Day #33: Manuscript Submitted!



33 days before my official deadline to submit to my publisher and I’ve just sent over my completed manuscript for my 1st novel! Wow what a feeling, I done it. It was an enjoyable experience from start to finish, from writing my query letter and book synopsis to send to the publisher to editing the final paragraph on page 380 last night!

I’ve learned a lot, mainly that I’m better at writing and creating than actual editing, when it comes to editing I am sloooooooooow and forever paranoid of typos and if it all makes sense. Over the last 4 months the whole process for me has been like child birth painful in some places and at times tiring; but the end result is the best feeling in the world.

So what’s next? What does one do once they have gone through 4 months of child birth and unleashed their creation for others to hopefully enjoy…. Think about book #2 that’s what, already I’m creating another story. I’m in 2 minds I have a half complete crime fiction and a handful of ideas falling within the romance /suspense category. What’s a girl to do?? I’m leaning towards the idea of a nice feel good romance to follow up my up and coming romance/suspense…. I’m in a ”feel good mood” …. but who knows this may change to a ”dark, page turning world of crime ” mood.

What a day! One to celebrate and never forget. September 2016 my first novel will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and in print in the USA. You can also download a free chapter by clicking on the chapter preview page at the top.




Magazine Publication: Heartwarming Fiction

Often, when I feel like reading a  heartwarming  feel good story 9 times out of 10 I’ll think  of browsing the  romance genre, sometimes I fancy a feel good heartwarming read that’s outside of this genre completely. Do you feel the same? Or not a romance fan?

Published in Love Live Life Magazine  you’ll find my article with a review on a handful of beautiful heartwarming reads, I’ve read outside the romance genre. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry but they all leave you with a feel good vibe and a warm soul. Check out my article in Love Life Live Magazine by clicking here.


The author of one of the books featured in my article seemed to like the review I did! Happy days.


11 Random Facts About Me: Response to May K Hella

I’m very new to the whole world of WordPress but I was nominated by a fellow blogger for an award ( Liebster Award) which requires me to give 11 random facts about me. So in response thank you to May K Hella  for nominating me and here are some facts.


  1.  I LOVE letter writing and snail mail, I have around 14 female  penpals in the following countries USA, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, UK,  Australia, Austria. Right now I have 5 letters  to write and send to Brazil, USA, UK , France and Germany.
  2. I’m a stationery collector and have a very unhealthy relationship with it LOL I buy way more than I’ll use in a life time but I just can’t help it.
  3. For the last  4 days I’ve had a really soar arm and swollen hand, to the point that I wasn’t able to hold a pen or type well. This morning my son grabbed my arm playfully and pulled it really really hard . I screamed a lot of obscene language ( not at my boy at the pain and promptly told him not to repeat mama) and all of a sudden my arm feels back to normal, I can type. No need for a Dr’s appointment tomorrow.
  4. I’m upset over the UK’s exit from the EU, personally I’d like to stay in.
  5. Green is my fav colour.
  6. I can sew and make clothes.
  7. If I was not a teacher I think my ideal job would be a make-up artist or fashion designer or even a simple dress maker.
  8. My fav classic books are To Kill a Mocking Bird and Jane Eyre.
  9. I speak French ( well I try to!).
  10. For my next book idea I want to work on a crime fiction story  I’ve had in my head for almost a year.
  11. I’m a member of a book club here in London. Well I run it to be honest.


And that is me! 11 random facts.




Thank You

Thank you to May. K. Hella for nominating me .

In return I’d like to nominate  Ngobesing Romanus   LoveHappily   Lora Tia  Michelle Diana Lowe Kim Bailey Deal   Opinionated Man KeWrites, Alexis Chataeu  Ana Spoke, Colourmeclueless and Caroleandsite.


11 Questions Answered from May K Hella to me

Name you favorite holiday destination.

Aww this is a hard but I would have to say Las Vegas, Amsterdam and the Caribbean all places I’ve had a great time at.

Favorite band.

How about fav type of music as I don’t have 1 fav band? I like 1950s-1970s soul and motown, some hip hop mainly older stuff, jazz, soulful house anything really apart from hardcore rock or hard core dance music.

In your creative process, what inspires you most? Art, music, life event, other?

Life and music.

Tea or coffee?

Typically English, a nice cuppa tea please 1 sugar.

What sits at the top of your bucket list? (what do you wish to try in this lifetime?)

Learn to pole dance! For exercise and due to my love of dance not to earn money ( just sayin’) I think pole dancing can be very artistic and classy when done right.

What book are you presently reading?

My own novel- editing process!

One word to describe yourself.


What keeps you sane?

My little boy he is so funny and cute, and music /writing

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. For some reason I’m at the top of my game in the morning.

Name of your pets.


On the best day of your life…what happened?

I gave birth, and on another day I scored my first publishing contract. Both great days.


11 Questions for my nominees

Why do you blog?

What ‘s your fav colour?

What’s your fav movie?

What would you do if you have a million pounds?

What was your fav subject at school?

Tell me about a dream or goal you have set yourself?

Red or white wine?

Kindle or paperback ?

What are you reading?

Is there one subject you would NEVER WRITE ABOUT and WHY?

What’s your fav time of year?



Word Prompt Response: Companion A Romance Writer’s Honest View!


Ah what a word for today’s writing prompt nice one WordPress! As a romance writer, this word is a word I think about a lot when creating some kind of story based on romance, that’s  wrapped up with a bit of suspense/mystery. When writing it’s fun and sometimes easy to get lost in your own world conjuring up a handsome, physically eye popping  hero/ companion for my female heroine character, and vise versa. Also  to highlight their personality, whether that be a  powerful business man/women  or bad boy/girl, which allure the heroine and hero  resulting in some kind of happy ever after.

In real life it’s not always  as nice as  pie,  and that simple though is it? What we read in romance novels  around companionship  in real life is never that straight forward. Hence why I do, also try to keep an element of realism to my stories; relationships can be extremely testing in real life so I try to reflect that.

The other day, I read a blog post asking what makes 2 people compatible, I did respond and my response relates to this word prompt. In my view companionship is beautiful when you find it, forget the physical attraction (this is me speaking as a normal women not a romance writer!) as attraction is not what makes 2 people compatible/great companions or even should be what a companionship is based on that shit fades! Like I’m really going to look the same in 30-40 year’s time….. even with botox

  I feel, (personally speaking again) that in REAL LIFE  if 2 people have the same vision and direction this  is what makes a great companion. Or even if you don’t, the ability to support your partner with their vision, and meet in kind of some middle ground this makes a great companionship. If not there will always be push and pull in different directions, that ultimately add strain; and sadly can end a companionship.

A similar  outlook on life and how you go through it as an individual also is what makes a great companion I’ve learned this, for example are you a list maker, go geter, climb the top of a mountain, set goals kinda person in life? Is this how you  keep yourself motivated and achieve? If so then a sit back and let life happen to you, laid back to the point of little care about your future kind of personality is NOT going to make a great companion; you have 2  different outlooks on how you wish to live life. I call this personality type A and personality type B.

Now when you think about things like this, when seeking companionship in real life how often do we FIRST look at a person’s outlook on life, how they live it and their future goals  when it comes to selecting a partner or companion ? We focus on the physical, the sex, the dates, the money, whatever! Anything BUT does this person have the same outlook on life as me? And how they wish to live it? I’m not talking about oh, yeah we get on really well so therefore we have a similar out look on life, this is different; this is just ability to chill with someone or have fun not spend the rest of your life with them necessarily.  Really looking for the right personality type in a companion is deeper- and if we all did this we may not make the same mistake twice, and might be more likely to end up with our true compatible companion. Rather than someone we get on with and can have fun or chill with.Now this is me, the human, the women not the romance fiction writer who creates a whirlwind of romance and companionship based on  things outside of what I would look for, or try to look for in real life when I think of the word companion.

When I think of the word companion, and compatibility like this in a deeper way, it shows me that things like age, race, looks are really in some ways irrelevant if you focus on compatibility  and outlook  as a judgement on what or whom would make a great companion. Makes me wonder if these things or preferences maybe even barriers that one may put up,  by just seeking out a certain age, race, look etc  are just things which over complicate love! Put us off track, as our focus is shifted and we seek maybe not what is key, important and essential to finding and keeping the right companion (with he right outlook and personality first and foremost) so you have a higher chance of growing together,  the months turn to years, they turn to decades of companionship. ……. hummm just a thought, as a women, human being taking off my romance writer hat.




Word Prompt Poem:Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien


Browsing through the word prompts on WordPress  I spotted  the word”rebuild”, in response, these words came to me. Normally I’d write this sort of thing down in a note book and keep it to myself, or just see it as simple thoughts passing through my head and leave it as that- I’m a writer not a poet! But I thought what the hell …..  go wild blog it! 🙂

No, I don’t regret anything

No, Je ne regrette rien

No, I don’t regret that I’ve had to learn fast

No, I don’t regret  decisions I’ve made based on the past

No, I don’t regret  that this is all now finally a thing of the past, and  seems like it may not have been built to last

No, I don’t regret anything, no, je ne regrette rein

No, I don’t regret those feelings I was feeling back then, which put me here on this new path

No, I don’t regret these feelings I’m now feeling

Because of these feelings I’m now a better human being, and theyv’e  helped with the healing

I reach up, and feel like I can touch the ceiling and everything has such a brand  new meaning

 No, I don’t regret anything, no je ne regrette rien

No, I don’t regret that now I feel like my soul is not on a constant fast, starved of what it deserves, I now put myself first, hummm you’ve got a nerve! You honestly think I’m something you still deserve?

 No, I  don’t regret that I’ve  decided not stand still

sometimes,  I feel like I’m climbing up a massive hill

but I can’t stand still, and I won’t stand still, I’m ganna climb that hill, that’s why I’m starting to rebuild…. remember everything we had you killed.

No, I don’t regret anything, no je ne regrette rien

I’ll make sure that we’ll both  be OK both of us on our new path,  taking things step by step each day on this new path. I’m a lioness protecting her babe, you my friend , you’re free to go your own way.

No, I don’t regret anything, it’s time to rebuild.

The feelings I have for you have chilled.




Word Prompt Response: Open Yourself Up To The Universe


Just a quick response to today’s WordPress writing prompt. This word excited me, stood out to me and made me smile when I saw it appear today, why? Because I believe in life one needs to be open to what the universe has in store for you. 

By this I  mean, you’re busy making plans living life as you think you should be living it going in a certain direction, but certain things may not work out as you imagined them to. So what do you do? Cry, sulk, take your anger out on everyone, stay in a low level of depression? Not move forward? NO you look at the situation, reflect and leave yourself open to the changes that are taking place by this one thing not working out.

I’m a big no huge believer in ” The Secret” and ” Law of Attraction” putting your hopes and dreams out there to the universe and watching them come to fruition. Part of this school of thought requires one to be open and accepting, believe that everything happens for a reason which may not be known to you at the moment.I’m much more spiritual than religious as a person, for the last say 6 years or so I’ve  been an active believer in ” The Law of Attraction ” and ” The Secret” it’s been part of my life, I always try to remain open to these schools of thought.  I’ve learned  2 things 1. if you remove yourself from the negative, sometimes beautiful things can happen; as that negative energy blocked your openness to good things due to you, and therefore you wasn’t receiving all the things you hoped for. 2. try to see the good in the most shitty things that happen to you, believe everything happens for a reason. If you do you’re leaving yourself open to learning a lesson  in life, and maybe not make the same mistake twice. You’re leaving yourself open to the  good things that may be better for you, and will work out by reflecting on what went wrong, learning and walking forward.

”Connecting the dots in life don’t make sense  going backwards”, I read this quote on Twitter and liked it, it’s so true.

Always remain open, believe in  the impossible, smile, never give up, and dream big.



Day #47: It’s Time To Submit My Book!

Whaaah! I’ve  been day dreaming, fantasising and yearning for this day to come. I’m ready (I think) to submit my baby, I’ve been nurturing for the last 4 months to my publisher. 347 pages ,90,000 odd words and 26 chapters of it to be exact. This afternoon I printed off a copy to do my final read through, before I actually submit but I’d say I’m  99 % ready.

So what have I learned from self editing ? Editing is a dam hard slog, slow and steady wins the race;I’ve literally come home from work done my mama duties, then  sat behind my lap top every evening into the wee hours of the morning, for the last 2 weeks. No change in my routine at all. I also learned that I found editing more of a challenge than writing. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a reader, just because it makes sense to you in your head, and you understand what’s happening would someone else? Is it engaging, interesting and page turning? Is there enough drama and suspense? These were all questions that went through my mind when editing scenes and rewriting.

My word count on my first draft was 93,000 I’m surprised that I only removed 3,000 and wiped out one full scene, other than that it’s pretty in line with what I originally wrote, and my book synopsis I sent over to my publisher  in terms of content and order of events.

It’s a complex job, my first edit was just focused on things like ensuring tense, and view point are correct, facts, dates, and the little things made sense and the story flows. This is important to me as the story is set in 3 locations London, the English coast and France.  My story is also  told first person from the main female character’s voice and 3rd for the male so editing from these different POVs, changing  location and even time zone is quite a challenge.  I’ve learned also, if you read something enough times, you start to read what you want a sentence to say and you may miss things, best to rest your work and come back especially if you’re tired. That said I will read a hard copy of my work before I finally let go of that baby and get ready to unleash it to the world. I am paranoid over typos, it’s a joke.

So with 47 day’s to go until my actual agreed deadline to submit my work to my publisher, I’m well on track to take another week or 2 to do a final hard copy read though to ease my paranoid state,  then hit the send button.

The release month will be September 2016, I plan to do a cover reveal on the blog so stay tuned for that, I’ve handed  a brief over to the publishers  on what I’d like my cover to look like. A blog post is up  on alluring book covers seeking your view yes YOU. You can read all about that here. and interact with me.  As a treat you can download a copy of the first 2 chapters of my book here for free! you lucky, lucky thing you.

Do give me a shout via the contact me page or post up a comment if you do download and enjoy.

Catch you soon.


Magazine Publication: Female Empowerment

This week has just gone from good to great! No better  it’s  officially amazing. This week my  article on female empowerment and how it can be understood via the historical fiction genre, has been published in Love Life and Live Magazine today. The article is also  a perfect fit for the WordPress writing prompt ” understanding.”

So, how can us women learn and become empowered via heroines in 3 historical fiction books I’ve read and loved? Find out on this link to  Love Life Live Magazine.