Book Trailer Reveal: 20 #Authors, 20 Badass Stories in 1 Book-“Code Redhead”,Released Feb 2017 #amwriting, #amreading

Are you ready? If not y’all better get ready! Then tell someone else, they  better get ready too! Spread the word don’t keep this a secret, and feel free to share this. I’m so excited over this creative writing project my publisher is taking part in. I’m extremely proud to have been asked to take part as an author. We’re writing to raise money for Children’s Cancer Research over in the USA, our stories will feature in one novel. Stories across more genres than you can shake a stick at..

Courtesy of one of the authors taking part she put this together, I’m please to reveal  our book trailer for Code Redhead released in February. If you’re not sure what all the excitement is about, click here and find out.

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