Where Are The Horror/Thriller Fans At? New Release by Robert Lee Johnston

⋇⋆✦⋆⋇🦘 ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇⋇⋆*TRIBUTE* ⋆⋇By Robert Lee Johnston

What a cool cover!

Amazon- https://amzn.to/2XQMSAx

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Tribute is a small, Australian township blessed with ancient mountainous rainforest, waterfalls, clean pristine rivers and a filthy secret. Six young lives are brought together by a church orphanage as wards of the state then groomed and sold off at a tender age. Other than the jungle, their only comfort is each other, and Stirrup, a brave blue cattle dog. The only family they have ever known.

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New Release: Psychological Thriller By Best Selling Author Tanisha Stewart

You guys know by now from my book reviews, that I’m a fan of this author’s work. She’s finally stepped into my favourite genre! A surprise new release from Tanisha, let’s take a look. I do think many of us may enjoy this.

About The Book:

Should Have Thought Twice

They say to always watch the quiet ones, because you never know when they might snap.

Shatina is a young woman with a troubled past and present. She lives in the shadows of her fraternal twin sister, who sucked up all the beauty genes, her best friend, whose seductive charm will sway any boy who listens, and her cousin, who is more than a knockout, but a force to be reckoned with.

Shatina feels like she has nothing going for her but her grades and her full scholarship to a four year institution of her choice… until someone comes along to threaten that.

Shatina has faced threats before, and little does anyone know, she has gained vindication over all of her enemies, one by one. Except this last one might be a bit more of a challenge than she bargained for.

Amazon USA link free read on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon UK link free read on Kindle Unlimited

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Finding Your Purpose in Life: Where To Start?

I’ve really been slacking with my #90DayBlogChallenge that I set myself, but as I woke up this morning this dawned on me,‘finding one’s purpose in life and where to start?‘ As I progressed through the day the need to shed some light on this, that may help others became stronger. Especially with the pandemic and many people experiencing instability with work, or income. It’s an ideal time to really sit down and ask yourself have you found your purpose? And how would you even go about this?

But what is purpose?



  1. The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”The purpose of the meeting is to appoint a trustee.”
  2. A person’s sense of resolve or determination.”There was a new sense of purpose in her step as she set off.”


  1. Have as one’s intention or objective.”God has allowed suffering, even purposed it.”

According to the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition above, it’s a reason for something or could even be an action also. So think about this: purpose means reason, so what’s one’s reason for living, breathing, getting up. Secondly, what is one placed here to do, achieve,or be in this life?

How could/do you find your purpose?

I won’t lie I did find my own purpose a good while back, years back actually. That said, it took a while for me to accept it and move towards it. For me it kind of just landed in my lap following a change in direction. I’d say it ( my purpose) found me. This was probably on reflection a much harder way to find one’s purpose, why? Simply because I had to wait for it to find me, I had to have a change in direction, I had to remain in a state of what I like to call ‘no man’s’ land’ and not realise that the direction I was travelling in, while I enjoyed it, it was not really the divine path laid out for me. Finding my purpose could have made me happier and it did, once it landed in my lap. So for anyone who stumbles across this random blog post I’d say– seek it out now your own purpose. You could save some of the best years of your life being wasted.

Ask yourself?

What do I enjoy doing?

What am I good at/ what’s my talent?

What would I like to be good at?

What have I overcome/ survived/ been through/ or have experience in that could help others? Or even make me some money?

The first two questions will show you clearly where or how you could spend your time, and that activity might not feel like a drag. This is a major thing for finding one’s purpose, the purpose should ideally not feel like something that you’d only be in the mood to do less than 75 percent of the time. You really must enjoy the purpose whatever it is for your own sanity, and the likely-hood that you’d continue with it.

If you really hone in on your talent this is also an excellent opportunity to find your purpose. Think of soft skills also that we have as people. If you’re a good listener, good at giving advice, or supporting people these talents can lend themselves to professions/directions you may not have considered.

Sometimes, things we enjoy that could well be our purpose in life we need to up-skill a bit in, take writing for example. Even a writer can have a natural talent ( like myself), but there are things to learn along the way. For sure I didn’t know everything, or as much as I know now to be anywhere as good as I am now, even if I had a natural talent to start with. This does not mean that you’re no good at your purpose or initial talent, it could just need to be honed a bit more. This leads on to what would I like to be good at? See if you have a talent, interest, skills, something you identify that could be your purpose, it’s important to consider if you’d be prepared to do what it takes to be good at it, if you needed to work o it– what would you like to be good at in other words. Something that would not overwhelm you or bore you.

Lastly, in life we all go through the shit, the motions, the drama, and it’s often in these times that we have our greatest growth. Not only that these testing times can cause us to change direction, or gain some kind of experience from hindsight that could really help others. This is key, whatever you’ve overcome, experienced, survived, grown from can be your purpose in life that could be used to help others. Or even give you a new stream of income, and great pleasure. Also, the help, support, advice, service whatever it is that’s your one talent, if it does not feel like something you would only want to do less than 75 percent of the time, then you’re on to a winner also!

How can finding your purpose really benefit you though?

Well if it’s not obvious yet, I read a book called Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life it became so clear to me from the study the author carried out into the Japanese way of life that, those who had found a purpose in life not only lived longer, they were physically healthier and happier. These are clearly the main benefits. From my own experience of finding my purpose while I don’t know if I will live longer, until it happens LOL I do know that, I get up each day with a whole different vibe than I did before. No matter what is going on personally, or even globally as I tend to keep up with world events I feel good, very good generally personally. I am happier, I actually am healthier my habits for sure are! I wake up before or with the sunrise and that first hour is spent only on me alone, doing something I want to start my day well. Whether that be listening to a podcast with positive news, affirmations, listening to an audio or just a moment of appreciation. The latter is the other major thing I’ve found with finding my purpose– I am full of appreciation and gratitude even in times of hardship and sorrow. This kind of attitude in life can really help you get through each day. Especially in these times we’re all living in with the pandemic, and political heat in some parts of the world, that does impact on others watching the politics play out. So friend, if you have not really considered if you’re on the right track or your purpose in life, with all these benefits to your health and well-being, please do read over the points above, reflect, and reach towards your purpose don’t wait for it to find you!

New Romance Release + Paperback Giveaway! From Author Mel Walker


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⁠Trace Edwards⁠

They call me the billion-dollar box office kid and People Magazine’s most eligible bachelor, but everyone should know better. That carefully curated persona is a Hollywood fabrication.⁠⁠Thanks to Forever being a box office smash, I’m returning to Lake Hope to film the sequel. The paparazzi is working overtime speculating that my on-screen romance with my co-star Kimberly Conrad is evolving off-screen.⁠⁠On-screen I’ll continue to play the romantic lead but off-screen I’m a different person with a secret that would destroy the image so many have worked so hard to maintain.⁠⁠I don’t relationships. I don’t do romance.

.⁠⁠Jill Hanover

⁠I wrote the words that convinced America that Trace and Kimberly are the perfect couple. My script for the movie Forever propelled the beautiful ones to an on-screen HEA. Of course, the emotions of the movie felt real to so many because they are – they’re mine. I carry a stupid crush for the most unattainable man in Hollywood. I’m invisible to him and I’ve fed all my words of love to Kimberly, the one woman who actually has the ability to steal his heart.⁠⁠I can’t let this happen. It’s time to go off-script.⁠⁠You can’t make this stuff up. But I can.⁠⁠Watch me.⁠

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#1 Best-seller (4th time here) Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to anyone, and everyone who has pre-ordered my memoir and sent this to #1 in occult non-fiction. I have achieved this status four times, with four different books in my career to date. But I never once imagined I’d do it even once, let alone multiple times with different books. I really appreciate you! This is for my mum and I know she’s proud, I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it, even though it was very emotional.

Out now on pre-order! 9th May 2021 is the release date.


About The Memoir

“Life after death is no longer a ‘possibility’ for me, it’s a reality. It was proven within seventy-two hours of Mum passing away.”

Is there such a thing as life after death?

If you’ve been looking for confirmation that the soul of a deceased person lives on, this memoir will provide all the proof you need. Experience a life changing story—a loss of a mother who was overseas at the time of her passing, and how she found her way back to her daughter within seventy-two hours of her being pronounced dead, then made her visit from the spirit realm unquestionably known to her daughter here on Earth, in time and space.