, and watch the nervous second watchmen bounce around and wave his gun in the air gesturing to his accomplice at the counter to hurry up.

”Wait, one more bag- b*tch move, get the money!”

The pretty cashier starts to cry and sob.

“The masked man at the counter turns his attention to the male cashier his accomplice fired at. “And you, get out here and on the floor did you press the button? Did you call the poe-poe on us?”  


Another shot this time from the masked man at the counter, aiming for the male cashier accused of raising the alarm, he misses thank God. The cashier ducked again and ran out the back. 

“I’m bleeding man we got to go! This is DNA everywhere we’ll get caught for sure!”

“Ah s*it, let’s go man, he’s right.”

I turn back around to my left and watch as both watchmen start to worry and panic, waving their guns and looking over their shoulders in a worried state. In the background I hear sirens coming.

“What, What no way man ahh no way.” The masked man at the counter grabs the two black bags of money and heads towards the door, I watch him pass me, he trips and falls he never saw my son’s toy car lying on the floor.

“Ha ha mama- car look.”  I cover my baby boy’s mouth and look up at the masked man scrambling to his feet, his two accomplices are already half way to the door and the sirens are near. Too late the poe- poe are here!  I’m too scared to turn around toward the exit but I do I risk it, and I see  two London Metropolitan police cars and a van pull up outside the bank. More than 10 police officers jump out. 

” Hands up, don’t move put your guns on the floor” I hear one of the male officers shout in a deep booming voice. I pray there’s not a shoot between the poe-poe and the villains, I want them caught but I don’t agree with police bearing arms and shooting- no matter the race of the villains or what they’ve done.

“What we ganna do now! Man?”  Masked man one looks around at the other two.

“I’m bleeding like crazy, we got to get out of here!” Masked man two I watch clutch his left arm trying to stem the bleeding. It is not working, blood is all over the dirty grey carpet where he was stood keeping watch.

“Head out the back.” The third masked man and clear ring leader instructed.

All three masked men U-turn and run pass me and all the bank customers still lying face down on the floor. I raise my head and watch them  jump over the counter- black bags in hand of course. One of them even has the cheek to stop and grab some more money. The officers run in waving their way around the bodies on the floor and head out the back. Guns to the ready and I pray some more.

“Hands up, there’s no where to run boys, this is it game over! ” The deep male voice boomed again.

I hear the sound of guns  drop on the floor and hand cuffs firmly being placed on. I raise my head slightly and watch the three masked men being led out by the police and into the awaiting police van.

“All right, everyone up please, is anyone injured do we need an ambulance?” 

So much for a quiet start to the week for me.




















Daily Word Writing Prompt: Letter to a Stranger


I looked through my word writing prompt book this evening as I felt like writing and wanted some inspiration. I found the below  writing prompt in my book and  noticed it fits in nicely with  the WordPress writing prompts I’ve missed over the last few days: expert, mistake, witness and learning. So I’m combining  all the writing prompts into one!

Writing Prompt: Write an anonymous letter to a stranger detailing the things you’ve learned about life.

29th August 2016, London

Dear stranger,

Hey, hope all’s well and life is treating you well? I hope this letter reaches you well and in good health. You don’t know me but I want to reach out and write to a total stranger so pull up a chair grab a coffee or something stronger and let’s talk.I want to talk to you a bit about what I’ve learned in my 33 years of life so far, touching on some of the things I’ve witnessed and mistakes I thought I made.

 Now, I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in anything in life, hold on no I’m an expert at painting my nails and applying my make-up I know what suits me,but that aside I’m not real expert but here’s a few things I’ve learned.

Stranger, no matter what happens in life promise me one thing, you’ll always be yourself no matter what and at all costs. I mean this, really I do. I’ve always been a believer in people being themselves whether its how they dress, talk, sexuality whatever just do you is my motto. Just over a year ago, I learned to be myself I let go of the 20 year battle I had with my curly hair. For 20 years  I chemically straightened my hair! I loved it nice and sleek.This time last year I had a chin length nice slick straight graduated bob, but when I was pregnant with my son in 2013 the curls fought back and no matter how much I tried to chemically touch up my roots my kink remained.So for 6 months of my 9 month pregnancy I did not touch it just wrapped my hair up in colourful scarfs or pinned it up it actually looked rather cute. When my son came along I carried on the battle, but  I just decided f*ck this, be you Kim and  last July I stopped chemically straightening my hair,with the aim to grow it out and chop the ends each month.

I got to December 19th I was looking toward 2016 with a new attitude as certain things were happening in my life and one day I woke up I  head to the nearest salon and said ” chop it off  get rid of the straight ends”.I walked out with hair less than 1 inch long and I don’t regret it at all. I loved it! And still do. Lucky I’ve had short hair before ( but straight) so I knew I’d be OK with such short hair,but I never knew how I’d manage my curly hair I hadn’t seen it for 20 odd years!  That said I just wanted to be me.So that’s what I’ve learned when it comes to the outside and being yourself, just do it and forget what others think or say dress how you want, whatever just be yourself externally.

When it comes to your personality, stranger do me another favour will you? Never apologise for who or what you are. I mean it. Never EVER say sorry for who you are as long as you’re not hurting anyone, committing a crime, putting yourself or others in danger just don’t-ever. I have learned , not everyone will like you, get you or bond with you and it really does not matter at all that’s just life. Don’t try and fit in, by changing you. That is a mistake. 

If you’re a women reading  (if you are either a man or women reading this sorry to just focus on one gender as this can relate to any sex really),stranger I’m not a relationship expert at all and I would not want to be but if you look back at any of your ex-boyfriends(s) or ex-husband(s) ex-girlfriend(s) or wives and all you think is ” sh*it he/she was a God damn mistake” then you’ve not learned anything from the relationship or him/her for that matter. And you’ll  probably make the same mistakes you did  again. Or end up with another version of him/her again. Hold on, don’t pull that face, it’s true. Why? Why? Do I say this? Well your eyes are still closed! If he/she was a mistake -why, what,how,where, and when were the mistakes? Can you answer? Good  then you have learned and your eyes are open.If you can’t you need to think and then open them up so you know for next time you are swept off your feet.

In general, I have learned there are no mistakes in life, it’s only a mistake if you can’t look back and see what you’ve learned, not just in love,with everything.Work,friendship you’ve dropped, whatever.

Never be bitter stranger, ummm no it takes too much energy I’m telling you just let it go  in life in general. Don’t hold on to it. It will stop you from moving forward and thinking clearly so you can move forward. Just look back see what you learned and move on. This relates to EVERYTHING in life.

Always have plan B…. C and D  if need be too. I have learned and witnessed that if you fail to plan that is a sure plan to fail. I witnessed someone close set out to achieve something and just messed it all up,because of the lack of focus and planning and to be honest, it’s better to be organised rather than walk through life with your head in the clouds- time waits for no man, remember that PLAN.

Be positive, the glass is always half FULL not empty,where  there’s a will there’s a way, never be work shy, start from the bottom and work your way up. Be nice to everyone you meet, remember your manners  and that karma is real! All things I have learned, witnessed and feel I am expert enough to say,as I have lived most of my life by these sayings.

So in a nutshell stranger, be you and be happy being you, don’t be bitter about anything, plan and have a vision -execute it the best you can and stand up and say I f*cking rock baby! be positive, and learn from every experience good or bad.

Well, stranger, take care I hope this letter brings you some kind of new outlook or positive feeling or motivation to achieve or do something you have been sitting on the fence about. Or given you some kind of encouragement.

Yours faithfully,



I hope you’re over 18 as I swore – my bad…. but with me  there is never a filter! Everything is from the heart.  Take care!

Psst…. Here’s An Excerpt From A Stranger in France

Nicholas guides me to the side of the bar, to the back and unexpectedly we reach a lift, we step in and he presses P on the lift buttons. Alone in the lift I face him dead on, I can’t help myself, his scent, and presence it’s doing things to me and awaking parts of me that have been dead for so long since Danny and I hit our rough patch.

I grab his tie pull him towards me and kiss him with passion . He’s stunned and taken back I can tell; his hands are full with a champagne glass in one and a bucket with iced champagne in the other, he’s unable to touch me or push me away. By the way he’s kissing me so passionately in return I doubt very much we wants our passionate kissing to stop.

We reach our destination and I release him, leaving a lipstick stain on his lips I playfully remove it with a finger, and step out the lift in front of him swaying my hips. I  half turn around to face him, Nicholas is still standing in the same spot I left him with his champagne glass, ice bucket and a huge wide grin on his face. Damn he looks so good. “What are you waiting for Mr D’Croix?’’ I turn and say over my shoulder in a seductive way, he laughs. “You took me by surprise Ms. Kate.

Free chapter preview here

Stranger in France (1)

Release Date September 2016