Writing Prompt: Why Did You Start Your Blog? #amwriting #bloggers


2.jpgUnder today’s date in my prompt book this popped up as a prompt. It’s a good question as my blog has kind of moved in a new direction.  When I originally started over a year ago, I saw it as a way to share my work which I still do. Now also I’ve started to promote and feature other authors and writers. Which I actually really enjoy. Meet The Author has become really popular, I’m beating off writers with one of my romance paperbacks! The response rate is great. I now have no choice but to feature two to three per month this is great. I like also connecting readers with new books.

Before I started writing I ran a book club for almost five years. Back then I read about two books a month, met up with like minded book lovers, had lunch, chilled and talked about books we read for the club that month. I really miss it, so now I do read and reviews via an actual book promotion company I signed up with this month. I used them to promote some of my newly released work, I had such a positive experience I decided to become a host for them. My blog is now a stop for  other authors  on tour and as  a reviewer. I’ll also read and review my Meet The Author featured author’s work too. I love reading and miss the discussion and sharing thoughts.

I also now share tips and tricks I’ve learned as a writer. This started as a fluke, other writers reached out to me for advice, so I thought if I can help I will.

My blog one year on I see as a personal space, for you to get to know me. For me to get to know you via talking and comments, to show case my latest work and promote others. One year on this is why I blog, it’s clearer to me. Not just to promote my own work. Making friends and helping others is a big part of it too, as well as engaging with as many readers as I can. And do giveaways! I love a giveaway 🙂

Why do you blog? Has your blog gone in a new direction?

11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Why Did You Start Your Blog? #amwriting #bloggers

  1. I personally am new to blogging. I am looking to find ways to promote my work. And I’m always down for giveaways, especially if the prize includes a personalized scene written by a certain Romance Author. One whom is very much in touch with herself, and to what everyone of her needs may be.

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    • Thank you for reading and thank you for stopping by again. My advice is to post small excerpts of your work on your blog. And do writing prompts too. I do so many prompts it’s unreal. As for your personalised scene by a certain romance author *looks around the room* LOL. Giveaways are a good way to engage with readers just like you! If I’m in a good mood I just gift books regardless, catch me on a good day readers end up with free stuff *smiles*.


      • I’m up for that. – Her smile was this effortless engagement. It became a promise to how dangerous she actually was. She may of been unaware of this but the fact of it was ‘whenever she smiled’ she became the light of the world. The day of this glorious companion – And the Knight to reveal itself for all the desires it would satisfy…


  2. I started blogging to see how much of an influence books could create on others and myself. I honestly don’t know what my endgame of blogging is anymore. I’m just writing for now. Without a goal, I do feel lost, but I know why I’m doing it in the first place, which keeps me going. Any tips on figuring out what I want out of my blog?

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    • Hmm, for a tip I’d say write about and blog about what interests you. In other words don’t write for an audience, as if you be true to you an audience will find you, one that enjoys your blog. Second show your personality, as a reader of blogs myself I find I dig the blogs most where I get a sense of who the person maybe, or what their personality could be like. As far as the direction and feeling lost, the advice I gave you is what I basically did. This led me to find my direction eg interviewing other writers, doing writing prompts and book reviews etc as these are all things that I’m passionate about so the blog naturally went in a direction organically. Also blogging is a lot of trial and error you’ll soon see what works. Doing blog hops and meet and greets is a great way to grow too. As well as the daily word prompts on WP. Hope this is helpful.

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      • I think I have the personality down pact. Maybe it’s too early for me to figure out the direction I’m going since I’ve only been back for 3 weeks. Thank you for the tips. I’ll come back to this at the end of the month to see if anything changed with me and my blog.

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