Thank you For Voting, The Result is…. #amwriting #standup2cancer #charity


Thank you if you left me a comment or vote on what genre story I should write, for the standup2cancer writing project I’m taking part in for 2017. It seems that the vote swung towards the romance genre, as it will be the month of February the book of short stories is published. Then I had one person comment, and  it swung back to a level playing field! But by then I had already confirmed with my publisher, a romance genre story. Thank time difference for that, I saw the comment late but thank you for it.

Voting is closed now, so that’s it.  It’s a romance I’ll be writing, using the writing prompt ” code redhead”. I will try to spice it up a little and add in a lil’ of the old suspense.

Thank you for your help! I’ll keep you posted on when the book is available and don’t forget,  all money raised from the sales go to cancer research, we authors won’t see a penny.


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