New Release! Kiss My Wife: A Swingers Story

Yesterday I did a blog post on writing steamy scenes, I made reference to Ava. Check the new release!

What I Write

It’s out! My newest erotica eBook is available: Kiss My Wife: A Swingers Story.

Check out the summary:

Life isn’t about eating your vegetables; it’s about having a heaping plate of dessert.

Cole and Dana have been married a long time. They’ve raised children and are a cornerstone of their community. Their secret: they’re heading to a discreet swingers resort for married couples. If they go through with it, people will expect them to sleep with other couples…together.

They arrive at the resort a little nervous, but once they meet Trent and Charlotte, they loosen up some. Then they loosen up a lot more. 

Cole and Dana want Trent and Charlotte to show them the ropes…and their bodies, giving them a crash course in what it’s like to see your spouse with someone else. The combined mix of jealousy and excitement makes everything worth it.

And that’s just the…

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You read some, you WIN some! Do you want to win $25 just for reading an awesome book (or 5)?

Didi Oviatt

As some of you may know,  Kim Knight  and I are having a MASIVE $.99 sale to celebrate our first ever short story collaboration release The Suspenseful Collection as well as her latest romance novel Lovers Retreat!

We’re SO excited, that we decided to take this already huge sale another step and giveaway a $25 Amazon giftcard to some lucky reader!!  If at anytime during the next week you purchase one of the following books you can be entered to WIN $25!

It’s very simple!  For each of these $.99 books you purchase (as well as pre-ordering The Suspenseful Collection) you’ll be entered into the drawing! Just let us know you’ve ordered here:

Rafflecopter Giveaway Link

Please remember that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, and sharing is careing. We love each and every one of our readers and wish you the best!  The winner will be announced on Tuesday August 1st!


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Mystery Mondays: Kim Knight on Writing Buddies!

Check it out!! I ‘m honoured to make an appearance on Best Selling Author Kristina Stanley’s ” Mystery Monday” feature, for suspense/thriller/mystery writers. What a start to the week 🙂


Welcome to Mystery Mondays. Today we have author Kim Knight. She’s written 9 books and is here to share her advice on writing buddies.

I met Kim online, and we have since become mutual supporters and promoters. That’s part of the joy of Mystery Mondays for me. I keep getting to meet other writers! So over to Kim…

Why Every Writer Needs A Writing Buddy by Kim Knight

It never occurred to me that a writing buddy is a much needed thing in my life. Like an accessory I can’t leave the house without my mobile, a spray of perfume and a fresh coat of lipstick. I need my buddy and you dear writer friend, you need to find yourself one. I would recommend it to all writers out there, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

So how did this come about for me? And…

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Kim’s Top Tips: How To Write A Steamy Sex Scene *wink #amwriting #romance #sex

Hmm well that got your attention didn’t it! Step right up, this is Kim’s class on creating steam in your stories. So last month, or maybe earlier this month… I can’t remember the days roll into one I’ve been so busy. Wait.. wait no it was this month, I set up a new  blog habit of  writing a tip or tick I use or have learned. I started to get messages from aspiring published authors and writers asking me to read their “hot new shit”, they wrote LOL.  They asked for some tips and advice. I was like of course! Lemme see it. So here I go with tip #2 you can read tip #1 on editing right here.

First I want to say, I’m no expert I’m not a know-it-all I too am learning, these tips are just my take on things. Second, I’m not an erotica writer at all. All I do when I’m not writing crime or general thriller /suspense is write romance, with a bit of steam. I like to add some heat to my writing. Second, I’m not overly explicit with sex, I’m a mother and one day my son will read my work *cringe.* Also I’m fed up of my mum looking at me over her glasses like “Kimberly… I’m on page sixty six?!” Then I’m like what the hell did I write on page sixty six?! *cringe* so let’s get into it! Here’s my tips.

What is steam/heat?

Well according to standard romance writing norms, it’s the level of sex  / intimacy in your writing. The amount / frequency and how sexy it is. eg is it very explicit with graphic details, or in the middle more sensual but there is a clear idea of who is doing what, and to who, or less so and all the characters do is hold hands.

High heat: lots of sex, graphic, explicit language. Your kindle will be on fire. ( Erotica).

Mid range heat: moderate levels of sex,  or often, graphic but maybe not as explicit. But the word cock is used! For example 🙂 Your kindle will steam up for sure.

Low level : nothing to write home about.

How to decide on your level of steam/heat?

Personally, I….

  • Let the story talk to me, the plot kind of dictates how steamy I get.
  •  Consider what else has happened in the story.
  • Consider my characters, their age, who they are as people, and what is suitable realistically for them as people.

Personally I’m mid range heat, generally as I’m not an erotica writer. My advice to those wanting to heat up their writing, is to consider the points above. Also remember you don’t have to write romance to bring the heat. A classic example is when Didi and I wrote It Was The First Time I Killed A Man,  for The Suspenseful Collection that’s a crime short story with mid- high range heat levels in terms of how descriptive it is. However the character (Lisa) made it appropriate to bring the heat, because of who she is. Do you see what I mean? Work heat into your writing regardless of genre  based on your characters, and who they are if it fits. You don’t have to just be a romance writer. Just make sure it is appropriate, and the level is good for the characters, don’t write a sex mad underage kid.

Okay smarty pants Kim, how do I actually write sex, I’m nervous and shy

Good question. Again, personally I approach writing about sex, love and emotions from this angle

  • Get over shyness, sex is natural  write like you’re proud regardless of who the characters are, I stepped into the shoes of an explicit lesbian serial killer for God sake. I got over the “what will people think” by the time we blogged it.  Mean what you write give it heart. Don’t write like a chump!
  • I’m a girl, as you can see.. so for me naturally I tend to focus on the emotional side, not just inserting body parts and the “ohhh ahhh do me now part”. I get into character emotionally. What do your characters feel, about the moment, the other person, the situation etc. I express this or show it via their actions and dialogue. I try not to “tell it” if I’m writing third person too much, some times you have to but try to focus on the character’s actions showing feeling.
  • Be natural, what do you honestly think is a hot sex scene?? I interviewed the erotica author Ava Sterling a few months back, her take on is was to use your experience… within reason so go for it. I’d agree with this advice from an actual erotica author.
  • Use more than just “oh it feels so good” “don’t stop” lol let the dialogue flow in a realistic way.  Also, would a real man/woman stop in the middle of doing the deed and say some dumb sh*t?? No!!… Well I hope not anyway. Keep it realistic, focus dialogue on the moment and heat of the scene, not the weather.
  • Hype up the five major senses.  This will ramp up your writing so much. Again, this is a personal thing how I write, but do what works for you. Try not to just focus on feeling or how good it feels, and characters say this over and over. Sure it feels good. We have other senses, vision, hearing etc.  What about touch how does a part of the body feel?, Taste ?* Raises eyebrows* get creative with whatever your character is tasting, that kind of thing. Or smell, I love a man who smells goooooooooooooooooood ladies you get where I’m going with this right? The weak feeling you get, when you smell a man’s aftershave unexpectedly when he’s up close. AND it’s fresh or whatever your preference is.  Whoah!!

  • I’m a sucker for it. Use this, work it into your writing how do the characters smell?
  • Don’t be over sexual and think that’s the best way to go, sometimes sensual is just as good. Unless you are writing dark erotica where foul language is needed, and most suited. In your everyday romance you don’t need to really take it there. Some raw language but not over kill.

And my best bit of advice, send your scene to someone to read, I did when I wrote Lover’s Retreat there’s a really steamy scene in there, the person I sent it to wrote back and said  “I think I need to call a babysitter, and go jump on my husband, that’s how you do it!! ” HAHA :).  Get feedback, it’s so helpful and think about what reaction you want from readers. I did in that particular scene want to make readers feel a bit hot under the collar, send your work out and see if you’ve delivered. Take all feedback and perfect your craft if you did not deliver. It’s fine, no one will know just re-work your scene.

If I’ve missed anything writers our there let me know, drop me a comment.

Happy writing!!

Wow, Another 4* Review Up on Inkitt. Thank You Readers ! #amreading #romance #newrelease

Jes, Havana Heat is popular over on Inkitt, I entered it into their novel writing competition. Readers are downloading and reading fast, I’m truly appreciative, and humbled you’re enjoying my work. Thank you so so much readers love you all! Another 4* like one hour after the last  5*one.

Very well crafted

Very well crafted. Excellent style. Cannot recommend it enough. I was hooked to it from start to finish


Another 5* Review on Inkitt… Thank You Reader! I Love You All! #amreading #romance #giveaway

*Sighs a very humble sigh and shakes her head*… I don’t know what to say. I’m so grateful for every reader, and review. Be it positive or negative review, yes  I even love the haters, they motivate me :).  When I wrote Havana Heat, I gave it heart I got caught up in the storytelling, romance and most importantly the drama!  There’s a intense story in this one, with a diverse character line up. You’re transported to Havana!  As a massive reader of romance myself, I know we all love a good dose of drama. Seems like I delivered from feedback on Havana Heat. Thank you for your feedback and readership dear reader, without you I’m nothing!

Cool book.

Cool book. I liked the author’s style. I suggest that you check it out. There is magic in these pages.



 Wanna “check me out” as this reader says? .99p / .99$ on Amazon until 31st July! Or if you want a free copy ( cos I’m in a good mood like), send me a message here I’ll gift you an Amazon copy. I’ve got a few left to giveaway!

It’s Out

I’m so excited !! I want to feature more male authors on my Meet The Author Feature. I’m letting cat out the bag, this author is one of me features SOON. Keep an eye out for him, British writer who might just give good old Mr. King a run for his money. I can’t wait to spot light Mr Binding.



PILLS: 18 Short Stories is out.

200-odd pages of weird stories and cityscapes.

Psychotic children, ghosts, drugs that make you see certain horrible things, body horror and one about a guy waking up with no penis after he doesn’t pay for a happy ending.

It works nicely as a whole, and, quite frankly, I’m very proud of it.

If you’ve read Property, Dot Matrix, Perfect Anastasia or Twenty-Seven, you’ll know what you’re in for.

As another little promo thing, Perfect Anastasia, Dot Matrix and Twenty-Seven are all FREE today.

So if you’re unsure, download one of those guys for free and then buy Pills later when you’re convinced I’m an absolute fucking genius.

Still on the fence?

Here’s the preview …

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