Book Review: FREE DOWNLOAD 4.5 stars! Steps To Find Health, Wealth & Inner Peace by Francis O’Neil @FrancisEONeill @SomeInspired

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About The Book:

This self-help guide will give you all the information and tools you need to get all fired-up and get healthier, wealthier and find inner peace – indeed make a success of your life in mind, body and spirit.

Steps… offers valuable insight into getting your body healthy and staying healthy. It contains essential principles, tips and advice on changing your life – through the use of self-hypnosis and creative visualisation. It offers a beginners guide to meditation and Buddhist steps to a better spiritual life.

Steps… is a compact gem of a book and does what it says on the cover.

My Review: 4.5 Stars

Read in one sitting, sixty eight pages of delight. I must say most of this was like reinforcement for me of what I know already, but almost needed to remind myself of. As a free download this is a great book for anyone and everyone especially, as we enter a new year. I’m glad I stumbled across it as a recommendation ,and would not have been disappointed if I paid full price. I would recommend it to anyone seeking positive vibes, love and light in their life. Not much else to say! grab a free download and get ready for 2018! Free to download on Amazon, or you can get three e-books free directly from the Author’s site here

Making 2018 Our Bitch #writers #poem

Having been an independent and traditionally published author I have to say I enjoy doing things my way!! Great poem Didi!!

Didi Oviatt

To the Independent writers who charge each New Year,

With a fresh boost of confidence overpowering the cheer.

We lower our brows and draw conscious breath,

There’s no room for stagnancy we’ll write till the death.

The independent road’s rough, it’s yet to be paved, 

We hustle and work to make our own way.

Our bodies know nothing of rest or of sleep,

Our brains are too busy to let in the weak.

 Sometimes we’re distracted and sometimes we get weird,

Our projects have tendency to be permanently seared.

Our characters take over our personalities and minds,

We can never escape them its all part of the grind.

As the New Year approaches so does that itch,

And the confidence is cranked to make 2018 our BITCH!!


Happy writing, Indi-warriors!! The New Year is approaching and I can’t wait to see what it brings!! I know I have big plans…

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T’is The Eve Before New Years Eve: Thank You Every Follower, Reader, Voter, Book Reviewer. Here’s What’s Next In 2018! #gratitude #amwriting #newyearseve


So it’s the eve before New Years Eve (for me in my part of the world). I have no idea what I want to write, all I know is I want to say thank you. I’ll just write what comes to mind to you all. This time of year I always get so reflective (even more than I normally am as a person),  I look back and think what have I learned, gained, lost, survived etc. But most of all I always ask myself what I am grateful for? The answer to this is you! Yes, you reading this, you make my list of gratitude.

I started blogging in 2016, just before my first novel A Stranger In France was about to be released. I did it just on a whim as I read ‘ that’s what authors do’ I had no clue what I was doing, but I started to have a lot of fun, I have connected with so many great people that I would not have, if it were not for WordPress. Over the past year and a bit my blog has grown, I’ve grown as a person, writer, mother and I want to thank:

  • Anyone who reads this.
  • Every Twitter, FB and blog follower.
  • Anyone who has liked or shared my rambles and posts.
  • Everyone who has read and reviewed anything I’ve wrote.
  • Every one who has read or even taken an interest in my writing and stories.
  • Every single one of you who voted for me and my work in the summer ,when my novel was nominated for the award ‘ Best Romance 2017’ by Virtual Con Literary Awards. I can’t believe I was even nominated, let alone managed to claim that title!!
  • A personal big thank you to my writing buddy, co-author and girlfriend from afar place Suspense and Thriller author Didi Oviatt. Who I love to bits.
  • Every author I that has allowed me to interview them for Meet The Author features. It’s be an honour to feature you all.
  • I am not religious much more spiritual, but I do ‘believe’ if that makes sense in some kind of universe power and higher being, that guides and protects us. I want to say thank you universe, for giving me such a challenging but rewarding year in 2017. And lining up things so that as of next year I can spend more  of my time doing what I love writing!!
  • I want to thank my mum. She is the most strongest, kindest, and  most understanding and supportive being I know. I’m the daughter of an immigrant,she  left the Caribbean  then came to the UK with nothing! But has shown me exactly what you can achieve with hard work. Even when your back is up against the wall and the shit has more than hit the fan. Thanks Mum.
  • I want to thank my four year old boy. 🙂 ahhh! That boy, he makes me smile so much. He has changed my life so much for the better. I can’t even imagine life without him he is my #1 thing I am grateful for, up there with my health.

So, that’s the end of 2017…. I can’t say I’m sorry to say good bye to it, it has been a very challenging year for me personally, but fantastic for writing. All though personally I don’t think I was as productive as I would have liked to have been. But like I said on the eve of New Years Eve, I look back and would not change it. I’m pumped up for 2018……. so what’s next.

  1. Finish  writing volume #2 of The Suspenseful Collection for January release.
  2. Go back and finish writing ‘ Once Bitten, Twice Shy’ book #3 of my Romance Set In Paradise series. Hopefully release this the end of February 2018. Try to write one or two more short stories for my Romance in The City series. First book released this month! First two chapters uploaded as a preview.
  3. Go back and finish writing my full thriller novel. I have named it but I’m not gonna share it in case I change it last moment. I say this because I started writing this thriller before I wrote A Stranger in France about three- four  years ago. I’ve chopped it, re wrote it, chopped it, switched it up tooooooooooo many times to be happy. Now I think I am happy, with about seven chapters finally! I hope to be done with it by spring/ summer 2018. Stay tuned. 🙂
  4.  I’ll let the cat out of the bag on this one, Didi and I already have volume #3 of the Suspenseful Collection outlined…. an all female line up! The kind of women?? I won’t share that as yet… stay tuned!! This one is going to be amazing to write with her.

2018 looks set to be a year of ‘ The Productive Writer’ I’m happy to say!

In advance,

Happy New Year each and every one of you. May 2018 be full of blessings, prosperity, goal achieving, happiness and good health. Thank you for your support in 2017.

Thank You

My top shares from Bloggers, top views from my FB Book Page and fav reading choices May, June, July, August

Thank you Susan for nominating mine and Didi’s volume #1 of suspenseful tales as a top read for August 2017. Made my morning, what a way to start the day. I guess Didi is asleep across the Atlantic she’ll wake up to a lovely surprise! Volume #2 released January 2018, we hope you enjoy it also.


This is my second day of three for my top books for 2017. There are so many brilliant books that I have read this year actually 336 of them. which can be found on my BLOG or on my GOODREADS CHALLENGE. I would love to share some of the most popular with you. My blog has grown over the year so I thought that this was the fairest way to judge.

I have split the year into 3 so each day there will be 3 posts for each month over 3 days to cover the year:

Book with most likes that month from Bloggers

Book with highest views that month on my FB Book Page

My favourite read of the month.


THE SUICIDE PLAN by Emma Clapperton

Shared by Bloggers 54 times


The Suicide Plan by Emma Clapperton #Bloghounds #Blog Tour @EmmaLClapperton @BloodhoundBook



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2018 Blogging & Reading Challenge Sign Up: 20 books, What A Year It Will Be! #amreading #books #bookworm

blogger shame challenge.jpg


Good morning,

I’m still up reading at past 1am. I just received an email from Herding Cats about a reading challenge ‘the blogger’s shame’. Bloggers who are book lovers receive LOADS of author review copy books (ARC) that we don’t always get to read, the pile grows. Over at Herding Cats they are pushing us bookworms to whip through the ‘to be read’ pile in 2018, with a cool blog challenge. I thought why not? Sounds like a great challenge, and blog hop. I will continue to do read and reviews for Enchanted Book Promotions and Net Galley. I’ve gone through my TBR on my Kindle, ARC emailed books,  and Netgallery here is a list of books  to read for 2018, no excuses. Take a peek if you’re an author maybe you’re there! If you have sent me an ARC of your book and it’s not here contact me here I don’t want to miss it. If you’re a book lover head over to Herding Cats see what this is all about, sign up.

I hope to complete this list. I know I will get side tracked with other great books that come up, but the intention is to read them all. 🙂 #bookworm

  1. Snatch Girl- LJ Kane, thriller ( reading this now)- FINISHED 12.1.18 reviewed here.
  2. Alpha Male- AC Melody, paranormal romance
  3. Reunited- Tammy Tate, romance
  4. Kiss & Tell and Dead Man’s Hand- Luke Murphy, thriller
  5. The Professor & The Bird – R. Franklin, romance.
  6. Pearls of The Past, M Rajakumi, fiction, contemporary.
  7. Search For Maylee- Didi Oviatt, thriller, mystery
  8. When Black Boys Are Left Alone- K. Harry, African- American.
  9. Claimed by Vampires, Seduced by Werewolf- Krissi Fortune, paranormal/ fantasy
  10. Pure Hollywood- C Schutt, contemporary fiction/ short story anthology- FINISHED 13.1.18 reviewed here.
  11. Coffin Path- K Clemants, Mystery, crime.
  12. 19 Souls- JD Allen- Thriller, Mystery
  13. A Cold Day in Hell, L.M Redman, thriller mystery
  14. Riders- Jilly Cooper Erotica, romance ( 900 pages!! I stopped about 400 pages through such a fun old classic).
  15. Daddy’s Girl- Ben Burgess, African American fiction
  16. Love & Happiness – Ben Burgess, African American fiction
  17. Wounded- Ben Burgess, African American Fiction
  18. Alice In Wonderland- Lewis Caroll – The FRENCH version not in English 🙂 ( Just cos I feel like reading this book in French  to remain bi-lingual I’ll add it).
  19. Capital Crime- Lisa Wilson, crime fiction
  20. A Time To Kill- John Grisham, fiction ( I have had this on my shelf for too many years).

Update 30th December 2017… The list just keeps getting bigger!!

  1. Make that twenty one books! How can I forget Only One Women – Jane Ridson & Christina Jones!!
  2. Infatuation books #1 and #2 – Kandie Marie- Erotic Urban Novellas
  3. Be The Architect  Of Your Mind, Body And Soul- Lara Alexiou, mind, body soul genre.
  4. One Love-  Denna Cabinian, Fiction

Throwback Thursday x2! I love this Artist, Inspiration While Writing. @rihanna #throwback #music #dance

I love Rihanna no doubt about it. I have been inspired by her work as an artist on two occasions while writing, I’ve referenced her songs in my books. My four year old son (apparently) is in love with her, if a Rihanna song comes on he races to the radio or TV to dance. I first noticed his ‘love’ for the Caribbean beauty when he started to stare at her on the TV without a blink and smiling to himself. Then one day in the car I heard him sing ‘wild wild wild thoughts’ really clearly  I cracked up LOL.

This song here I’m throwing back is possibly the inspiration for the 2017 hit featuring Rhi Rhi. The beat is from the original beat of Santana’s ‘ Maria Maria’. I like the updated version which features Rihanna… and so does my four year old. How good does she look in this totally ‘wild’ outfit in the video?  It’s 1999 and 2017! Let’s dance and salsa if you can.

Wild Thoughts:


Santana Maria Maria – 1999

Throwback Thursday!: How David Bowie Influenced The World Of Hip Hop! #music #dance #hiphop @DavidBowieReal

This song came on the radio earlier this week, I could not help but… dance! And turn it up. It reminded me of the influence this song had on the world of hip hop, the rapper Puff Daddy, (or whatever he is calling himself these days) sampled David Bowie’s hypnotic beat in his song ‘been around the world.’ I’ve posted both videos so you can see the influence one artist gave the other.

When David Bowie passed away there was a massive tribute to him in south London, in a place I have wrote about many times called Brixton. I love that part of London so vibrant. So it’s 1983 y’all I was three months old when the original came out by David. And seventeen, just leaving school  in 1997 when Puff Daddy sampled the original. Both of these tracks make me wanna dance, I am a hip hop lover as much as an 80’s pop culture lover.

Let’s Dance! Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance It’s Throwback Thursday!





Hip Hop sample!