Writing Prompt- Buffalo Nickel

Prompt- ‘search through your wallet, pockets, or down the back of the couch find the first penny you can. What year was it printed/made and what were you doing??


The first penny I found in my purse was made in 2011… let’s step back


Well that’s  nine years ago and back then I was twenty-eight years old, and life was so different, but how! In every way.

Appearance- I wish I had a picture, but in this age of technology the photos on my phone really don’t go back that far. I have also changed phones a number of times since then. But, what I can say is I had a short, straight bob just under my chin. I used to chemically straighten my curly hair too! My weight and height really has not changed. Still 5’5 and still a UK dress size 12-14.

Living- I was living in south London, in a beautiful one bedroom apartment with my then  partner. I was not a mother yet, and I guess at the time I thought I was happy. But I soon realised, nope I was not! Fast forward a few years I moved away from south London and became a mother.

Job- I was working at a local college, like a high school I guess you could call it. I loved my job, and most of the people I worked with. It was around this time that I would say, I was at my ‘peak’ in my nine- five working career. Before I started to take writing seriously.

What do I miss about the year 2011?-  in all honesty, nothing really when I think about the rat-race job I was doing, some of the unmotivated people I worked with, and how different I was as a woman, as in I was not in touch really with all the things I naturally love. Mainly due to the person I was with at the time, and trying to be everything to everyone else, but not true to myself. I can  honestly say over the last nine years I have  grown so much. I’m much more authentically me, happy and in a way glad that  I’m no longer stuck in south London, in the job I was in, or chemically straightening my hair as the damage it left, was unreal!

What’s been the biggest lessons since 2011- that when it really comes down to it, you really have to be true to yourself. If this means letting people, places and situations go for 1. your own sanity , peace, mental emotional and spiritual well-being then DO IT! And don’t feel bad. Secondly,  the universe works in very mysterious ways, it a-lines in ways to put you in a-linement. This means, removing people, places, situations and things that are not for your highest good. Then not only replacing them, but upgrading them too!

Lastly, people come into you life for a reason, some stay, some go, some teach you lessons about yourself and life. Pay attention. And always listen to your gut, no matter who thinks you’re crazy. If you feel called to do something or make some kind of change, it’s your intuition guiding you, never doubt it no matter how scary the change or new thing may be.

Would I change anything that has happened over the last nine years?– err good question. Some things I would BUT, when I think about it, if I changed these particular things I would not be on my path now. I honestly feel I’m now on the right path, so when I look at it like that I should be grateful for the last nine years. Even all the experiences that I would say ‘ yeah I’d change that’. It’s a big catch twenty two question.  I’d change maybe how giving I was to some folk, only for them to turn around and take that for granted. But everything else I’d keep it, as it honestly set me up nicely for my late thirties!

Pick a random penny, what’s the year and what were you doing? Drop a comment, or blog it and link it down below I’d love to know.



Writing Prompt- Plot of Earth…?

Prompt-  ‘You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please, what’s the plan?’


what a wonderful idea! This really got me thinking, what would I do with unlimited resources and land? Many may say ‘build a house’ or do something for themselves, personally if I were ever luck enough to be in this situation, in all honesty I think I would…

Build a food kitchen, in the most poorest areas in third world countries.


It breaks my heart to think that there are people out there with not enough to eat! Especially children. I think I would have to start in Africa and set up a place in different areas, where nutritious food is prepared and served daily. If there are  people in remote villages near by, who are unable to get to it, part of the service would be to bring the food the the village.

Build a few schools and invest in education….


Education is so important to me, as an ex-high school teacher of ten years service I love to see people achieve! I think, I’d select some states across the USA with really low records of student achievement. Here, I would provide the resources needed to help increase students achievement.  Or even just build better and newer schools. In particular I would focus on marginalised students, who have learning difficulties.

In the UK we are pretty good with educational achievement, but one thing I do think the system lacks, sometimes, is enough classroom assistants to help support learners with learning needs. I’d invest in this, in the UK. Increasing the number of schools for those with special learning needs, that are very extreme it holds them back from mainstream school. In mainstream schools, I’d increase the money put into employing special needs assistants in mainstream schools. 1. to support the students in class 2. to help reduce some classroom stress and worry for teachers. Who often worry if their teaching is effective when there are learners with learning needs.

In other third world countries, I’d just build brand new schools! And focus on  increasing the level of students who are able to learn and have access to education.

If I had unlimited money, and land that’s what I’d do focus on feeding people, and increasing education.


Writing Prompt- Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim!

So it’s Valentine’s Day (and happy birthday to me too), today’s prompt in my book is ‘write an ode to something or someone you love’, so here goes…

What Do I think about love?

Really good question, personally I do love it but it can be a crazy, scary, and dangerous thing. At the age of thirty-seven I have learned you can’t control who, when, or how you fall in love. That said you should be careful who you give your heart to! Trust me, I know that part well.

Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim…



These days, I feel really good about love as yes, I’m in love again. After a painful break-up I never thought I’d say that again. But I’m  well over that!!  Cupid’s aim is crazy, and feel like maybe this could be my happy ever after.

So how do I feel about love? I now know what real love is, before this I thought I was in  love with someone who I spent a number of years with, but compared to how I feel now that was NOT love. I now know that when it’s real you will know, when you have found your soul mate  or twin flame you will recognise each other, even if there’s an obstacle such as distance in between.

‘write an ode to something or someone you love’

Dear Mr. X

Happy Valentine’s Day, while we can’t celebrate it together this year due to the distance, just know that I’m thinking of you, you mean a lot to me. I find it so strange, cool and exciting this whole ‘situation’ we have! But I’m committed to it just like you, and really excited. And yes, this meeting is fated like you said,  we’ve known each other for years and so glad we’ve admitted how we feel, and said the ‘L word’. I’m so glad that I’ve found you. Next year rather than a blog post I hope to be by your side!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Kimmy


Rambles, Chit Chat and Works In Progress…


I’ve not done one of these blogs for a long time, and I’m really excited to finally be back at my laptop writing a  blog post! So today I finally managed to finish off writing the end of a paranormal story that Didi sent me. You may remember the post I did way back in 2017 ‘The hardest scene you’ve ever had to write’   I wrote this on Christmas Eve 2017! I was pondering ‘how the hell do I finish up this story?’, ‘what can I do with this?’ it’s the start of a story she sent me for Blurred Lines- The Suspenseful Collection Volume 2. Just over two years later I finally cracked it!! LOL I am so not a paranormal writer, this was a challenge and I am so glad I done it. This is just one of the things I’ve loved about collaborating on this anthology, writing in other genres and being stretched to my limits.

So now we need to start one more story each from our last conversation, for the other to finish. I have made a start on one, and will be sending it to her this week. Then we’re done! And collection two needs to go to editing.

Work In Progress…

In other news, I signed on the dotted line with my new publishing house I still can’t believe it has happened after all the submissions I made, for Sacrifices. It’s a historical romantic suspense, novel I penned last April 2019. And for the first time I will share the blurb that I’ve written….

What if twenty-five years later a forbidden first love reappears, could you forgive the past sacrifices you made to rekindle your love? 

Sacrifices is a powerful romance story with historic and suspenseful events, that take place between Jane and Louis, both from different worlds yet they become caught up in a heart-felt forbidden love story. Starting from the 1960s jazz scene in London. In the present day and past, readers are taken back through Jane’s experiences as a twenty-seven-year-old jazz singer, forced to make life changing decisions based on a sudden change of events between her, and her lover Louis from Jackson, Mississippi. As a young woman Jane works hard to make a name for herself , she has dreams, hopes and a burning desire to leave London for New Orleans with her best friend and Louis. Her dreams came crashing down in a bitter sweet love story and fight for survival, that Louis is part of. Twenty-five years later Jane and Louis’ paths cross, unexpectedly on a Greek island, during an exotic cruise around the Mediterranean they both go on. Sparks fly, old feelings from the past surface, a love triangle begins and unexplained questions from the past unfold for both characters. Causing them to both question whether they can forgive the past and grow together. 

Sacrifices is a romantic, suspenseful story, with a throwback to a classic era that draws readers into the events of the time, that surround Jane and Louis’ demise, and love story. Set in the backdrop of the 1960s jazz scene, the present day, and exotic Mediterranean paradise. 

Sounds cool right? I’m excited, of course this blurb may change but this is what I’ve drafted.  I sent back the book cover brief to the publisher over the weekend. I’m really keen to see what they come up with based on my vision of the cover. The release day I am awaiting for them to schedule but it will be 2020 I imagine spring or summer time. It will be in paperback, ebook, and I hope audio too!

So while I am awaiting the edits of Sacrifices, I’m finishing off my project with Didi for April, and finishing off writing the last half of my romantic crime thriller.  I keep banging on about this, and really wanna complete it! This week I will share a snippet from it. I’ve told my new ‘home’ about this WIP . They’ve  asked me to send over the outline and  an expected completion date. If they like it,  and contract the crime thriller to publish also with Sacrifices , that would just be the icing on the cake for me too! These are the two projects I am focusing on now.


Well the year has started off well for me I must say, busy but none-the-less really well. Spring seems to be in the air also, we’ve a few nice warmish days, and I must say I look forward to it arriving.

I have some author interviews lined up that I look forward to sharing with you, one author in particular who I just loved reading their novel. And a good dose of book reviews will be coming your way this week. I’ve read a couple good reads already and we’re only in February!

This Friday I will turn thirty-seven I can’t believe it, and a girlfriend of mine this morning said ‘we’re heading out for lunch’, which will be nice I look forward to it.

And it’s the school holiday here, so I have two weeks off at home which I am looking forward to. To have some quality time with my family. The time goes so fast I can’t believe the first break is here.

And that’s about it guys a little update on WIP and where I’m at and what’s coming up. I hope you’re all doing well? Oh yes, before I forget I did my first ever interview myself that was live. You can catch that here on this link.

Also Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair is now live too!!

So, I’ll catch you later this week with review, interviews and more.

Much Love





Podcast Interview @ Fiction Addiction

Afternoon guys

interview-905535_1280A couple of weeks ago I did my first ever real live interview. I spend so much time interviewing other authors, and hardly do them myself. When the opportunity presented itself I thought, why the hell not!? So here it is. I really enjoyed being put on the spot about how to self-publish, how to approach publishers and agents, laughing and joking etc. The host even read one of my books and enjoyed it LOL which surprised me. If you want to list in click the link below.

Listen in to the interview on this link



Success! -Publishing Deal For ‘Sacrifices’ Novel #9 In The Bag!! OMG

Guys, I’ve done it!! I almost gave up on this historical romantic suspense I penned in April 2019.  I’ve named it ‘Sacrifices’ and I loved writing every word of this. I was thinking  of maybe just  self-publishing this year, and give up on traditional publishing. I had A LOT of rejection, one offer I turned down, and publishers and editors wanting me to ‘change this and that’…. I kinda said ‘no’.  I made a promise I’d submit my work out for a full year, until April 2020 before I give up. That said, I was at a stage where I was not about to hold out until this April. But, in less than a year, I’ve secured book deal today, from a publisher I think I’ll work with and possibly submit the crime thriller I’m writing to them also, if they are interested. ( I hope).


I want to say to any writer who aspires to be traditionally published, do not take ‘no’ for an answer. Keep going, the door will and can open, I promise.

The start of 2020 has been so busy with writing, I feel like I’ve used my blog as a dumping ground for promo only! And not really engaged, you have to forgive me. I have Chances, A Puerto Rican Love Affair released next week, and Blinded by Love a short story anthology I took part in released on the 28th February. Also, Didi and I are working on The Suspenseful Collection Volume #2 Blurred Lines , to release in April. So as you can see I’ve had little time to blog. On top of this family life too, to juggle! This is just a quick blog to share the news, and say I will be back to blogging, doing the daily writing prompt challenges, interviewing other authors and all the fun stuff I usually like to do to engage with you. I hope you’re all well, and the start of 2020 is treating you well?

I’m okay, doing great and counting down the days until I turn thirty-seven on the 14 ( yikes!) where have the years gone!??

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Much Love!


Throwback Thursday! It’s 1995. Who Remembers The Song+ Movie?? #throwback

I was just driving home from dropping my son off to school, it’s wet, raining and cold! Then this song came on the radio,  my whole morning just flipped.  I turned it up LOUD in the car and didn’t stop singing until I got in the house, and started this blog post LOL. This is one of my favouite songs, I find it so beautiful. I also love when contestants on shows like X-Factor do a really good job during their audition, or performances when they sing this song. Did you know this song was written in 1987 by Seal originally? Then released later.

It’s the year 1995, the Batman Forever movie has just been released and we’ve all been blessed with Seal’s talent.  What were you doing in 1995? I was just leaving school.It’s karaoke time and throwback Thursday….  ready ?Baaaaaaaaaaaaaabay, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey… ohhhhhhhhh the more I get from you the stranger it feels, yeaaaahh!