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Two on a Rant

catdeadline A reminder that cats make terrible beta readers but are great at inducing writer’s block.

If you’re a novel writer, blogger, or poet, you’ve heard one or more of these worthless rhinestones of advice presented to us as priceless gems:

  • “Get a real job.”  (From the man who hates his job and is counting the days to retirement)
  • “You have a better chance of winning the lotto than being a successful writer.” (From the guy who won $50 in the lotto 10 years ago and continues to pay out $10 a month for lotto tickets)
  • It’s a waste of time.”  (From the person who spends 4 hours each night watching game shows and reality TV)
  • You’ll never make any money writing.”  (From the millionaire who never pays for anything if he can get it for free).

I’ve found that most of the people who tell you to give up writing and do something “meaningful” with your…

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Writing Prompt & Book Excerpt: “I Disagree…asshole!” #amwriting #amreading #romancereader


Today’s WordPress writing prompt is disagree. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have your own mind, and not agree with everything and everyone. In A Stranger in France my main heroine Kate,  clearly feels the same way. Here’s an excerpt from A Stranger in France showing Kate’s POV and her  explosive disagreement with her husband Danny. I’m not going to tell you what they disagree about, who, what or how  helps her to gain  her inner strength back, to stand up to Danny….. oh the suspense continues!…. You’ll need to download it from Amazon to find out…. So far A Stranger in France has received only 5 star reviews.


I slam  my fist down on the kitchen table to punctuate my last word. He raises his eyebrows at me in surprise. I don’t know what he’s so surprised about, how can you come out with a bullshit comment like that to the woman you’ve been married to for five years that’s offered financial and emotional support without any resentment….. up until now.

‘’Look Kate, let’s not argue.”

Suddenly, I see Danny through different eyes, the rose tinted glasses have been removed. I look him up and down and realise I’m too much for him, clearly not the type of woman he needs I’m just not needy enough. That’s what makes him feel like a man a needy woman. Does he not know behind every successful man stands a strong woman. In a rage I scream out at him.

“That’s the problem Danny, we don’t argue or even communicate for that matter, and you’ve shut me out and made me feel unwelcome in my own home. You said you’ve hated me at times! Hated me for me being who I am? For working hard and achieving? Having a plan and sticking with it? Not failing in life? Not being the one who was made redundant? What?’’

I walk up to Danny and stand under his six foot one frame, I’m no longer fearful or feel I need to censor my words. I get right in his face.

“Tell me what have I done? For you to fucking hate me asshole?”


Writing Prompt: Unfinished Business…


Write a post for today’s WordPress one word writing prompt unfinished.

By nature I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, I like to do things just so if it means a lot to me, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I have completed something  I’m not a fan of  unfinished business. The most recent thing I’ve left unfinished for much longer than I would have liked, is a story I’ve had rolling around in between my ears since October 2015. One full year! But what I’ve learned is that sometimes it is best to have unfinished business, as when you go back to finish up – things can be a lot more better.

Since I completed all writing and edits for A Stranger in France, and finally got to release day   in between that and  waiting for my second book to come back from the editor, I’ve gone back to the drawing board on this unfinished story. Six things happened when I read what I wrote a year ago through….

  1. Shock, it was terrible! All over the place in terms of presentation, layout, and I was not a fan of how the characters/ story came across. My (tiny) experience  from writing two other books kicked in.
  2. I re- drafted on paper the story ,about four times before I settled with what I have now!
  3. I re-wrote the first 4 chapters ( not from scratch) but I removed a good chunk 
  4. I managed to take the story in a new suspenseful/mystery  direction then I originally had done.
  5. I wrote and edited the first three chapters, once happy I sent it off ( last weekend ) to my publisher for feedback, with the full book synopsis.
  6. I feel now much more happier.

So I guess unfinished business in some cases can be a blessing if you’re a writer or  hope to have some of your work published some day, you can go off learn something from another project, then come back stronger,  and finish up in a more happier place. 

I hope I do get some positive feedback, even if I don’t I will still write the story for my own satisfaction  to not have unfinished business! 

What unfinished business have you got? WHY have you not finished it? What is your plan to have it complete?


Where Will History Have You Seated?: The Current Racial Situation in the U.S.

It’s hard for me to read these statistics, and to know that in the USA with all that’s gone on and is currently going on with regard to the African – American community and the law, that sadly in the eyes of some, my son will always be public enemy #1. Just because who he is. I hope that one day, every white male will look at my son and see him as a man and an equal -not a threat, possible drug dealer or someone to be man handled roughly, oh and believe him when he says this belongs to him!  YES he is the owner of this brand new car it is not stolen! It’s his! … I hope by the time he’s a man things will change for him, and people will see him differently.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Race is not a difficult topic for me to talk about, but for some it is.

Some people simply don’t like people who are different-period. I don’t understand this type of thinking, but it exists and I usually avoid these people at all costs.

There is one difficulty for me in trying to understand racism: you cannot understand what it is to be black in America unless you are black in America. Modern racism in America is subtle. I know this because I have had many conversations with friends of mine who experience it on a daily basis.

images-2 Selma, Ala 1965

I still think it is important for us to ask questions. Is it possible that there are failures in our system? Is it possible that there are laws which more heavily penalize people of color? Is it possible that a system failure has occurred which has resulted in our…

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Thank you For Voting, The Result is…. #amwriting #standup2cancer #charity


Thank you if you left me a comment or vote on what genre story I should write, for the standup2cancer writing project I’m taking part in for 2017. It seems that the vote swung towards the romance genre, as it will be the month of February the book of short stories is published. Then I had one person comment, and  it swung back to a level playing field! But by then I had already confirmed with my publisher, a romance genre story. Thank time difference for that, I saw the comment late but thank you for it.

Voting is closed now, so that’s it.  It’s a romance I’ll be writing, using the writing prompt ” code redhead”. I will try to spice it up a little and add in a lil’ of the old suspense.

Thank you for your help! I’ll keep you posted on when the book is available and don’t forget,  all money raised from the sales go to cancer research, we authors won’t see a penny.


Have You Voted For A Genre Story For Me To Write For #standup2cancer charity project?- Quick Note From Me

Hi all

Thank you to the two voters who picked a genre for me to write a story for, for the standup2cancer writing project I’m  participating in, with some other authors. All sales from the books will go to the charity to help raise money for cancer. Authors will not see a penny.

I need more votes! As  two voters have voted in opposition, and so there is no clear indicator on what genre has won the vote. I’m inviting YOU to vote, don’t think too hard on it. Right now, all I’m asking is someone takes the hard choice out of my hands over what genre I should write in. The writing prompt is “Code Redhead”,  we need to write something using  this prompt….. and you all know how much I love a writing prompt! Now… do I write a romance or a thriller story? The month the book is published  with my story and other author’s  stories will be February 2017.

You can find out more details and vote by clicking here