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Happy publication day to author Bridget Beasley! Today marks the release of her hilarious book, X-Rated! I have the first chapter for you to read AND the most amazing giveaway– A chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card and a digital copy of the book!

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X-Rated: A virgin. A porn star. A comedy.

Publication Date: February 21st, 2020 (Today 🎉)

Genre: Romcom/ Comedy

Bailey Finch is twenty-four, living in LA, and working for a trendy Sex & Relationships magazine as their entry-level Calendar Editor.

She’s also painfully body-conscious, clinically anxious, and still a virgin.

When Bailey lands the chance to interview Elijah Mattox – coined the Ryan Reynolds of Porn Stars – she seizes the opportunity to befriend the man behind over three-thousand BDSM films, with popular titles such as The Domination of Elia Rose, Dungeon Sluts and Whores of Riverdale County.

As she delves deeper into Eli’s world, and their relationship takes an unexpected romantic turn, she realizes that this piece couldn’t possibly be just an interview. There was something much bigger yet to come. No pun intended.

X-Rated: A virgin. A porn star. A comedy.

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Chapter One – The Dick Cake Guy

Cue: Darude – Sandstorm.

Wait. 99 Luftballons. That’s a much better intro song.

No. That’s not how I want to start this shit show. Or is this supposed to be a romantic comedy? You know, happy ending, lots of tissues, laugh-out-loud dialogue. Brilliant and sweet, with well fleshed-out, dynamic characters. Because that’s usually a thing, isn’t it?

And I’m already rambling.

How the hell do I start this? I’m twenty-four. Name’s Bailey Finch. Yeah, that’s a good name – it’s not just my actual name, but it also looks damn good in print. A good, solid protagonist name.

And the guy? There’s always a guy. I know you’re waiting for the guy.

Well, what to say: Tall? Check. Muscles? Sorta-check. Tattoos? Check. Wry grin and one of those devious smiles akin to Ian Somerhalder? Check and check. One-thousand checks.

His name is Elijah Mattox. He’s twenty-eight years old. Favorite things that I’ve scrounged up so far include Asian-fusion cuisine, Single Malt Scotch, and perfecting his purposely tousled hairstyle. He’s an actor, trying to break into main-stream, silver screen, accolades and Oscars.

As for now, well – he’s only the most renowned Porn Star in the country. Over three-thousand films. Yeah, no kidding.

And here I am, sitting at my desk, pen in hand, trying to conjure up some questions to ask him that don’t consist of how many tits he’s seen and what his thoughts are on the real-to-saline ratio. How many times could he climax in one session? Was his relationship with sex boring now? What is sex like once you’ve made a career out of using your cock?

Was he worried that working in porn might affect his career as a mainstream actor? This isn’t some one-time Kardashian sex tape. Even though I’m sure he’s got one of those floating around somewhere. The guy has history.

Then again, I’ve never actually seen his stuff. Never been much into porn. Even the soft-core variety. I mean, I’ve done a few Google searches in my time. I technically know what a penis looks like. One time in fourth grade, me and my old best friend, Ginny Weirkowitz, looked up Two Girls One Cup, and refused to eat for the rest of the day. Whatever you do, don’t do it. Don’t Google it. My eyes went to hell.

But IRL, I’ve never seen the real thing. I’m a virgin. And I don’t say that to sound interesting, either: I’ve wanted to get laid more times than I could count. I have a vibrator, thank you very much. Have you ever used a Hitachi Magic Wand? Let me tell you…

I’ve just, you know, never had a real dick. I’ve never made love, had intercourse, fucked. Real hands, rough, desperate, passionate. Body-crushing. Mouth-on-mouth action. My only real kiss was Sophomore year of high school, on a dare, and that same guy ended up pouring an open container of spaghetti into my backpack after I reminded our Geometry teacher that he had forgotten to collect our homework.

I tapped my pen against the edge of my desk, glancing around the office: large windows, exposed brick walls, and blown-up copies of magazine covers from over the years, largely featuring notable men and women of the celebrity variety.

This was Come’s first porn-star. Clever magazine name, I know. Come as in, welcome, enter. Come as in…orgasm.

We were known for our sex tips and relationship advice. That said, it’s been agreed upon that fucking in the shower just doesn’t really work. I’ve never even fucked a guy before, and even I can tell you that I know for a fact, unless maybe you’ve got one of those shower-bath combos or a seat in your shower, it’s freaking impossible. I’d like to put out a request: if you’re a woman who has had mind-blowing shower-sex while standing up, please write to me.

I grinned unabashedly, outwardly, probably looking ridiculous. I hadn’t accomplished a lick of work in the past two hours. I couldn’t concentrate. I was hungry: one of those gripping, all-consuming, carb-salt-sugar craving hungers. I wanted a pretzel, doughnut, and Diet Coke, stat.

What do you ask a porn, star, though? What are the questions?

I don’t know, Bailey. Maybe treat him like a normal human male. Like a person. Like you.

I flushed at the thought. Like me, a virgin. A big-mouthed mope of a virgin, with brown hair that was frizzy on good days and unhinged on bad days. Shoulder-length. I wore loafers and slacks to work, button-downs with quirky designs. Today was yellow ducks. But Bailey Finch, as a whole, was painfully unquirky. I was a poser. Inauthentic. Maybe a little too self-deprecating. I was most authentic at home, in bed with my laptop, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, leggings, and cabin socks. The fluffier the socks, the better.

I wondered briefly what Elijah would think of me in comparison to the girls he’d been with on-screen. Did that even matter? No, of course not.

Still, I wondered. Maybe I should flat-iron my hair, or wear shoes with wedges. Lip-gloss vs. lip balm.

Procrastination: I typed out on the keyboard. Failure to concentrate. Here are some random facts: Scotland has 421 words for ‘snow’. Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump. The first oranges weren’t actually orange. The most common name is Mohammed. Cats can hear ultrasound. Children grow faster in the springtime. Karaoke means ’empty orchestra’ in Japanese.

Delete. Roll eyes. Sigh heavily.

As I sat there, staring at a blank Word document, my boss Deborah – a tall, all-limbs woman, popped her head into my cubicle.

“How are the interview questions going?”

Her expression was vaguely fatigued despite remaining without a single crease or line; her face was elongated, elegant. She had the most delicate bird-face. Long, a pointed nose, elven cheek-bones. Her eyes, two silver buttons, were wide, perpetually surprised. Her foundation was light enough that I could still see the subtle, natural gloss of oil on her forehead. She was, all said, pretty in a pained sort of way. Her ash-blond hair was always styled as if she were ready to step out onto a runway. She wore Louis Vuitton stilettos and a tailored houndstooth-print suit.

“Excellent,” I lied. “I’m wrapping them up now, actually. I’ll email them to you in a minute.”

I’ll email them to you in a minute. Panic. My heart jumped. Why did I always do this? I was a people-pleaser to my core, and it always, always ended up biting me in the ass. I lived in constant pause-or-panic.

“Awesome,” she was indeed pleased. Her smile showed a bit of rose-pink lipstick on her front tooth. “Don’t feel the need to get too detailed with them. Let him lead the interview, if you can. He seems talkative enough in past interviews. He did a very informative interview with Cosmopolitan last fall – we want to go deeper than that. Deeper than male skincare, workout regimens and how to maintain an erection, at least.”

“Do you want me to confirm how many inches he is, exactly?” I inquired.

Deborah laughed.

“These are the imperative questions,” she said. “Yeah. If you can get his favorite lay, too, there’s a good one. Best orgasm story.”

“I doubt his best orgasm has been on-film,” I quipped. “I mean, porn is technically work.”

“Then in a relationship! I don’t really care. I just want the details and we can Jane Doe or John Smith the rest.”

“Gotcha,” I nodded. “I’ll keep it professional. I’ll keep it sexy.”

While still focusing on the fact that he was now looking to step away from the Adult Industry. Maybe he wouldn’t want to talk about anything sexual. He possibly wouldn’t. Maybe he’d find it offensive – like a strain on his shirt that he was hoping nobody would notice, or an unruly cowlick.

Deborah scurried off in the direction of her next to-do, and I shook my head, a common mind-reset practice of mine. Like one of those Etch-A-Sketches.

Elijah Mattox, who are you, sir?

My fingers lingered on the keyboard, hesitant. I pressed my lips together, gave another heavy sigh, and then began typing. Twenty-minutes later, I had produced something palatable. Questions sure to please Deborah, keeping it sexy, keeping it professional, keeping it to the point: Elijah, the whole person. Not just the lead in I Didn’t Know She Was Your Mom: Anal Edition.

I sent the email off. As soon as I hit send, my pocket vibrated. It was also a known fact about myself that I wore pants loose enough to permit for large pockets. I hated purses. I had one, of course, but it contained mostly my wallet, a few old receipts, loose change and three Chap Sticks. I hated fishing for my phone, or taking the time to search for anything, really. Pockets simplify. It’s a beautiful thing.

The text was from Charlie, my roommate.

Charlie: Important. Come to the shop immediately. Consider this urgent.

The shop, as it were, was the bakery Charlie worked at. It was infamous for its cupcakes and house-brew. It also offered a wide array of customized-confectionary.

I clicked my tongue, typing out a response.

Me: At work. Will stop by after.

Charlie’s reply was instant.


Charlie: BAILEY.


Calendar Editor, and through an excellent referral at university. It was more of an administrative role, entry-level, truth be told. I worked on the weekly calendar of events for the publisher. This was, officially, my first stint doing an actual interview. My first written-piece, scored through the fact that I just so happened to be replacing the original auteur, who was on Maternity Leave. Everyone else was swamped. This was my one chance, and it had to be good.

My phone vibrated again.


I tossed the phone into my purse with a soft thud, forgetting my pocket sentiments. Somewhere out there – that somewhere actually being a bakery in East LA – a Dick Cake existed, which apparently was a must-see. Akin to the Seven Wonders of the World. The Pyramids, or Stonehenge. A Dick Cake. Enough said.

The bakery smelled like burnt blueberry scones and buttercream. Baristas were pouring coffee from French Presses, their hair in updos – even the guys. Long hair was a thing here. They served pastries on small ceramic plates depicting clever quotes and tiny paintings of animals or flora, and espresso, tea, coffee from plain paper cups. No lids. Names were scribbled on the side hastily in black ink. One time I was Bali. Another time I was Bobby. I’ve been Bailie, Baley, and SO CLOSE – Baile.

Charlie was at the counter, grinning ear-to-ear.

“You best not be wasting my time,” I told him. “I’ve got an interview to prep for.”

“Oh, since when do you prepare for anything?” his tone was joking. He was an asshole, but a loving one. “I’ve got a date I should be grooming for, but I’m here, slaving away for the corporate giants.”

“This place is a family-owned. There is literally no other Pastries & Coffee in Los Angeles, or anywhere for that matter. Also, great business name. To the point.”

“Whatever. My pubes look like my dick has a bad perm.”

I shot a quick look over my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t blabbering to listening-ears. Etiquette Police. The shop was quiet, with only a few sitting by the windows, lightly chatting, drinking their drinks and eating their croissants or danishes or tiny, adorable tea cakes.

“Who is it this time?” I asked. “Also, where is this aforementioned Dick Cake that you insisted I come here and see?”

He motioned for me to follow him behind the counter, into a small back-room. The counter was covered in frosting (I might have tasted it – vanilla marscapone) and cake scraps. A squat fridge sat in the corner, holding the awaiting custom orders.

I stole a cake scrap and popped it into my mouth. Ginger-lemon. Score.

Charlie carefully pulled the cake from the fridge, resting it on the counter. We both took a step back, just looking at it. Taking it all in.

There it was. Indeed a cake, shaped like a giant dick. Pubes and all.

“Well, shit, you weren’t kidding,” I muttered, candidly in awe. “Who is this for?”

Charlie shrugged. “Don’t know. But the inside is almond and there’s a chocolate-ganache filling. I wouldn’t mind a slice of that D.”

“You are the worst,” I said. He slid the cake back into the fridge, and we walked back out to the storefront. “I’ll take a coffee, black, and a Bear Claw. And tell me about this date.”

“Their name is Sacha. Pronoun: they. Likes watercolor, wearing combat boots, and The Aquabats. Most importantly, DTF.”

“DTF,” I said. “What, are we still in high-school?”

“They literally said it,” Charlie said defensively, whipping out his phone. There it was, a text from Sacha, reading: whatever you want to do. I’m DTF. “Besides, I’m not expecting anything. Just hopeful. Really hopeful. If not, we’ll enjoy the extended version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King celibately, and I’ll enjoy my blue balls.”

“Follow your bliss,” I told him, taking my coffee and pastry. “Just be safe about it.”

“And you watch out for tall men in sunglasses,” he replied. “Behind you, Bailey. Oh God.”

I turned, completely oblivious, and knocked straight into said Tall Man in Sunglasses.

The sharp sunlight cast shards through the window, and in the brightness I couldn’t really make out his face, but I knew he was grinning. Grinning and soaked in hot coffee. Hot coffee that I had spilled, all over him, because of course I did.

“Ohmygod,” one word. I chocked. “I’m so sorry! Do you want a napkin? No, a towel. I could get you a towel.”

Charlie tossed a rag over the counter, and Tall Man grabbed it with an acknowledging nod.

“It’s fine,” he said, blotting the fabric. “Trust me. It’s a shirt. I have others. Besides, this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a spill.”


Great reply, Bailey.

“Me either,” I stuttered. “I spill stuff all the time. I’m pretty much a walking mess.”

He laughed. I tried to find his eyes behind the sunglasses, but I couldn’t.

“You’re a little weird, aren’t you?” he said, placing the rag on the counter. “Like one of those girls who wasn’t very popular in high-school because they preferred wearing a Harry Potter house robe instead of normal clothes, and hung out in the teacher’s lounge, and watched BBC at home with your cat.”

“What the fuck kind of person says that to a complete stranger?” I snapped. “You don’t know me, dude.”

Tall man laughed.

“You’re right, dude,” he said. “So tell me, what house are you?”


“Of course you are,” he said, and then: “I’m a Slytherin.”


“I have a Sorting Hat on my keychain. Here, look:” he pulled his keys out of his pocket, and there it was. It glinted in the sunlight. “See? Guys can watch BBC at home with their pets, too.”

I studied him. Dark hair, obviously fit. Even though it was a wretchedly hot day outside, he wore a black T-shirt and gray hooded sweatshirt, so I couldn’t quite see his body. I tried to fill in the spotty imagery in with my imagination: sinewy, strong, not an ounce of fat. He didn’t look like a guy that ate carbs. No bagels. No muffins. No Bear Claws, obviously. What a miserable life.

His smile was coy. His lips pulled at the corners teasingly. From over the counter, Charlie was on his phone, unphased. The shop had emptied; the afternoon lunch drizzle having dried up.

“Enjoy your afternoon,” he said. There was a distinct conclusion to his tone. The conversation was over. A sense of tension hung in the air; I was intrigued at how someone, with a simple three words, could be so commanding and yet apparently had a nerdy streak.

How nerdy? I wondered briefly. Like, cosplay nerdy?

“You too,” was all I could say. I didn’t bother asking for another coffee. I could feel the paper bag wrinkle in my fist, still holding my pastry. My stomach grumbled. “See you around.”

I wouldn’t, of course. He was just a passerby. I decided it was best to leave.

From behind me, as my hand touched the door, I could hear his brief banter with Charlie: light, nonchalant. And then, as if by some stroke off magic, he said:

“Just here to pick up an order. I’m the Dick Cake Guy.”

I smiled inwardly, pure satisfaction: like the first pop of a pretzel bite into your mouth. Buttery, delicious, so unhealthy but oh-so good.

See you never, Dick Cake Guy.

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Just another smut-peddler.



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Book Review- ‘Jaded’ by M.J Kane (Women’s Fiction/Contemporary Romance) 5+ Outstanding stars!

Jaded What a blessing this author is to this genre. This is the second book I have read in the six book series. This one was  an outstanding read in my experience. I feel like M.J. Kane is an equivalent to Jodi Piccoult or Diane Chamberlain two of the best women’s fiction writers, and my favourites. with M. J Kane what she offers is diversity that the other two have not (historically) shown. But, the same story telling that really leaves you thinking when you close the book. Let’s get into the review.


A devastating breakup leaves Yasmine Phillips in shambles. Unable to trust another man with her heart, she focuses on the one thing she can control — starting her own business.

When her computer crashes, taking months of hard work with it, she must rely on a computer genius to save her. Zachariah Givens is the complete opposite of the men from her past, so she doesn’t expect the passion that ensues.

Just as she finds happiness, though, she learns the truth about the other woman in Zachariah’s life.


Kim’s Review 5+ Outstanding Stars

So, Jaded follows on from book one, which I reviewed here earlier this year and that was also a five star read for me too. I can’t sing this author’s praise enough, I feel like I have stumbled upon an author that is the answer to those who love as I said, Diane Chamberlain and Jodi Piccolt. Both best-selling and probably award winning women’s fiction authors, who have had their art  turned into movies! However, Kane is for those who love these authors, but wish to read more widely, as in not all characters are straight, white, and well not a minority. What Kane offers  are stories that are so real and true to life also, that many women and probably men can relate to, that bring on the tears and really make you think. I closed Jaded at 1.59 a.m. this morning with damp eyes, and thinking to myself ‘life really is too short, you need to let people know how you feel’. The ending of Jaded, made me pick up my phone then text someone very dear to my own heart. Here’s what I loved about book #2 inthe Butterfly Series.

Plot/storytelling- Firstly, it’s just so engaging, I’m not one for spoilers but we follow Yasmine’s story. She is one third of a group of women in the series, we met her in book #1 she was very hurt and left totally ‘jaded’ when it comes to love. Her path crosses with Zack, totally not her usual type, a bit of a geek, works with computers, but is adorable. Their love story unfolded for me in a series of beats and climaxes, some which left me very wet eyed. I seriously mean that. Kane has told the tale in the first person, from each character’s POV, so you’re really able to have all the ‘feels’ that each character has. The love story between the two is one of true love, soul mate connection, morals, loss, and what would you do if?, and even life and death. All this made outstanding reading for me. In addition, it  made me question what I’d do if faced with some of the realistic challenges Kane gave her characters.

There were twists, turns and unexpected events. I loved this so much! As it kept me really turning the pages. Overall, this is a true love story with heart-felt experiences, that anyone of us could experience.

Characters- I just loved them! They were all crafted and developed really well. Consistent with how they were in book #1, and I resonated with Yasmine a-hella-lot!! Being not far off from her age, and understanding her approach to certain things. I found the main guy Zack a total ‘book boyfriend’ *giggles*. I feel that Kane has a way with her men, she creates them so they are very desirable, but not because of money or status, because of who they are. Which makes them even more believable. I thought I liked the main guy in book #1 a lot, but I think Zack is my favourite. He is a true sweet heart, and I found him to be someone who really does deserve a happy ever after.

Writing style– this was a smooth and easy read for me, I loved that the story developed in chapters dedicated to each character. You hear from them all and I found it nice reading, and  very hard to want to stop. Kane has kept me up a few times until 2.00 a.m a sign of a great story teller!

Overall in all honesty, I feel like this is the kind of women’s fiction author that I can download a book, and not even read the blurb and know I’ll like it. I have only ever had that reader relationship and ‘super fan’ feeling with Jackie Collins, Diane Chamberlain, Jodi Piccoult, Gillian Flynn and Chimanda Nigozie Adeche ( I hope I spelled her name right). And now M.J Kane. I recommend those who love women’s fiction, contemporary romance, deep story lines, diverse characters and great ‘feels’ in their read from a character POV to try this series. With over 100 reviews on book #1 on Amazon, and forty odd on book #2 that says it all really! Five plus outstanding stars from me, I’m a fan.

I will see if Mrs. Kane will join us for an interview! And yes I have all the other books on my Kindle. Download yours here. Free to read on Kindle Unlimited at the time of this review.


Book Review-‘Haunted’ By S.H Roddey (Occult/Horror/Thriller) 5 Brilliant Stars! @AuthorSHRoddey

HauntedThank you to Mocha Memoirs Press Publishers for my free copy in exchange for an honest review. I read this cover to cover in one sitting, never read this author’s work before, and I loved it! I’d love it if this author penned book #2. Let’s get into the review.



When Bobby Gaston walks into a diner and orders a beer with his breakfast, he can’t quite remember why he needs the fortification. While he wants to remember, he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to know what happened. He strikes up a conversation with the cute little waitress, Sheila, who offers him a ride back to the house on Normandy Road where he claims his ghost-hunter friends are sleeping after a night of exploration in the spooky old mansion.

Only, Bobby knows his friends aren’t just sleeping. He inherited the house from his grandfather, and while his memory is hazy, his unerring knowledge that something evil lurks inside makes him hesitate. But with the spunky and impetuous Sheila by his side, the darkness doesn’t seem so bad… until she leaves him hanging.

Bobby is left with two options: turn tail and run, or face his personal demons while fighting against the evil that waits for him.

Kim’s Review 5 Fast Paced and Addictive Stars!

I was browsing the titles this publisher had for readers to grab and review, the  blurb  pulled me in, and I honestly expected something a little different. But what I got I really enjoyed and there was nothing at all I did not enjoy about this short novella, and author’s writing style. It’s a short story that can be read quickly but in all honesty I feel like this author is another good example of how to ‘pack a punch’, with little word count, and give a satisfying ending…that leaves you wanting more. We follow the story of Bobby and his ancestor’s links to a house that’s been abandoned, and he now has inherited. The story starts right in the middle of the action, and we also meet Shelia when he has breakfast at the cafe. I’m not one for spoilers, so I won’t give away the plot but here’s what I enjoyed.

The Plot- drew me in from just about three pages, readers are in the dark just like Bobby and so we start to follow and learn things as he does.  I don’t like giving spoilers so I won’t say anything about it but the plot moved quickly, there were a few sprinklings of information about the links he and Shelia have to the house, but not enough for you to be able to guess what’s coming. I really liked this, as it was not a predictable plot for me, the author did a brilliant job at giving just enough away, so when it comes to the ‘climax’ you have that ‘ah-ha! Okay!!’ Feeling.  I also found it interesting, and really did not want to put the book down, the author did a good job at the storytelling part.

To me as a reader this felt like a mystery/thriller read how the author built the plot up to a climax, I was on the edge of my seat a bit, thinking ‘what’s happening?’ ‘ Why did that happen all those years ago?’ etc. But just as quickly as she brings the heat in the plot, the author she switched gears. That’s when all the occult and paranormal stuff came in. I love the occult, paranormal and all ‘unusual’ things so I enjoyed the blend of this with the ‘beat’ of a mystery or thriller read. This was unexpected for me.

Characters-  The characters are YA in their early twenties, normally I can’t really dig characters this young sometimes, being in my late thirties I find it hard sometimes. I never found that with this novella. I feel this could be as the author did a fantastic job with  creating and developing the story, I never had a hard time really relating to, enraging with, or even believing the motives of the YA aged characters. I liked them though, Bobby is a typical young man, a bit cheeky and thought with his d**k at times about Shelia… but it was all very fitting given his age! And her being what I assumed and felt to be a very pretty young lady herself.

Overall, from me as a first time reader of this author I had a five star reading experience, as the way it ended, she could easily write more and I would love her too. I would for sure read more by this author. I found Haunted to be an engaging, fast paced, enjoyable, spooky novella. Great read, I recommend for all those who like mystery, paranormal, thriller, and a bit of ‘who-dun-it’ themed books! I hope she writes another one soon!

Grab a copy on Amazon here.

Writing Prompt- Plot of Earth…?

Prompt-  ‘You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please, what’s the plan?’


what a wonderful idea! This really got me thinking, what would I do with unlimited resources and land? Many may say ‘build a house’ or do something for themselves, personally if I were ever luck enough to be in this situation, in all honesty I think I would…

Build a food kitchen, in the most poorest areas in third world countries.


It breaks my heart to think that there are people out there with not enough to eat! Especially children. I think I would have to start in Africa and set up a place in different areas, where nutritious food is prepared and served daily. If there are  people in remote villages near by, who are unable to get to it, part of the service would be to bring the food the the village.

Build a few schools and invest in education….


Education is so important to me, as an ex-high school teacher of ten years service I love to see people achieve! I think, I’d select some states across the USA with really low records of student achievement. Here, I would provide the resources needed to help increase students achievement.  Or even just build better and newer schools. In particular I would focus on marginalised students, who have learning difficulties.

In the UK we are pretty good with educational achievement, but one thing I do think the system lacks, sometimes, is enough classroom assistants to help support learners with learning needs. I’d invest in this, in the UK. Increasing the number of schools for those with special learning needs, that are very extreme it holds them back from mainstream school. In mainstream schools, I’d increase the money put into employing special needs assistants in mainstream schools. 1. to support the students in class 2. to help reduce some classroom stress and worry for teachers. Who often worry if their teaching is effective when there are learners with learning needs.

In other third world countries, I’d just build brand new schools! And focus on  increasing the level of students who are able to learn and have access to education.

If I had unlimited money, and land that’s what I’d do focus on feeding people, and increasing education.


New Release! From Angelina Kerner ( Romance) @KernerAngelina @RRBookTours1


Happy release day to author Angelina Kerner, and happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we are celebrating the release of her novelette, In Plane Sight!

in plane sight5

In Plane Sight

Publication Date: February 14th, 2020 (Today 🎉🎉🎉)

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romcom/ Novelette

Do not get tipsy and talk to strangers on a plane because they might just end up being your new boss. One you kinda hooked up with to run away from your talkative neighbor… and the one who still has your hickey on his neck as he introduces the project and recognizes you. Yeah, my new job just went from zero to ‘oh my stars’ in seconds. I may just want to take flight…

Add to Goodreads

Available on Amazon!

About the Author

author pic

ANGELINA KERNER is an author of paranormal and lighthearted romance. She’s the wife of a photographer/physicist, and the mother of a cute little toddler, but she’s also been a dancer, a psychologist, an anthropologist, a geographer, a dreamer, and an adventurer. She does her best writing while being bothered by her cats, taking care of her son, in dressing rooms while waiting for family to try on clothing, and at home in sunny California. Angelina loves to play goddess-dragon matchmaker, transporting readers to a place where young goddesses have lovable flaws, the Fates plan to dethrone, the universe is endless and untamed, and dragons roam free! She also loves to write carefree romance where one can finish reading with a smile.

Angelina Kerner | Facebook | Twitter

Goodreads | Instagram | BookBub

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Writing Prompt- Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim!

So it’s Valentine’s Day (and happy birthday to me too), today’s prompt in my book is ‘write an ode to something or someone you love’, so here goes…

What Do I think about love?

Really good question, personally I do love it but it can be a crazy, scary, and dangerous thing. At the age of thirty-seven I have learned you can’t control who, when, or how you fall in love. That said you should be careful who you give your heart to! Trust me, I know that part well.

Cupid’s Arrow Has A Crazy Aim…



These days, I feel really good about love as yes, I’m in love again. After a painful break-up I never thought I’d say that again. But I’m  well over that!!  Cupid’s aim is crazy, and feel like maybe this could be my happy ever after.

So how do I feel about love? I now know what real love is, before this I thought I was in  love with someone who I spent a number of years with, but compared to how I feel now that was NOT love. I now know that when it’s real you will know, when you have found your soul mate  or twin flame you will recognise each other, even if there’s an obstacle such as distance in between.

‘write an ode to something or someone you love’

Dear Mr. X

Happy Valentine’s Day, while we can’t celebrate it together this year due to the distance, just know that I’m thinking of you, you mean a lot to me. I find it so strange, cool and exciting this whole ‘situation’ we have! But I’m committed to it just like you, and really excited. And yes, this meeting is fated like you said,  we’ve known each other for years and so glad we’ve admitted how we feel, and said the ‘L word’. I’m so glad that I’ve found you. Next year rather than a blog post I hope to be by your side!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Kimmy