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Afternoon all, I hope all is well with you and you’ve had a great week. Didn’t it go so fast? Last week of the school holiday here it’s been a fun two weeks. Life returns to normal next week, back to the grind! Anyway, here are a few things I want to share something for everyone…

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mothers Day is Coming Up… Our Gift To You! #CTM

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Didi Oviatt -Author

Everybody loves free stuff, and if you don’t then you’re crazy. Issue #2 of CTM will be given as a gift for a mothers day special.

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May Complimentary Issue Giveaway


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Throwback Thursday! It’s 1976 and ‘Everyone Loves The Sunshine.’ #music #throwback

Oh man, it’s been a beautiful week so far in France, it’s reached 30 degrees by about 11.00 a.m – 12.00 noon each day! I’ve loved the sunshine we’ve had, considering I have two weeks off, as it’s the school holiday here in France for children. This week I’m taking my four year old bundle of energy to the zoo with a few of his friends. Which should be fun, and trying to locate a foot pump so I can pump up his small paddling pool in the garden, for him and his friends to splash around.

So  far this week  (in the sunshine), the team and I have finanlised issue #2 of Conscious Talk magazine, on sale on the 30th April. Now, I’m free to  ‘ throw it back creatively’ and fit in a little fiction writing, and get back to my romance I’m working on. Also finish off the bonus story Didi sent me for our Suspenseful Collection volume #2.  So we can publish that! She’s been waiting on me since Christmas! You wanna know a secret, I still can’t write that second half of a really good paranormal story she sent me. I wrote about that nail biting experience too, it really is the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write! 

But I’ll do it, I’ve realised all I need to do is switch on a different area of my creative brain.

Happy Thursday and I hope wherever you are there’s lots of sunshine, let’s throw it back to 1976 with Roy Ayrs with ‘Everybody Loves the Sunshine’.

Throwback Thursday: Sexy 90’s Classic From Ms. Jackson it’s 1998! @JanetJackson #music

By the time y’all see this it will be Thursday, it’s actually Saturday night for me. I have  lots of articles to write, and I really felt like some classic old school 90’s R’nB and hip hop to keep me going so I found a YouTube playlist. This song came on and before Janet’s voice even rang out, I knew what song it was. I LOVE THIS SONG, and the the album it’s on ‘ The Velvet Rope’ and the video is super sexy. Can you believe this track is twenty years old? I was just fifteen when this song came out. I remember buying the full album of Janet’s and playing it over and over and over. Me and my girlfriends would pretend to be Janet, and make up dance routines too.

The fifteen year old me watched this video and thought ‘ OMG, she’s great, and so talented, I like her make-up and her hair colour… WOW look at how great her tits look too!!  I wonder if they are real? They must be it’s Janet after all.’ The thirty five year old me still watches this video and agrees with the fifteen year old me… what? I’m just saying what everyone is thinking 🙂  I don’t care if I’m a girl making this comment. You don’t believe me? Press play and watch the video to the end, she would make a brilliant bra model. LOL.

Anyway, when I was fifteen I was in my last year of secondary school in London, clueless about what to do with my life.  All I knew was, I loved to draw clothing, loved to use the sewing machine, I loved messing around with make-up and writing a diary and maybe one day ‘I’d be a famous fashion designer or make-up artist.’ My teens were rebellious years as well, sorry Mum. It was at this stage of my life that music really started to move me. I think that music from the 90’s is actually some of the best, R’nB/ hip hop wise anyway. Watching this video on a Saturday night, twenty years later, miles away from London I took a real trip down memory lane personally. If someone told the fifteen year old me I’d leave London, move abroad, speak two languages, love motherhood, be a writer and editor I would have probably said ‘ you’re dead wrong I aint leavin’ London get outta ‘ere, as for all that other stuff the only thing I write mate,  is a diary.’ Oh well as they say, ‘ life happens while you’re making other plans.’

How old were you when this song came out? Do you remember it? What memories does it bring back to you? Were you in love? I was (apparently,) I had a boyfriend who has the same birthday as me, we were in the same class at school. I wonder where the hell he’s at now?

Well, I better get on with writing now. I think I’ll search for Janet’s album ‘ The Velvet Rope’ on YouTube, to see if I can listen to it. My CD is still in my old room at my Mum’s house all the way in London.

Happy Thursday! Let’s throw it back with a very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeery super sexy Janet Jackson. 🙂

Stepping Further From the Comfort Zone!

I’m so proud of my co-author she’s on the radio across the Atlantic!! Go Didi

Didi Oviatt -Author

Today I advertised my books on a local radio station! My very first ever big speech is coming up next Tuesday at a local author event. It’s going to be located at a college close to my home. I’m thrilled and nervous, yet the closer it get’s I’m actually growing in confidence and comforted by the idea of it all. I feel like stepping out of my comfort zone isn’t so bad after all!

So, when the campus librarian who’s putting it all together got a hold of me and asked if I’d meet with her at a local radio station to talk about my books and help to advertise the event, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I’m a little proud of myself for not burring my head in the sand. I put my big girl panties on, and totally went for it.


Turns out, it wasn’t so bad…

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Q & A Kim? … Well, What Do Ya Wanna Know? #author # interview


Someone just made me really stop and think for a second, they said ‘ Kim you’re so busy interviewing and reviewing other author’s books, you do so much to promote when will you do an interview?’  Hmmm, I stopped and thought for a moment….

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I’ve been blogging here since 2014/ 2015 and promoting others etc since then too.

If you have a question you’d like to ask me, or get to know me as an ‘interview me’ Q & A, just post it on the link below! I will answer as many as I can, as honestly as I can. No one will see your question but me 🙂


Ask Kim A Question, For A Honest Answer.



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