2017 Releases … #1 Down, 1# To Go. #amwriting


* Comes up for air * I’ve done it guys, I have met my goal of completing the Cancer Research short story I’m writing  this week, for release in February 2017. The word limit is tiny at just 15,000 for each author. I found it a bit of a struggle to keep within it. But I’ve done it. It’s within the romance genre but more on the  steamy side this one. The writing prompt all authors have to go from is “Code Redhead”- the name of the book. All I need to do is read through once, and submit for a proof read, then off it goes to my publisher. 

Earlier this  week, I spoke about my baby- my romance thriller story, I’ve left to simmer for a whole year. I really want to get stuck into writing this story and hopefully make it my third book published, after Not Just For Christmas. However, I want  to find the right home for this book as I see it as a full length novel, not a short story and it’s not a typical romance or even romantic suspense, as there’s a murder and hint of  who-dun- it wrapped up with a romantic story. I sent out the first three chapters to two publishers, one came back to me  this week and requested to see the whole manuscript! I was like damn OK!  I better get cracking. I’m still waiting to hear from the other publisher. So now I’m done with my first bit of work for 2017,  this baby is 100% my writing focus ( as well as writing prompts on the blog), without a doubt now I know there is interest in it.  I’ll start with research then get cracking writing. I’ve planned a chapter preview in November  for you all so stay tuned. I warn you be prepared for a gripping first chapter!



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