Have You Voted For A Genre Story For Me To Write For #standup2cancer charity project?- Quick Note From Me

Hi all

Thank you to the two voters who picked a genre for me to write a story for, for the standup2cancer writing project I’m  participating in, with some other authors. All sales from the books will go to the charity to help raise money for cancer. Authors will not see a penny.

I need more votes! As  two voters have voted in opposition, and so there is no clear indicator on what genre has won the vote. I’m inviting YOU to vote, don’t think too hard on it. Right now, all I’m asking is someone takes the hard choice out of my hands over what genre I should write in. The writing prompt is “Code Redhead”,  we need to write something using  this prompt….. and you all know how much I love a writing prompt! Now… do I write a romance or a thriller story? The month the book is published  with my story and other author’s  stories will be February 2017.

You can find out more details and vote by clicking here

4 thoughts on “Have You Voted For A Genre Story For Me To Write For #standup2cancer charity project?- Quick Note From Me

    • Thanks for your vote. You know before I saw this last night I looked at what the main vote was and it was romance! So I’ve cooked up a romance story, that I hope will be interesting and relevant due to it being the month of February. But thanks for reading and thanks for stopping by to give your opinion.

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