Top Tips For Marketing…Random Guest Post.

I was really please when feedback  I gave to a  UK business, that provides advice to new business start ups, used some of the feedback I gave them. On marketing tips, and the top things you should do when you start up your own business. Who would have thought a lil’ old romance author would have something to say they liked? Well, turns out it was helpful, they featured my feedback  in their online article along side other business owners.  I’m top tip #9 in 12 Things to Do in the First 3 Months of Starting a Business

Hmm, not bad! Thanks for the feature.

Code Redhead Authors Feature: USA Today #charity #cancer

Afternoon all,

From a wet and rainy London, I’d to share with all blog followers the Code Redhead Authors feature in USA Today in the Happy Ever After section. We came together from a great cause, to help raise money by just doing what we love … writing. I’m proud of us all.

Click the below link

‘Code Redhead’ authors share their inspirations for helping to raise money for cancer research



Author Interview- Serious #romancereaders #newrelease #amreading

Evening guys,

Last week I did an author interview over at, as well as a guest blog. I enjoyed the interview you can read it by clicking right here.

Next week I hope to have a guest blog on my site, from the editor of the wonderful magazine I write for Love Life, Live Magazine. I’ll keep you posted.


Character Development- Guest Blog

Are you a writer? Or an aspiring writer? How do you find character development as a task while writing? Sometimes it can be quite a task to bring your characters alive on paper. For me as a reader I always love it when writers really develop their  characters  so well,  I can get a good sense of what a character is like  as a person. Or I have enough detail in the story to work with, to decide whether I like a character or not. 

I personally find that writing from a first person point of view ( which I love to do) also helps with character development, as you get right up and close to a character as the writer and reader. 

I done a guest blog on the topic of character development over at Serious Reading.  Here I share my top tips on developing  your characters  in your writing, you can have a read of the blog post by clicking here.

Hey Hey… It’s Release Day!



It’s 2:15 a.m London time and it’s happened a day early, I can’t actually sleep! And I’m so nervous typing. I am proud to announce that my first novel A Stranger in France is now available on and to download and in paperback. I hope you enjoy the story, if you decide to get wrapped up in a modern day romance suspense set in London, France and the UK coast.

Book Blurb:

In A Stranger in France readers are taken on a fast paced, modern day romantic journey, that spans between the city of London, the glitz and glam of France, and the beautiful English coast in a gripping romantic story, between two complete strangers with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages.

When career driven and successful thirty- two-year-old London born Kate Brown faces hard times in her marriage, she confides in her best friend Tanya Adams in Marseille southern France. Kate makes a bold move and spends two weeks in Marseille away from her husband in London. Her path crosses with tall, dark, devilishly handsome and wealthy Nicholas D’Coix. An immigrant to France from the Ivory Coast west Africa as a young boy, who turned himself around and built up an empire of wealth as a hustler and money maker, and now one of Paris’ top three entrepreneurs. In a whirlwind of sexy, lustful romance Nicholas and Kate fall in love.

Kate returns to London to a few surprises of her own, and still very much in love with Nicholas as she makes yet another bold life changing move. Touching on real life issues these two strong characters battle it out against all the odds in the name of love, across the UK and France.

Buy Links:

Book Reviews click here


YOU Decide What Genre Story I Should #Write For #Standup2cancer #Author #Charity Project- Please Vote!

Evening guys,

So a few days ago I told you all about the charity writing project I’m participating in with my publisher, to help raise some money. Myself and a few other authors will write a short story to publish together in one book. The book will be on sale from February 2017, all proceeds from the book sales go to the charity Standup2cancer, we (authors) will not see a penny of it. You can read more about what I’m doing and the project   here  if you missed my blog on this.

 Today, I’d like to invite you  help or  decide for me what genre story  I should  write?  I thought this may be fun and also I can’t decide! But today I  got my deadline, so I better get cracking.With your vote, tell me should I write a romance or thriller genre short story to include for publication in February 2017? Our stories can only be 15k max in words, so it’s pretty short. Place a quick vote in below. This vote will be open until the 30th September only.

Thanks in advance.

Have a good weekend

Can You Help Save A Life? #amwriting #charity

Over the weekend I did a writing promideapt ” The Internet is Full of Rants”,  in this post I mentioned a charitable cause that’s close to my heart here in the UK, it’s called Shelter. 

Today, my publisher informed it’s authors about a cause they are supporting called StandUp2Cancer,  I’ve heard of this we also have the campaign here in the UK. We were asked if we’d like to help raise money for the cause, by writing a short story to include in a book.  All proceeds from the sales will go to cancer research. I’m taking part and will submit a short story to help raise money. The stories will be published February 2017.

I’d like to reach out to you all and let you know that if you find this cause close to your heart, or you’re just feeling in a good mood you too can help save a life by donating directly to StandUp2Cancer. Details are on the link below.No matter how small the donation, I’m sure it will help someone or something.

Once the book is available to buy (not until February) I’ll let you all know, if you can’t help out now maybe in February you’ll fancy reading a number of wonderful short shorties from myself and some other great authors, and if so, you can purchase the book and help out that way.

 Here you can find out more for now on this cause




Day 13: Romance Novels in Color- Feature

Hi guys!

 Just thought I’d share with you the news that A stranger in France will not only feature in Coffee Time and Romance    and All Romance Reads in September and October but also  in Romance Novels in Color. I’m extremely proud for A Stranger in France to be featured on the front of this website, and in their subscriber’s news letter.  The funny thing is I just looked on line and my book cover is already there! This was not meant to go live until the 21st…. someone has made a whoopsy over there! But still a little early promotion I guess never hurt anybody. I wonder if they will notice and take it down??

If you’re a lover of romance (with a multicultural line up), you should check out Romance Novels in Color on-line, I’m about to  head over see what I fancy reading.

Hope you had a great day!

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