Get to Know Me! Personal Blogs ‘n’ Rambles

It’s the 6th October 2020 as I create this page. I’ve had this personal blog/official author site since 2016! I’ve done a lot of blogs sharing my thoughts over the years. However, I thought I’d set up a dedicated space to find them all moving forward, for those who are interested. Why? Well, when I wrote 365 Days of Writing Prompts for Romance Writers, in here I added a three month personal blogging challenge, with dedicated writing prompts for other writers as well as story writing idea prompts. So that their readers, followers, and anyone who is interested could get to know them personally. In my book I’ve included this from October- December months, so why not do the actual challenge myself, starting October 2020!

It can be done at any point though, plus, years ago when I first started this site my main focus was writing prompts and true blogging, I love it so here goes!

Click though, see what musings and rambles you find, if you have any interest at all in me the person as well as the author and my books.

Me Personally:

My Average Day and Routine?

How Would You Rate Your Confidence?

What Would You Do More of Daily?

What’s Your Favourite Type of Weather?

I’m a Certified Miley Cyrus Fan??

One Positive Change I have Made In my Life?


How Did I Start Writing?

What Drew You To The Genre You Write?

What’s Your Fav Tense and POV to Write in? Thoughts and Experiences?

In Your View, is There Any Point in a Prologue or Epilogue in a Story? #90DaysBlogChallenege

Dear Readers: An Author of Colour’s Use of ‘Ebnotics Language is a Conscious Choice!

Is There Ever Too Much Sex in Romance? Erotica vs Romance What’s The Difference?

Randoms and Rambles about this thing called ‘life’

What’s on your mind right now?

Dear Readers: An Author of Colour’s Use of ‘Ebnotics Language is a Conscious Choice!

2020: Introspection and Identity Year

Finding Your Purpose in Life: Where To Start?

Notes on Grief: What I’ve Learned

Notes on Turning 40: What I’ve Learned

What Three Things Can’t You Live Without?

Do You Believe in Fate or Destiny?

Notes on Motherhood: What is Motherhood Really About?

Generally speaking…