Top Tips For Marketing…Random Guest Post.

I was really please when feedback  I gave to a  UK business, that provides advice to new business start ups, used some of the feedback I gave them. On marketing tips, and the top things you should do when you start up your own business. Who would have thought a lil’ old romance author would have something to say they liked? Well, turns out it was helpful, they featured my feedback  in their online article along side other business owners.  I’m top tip #9 in 12 Things to Do in the First 3 Months of Starting a Business

Hmm, not bad! Thanks for the feature.

Code Redhead Authors Feature: USA Today #charity #cancer

Afternoon all,

From a wet and rainy London, I’d to share with all blog followers the Code Redhead Authors feature in USA Today in the Happy Ever After section. We came together from a great cause, to help raise money by just doing what we love … writing. I’m proud of us all.

Click the below link

‘Code Redhead’ authors share their inspirations for helping to raise money for cancer research



Character Development- Guest Blog

Are you a writer? Or an aspiring writer? How do you find character development as a task while writing? Sometimes it can be quite a task to bring your characters alive on paper. For me as a reader I always love it when writers really develop their  characters  so well,  I can get a good sense of what a character is like  as a person. Or I have enough detail in the story to work with, to decide whether I like a character or not. 

I personally find that writing from a first person point of view ( which I love to do) also helps with character development, as you get right up and close to a character as the writer and reader. 

I done a guest blog on the topic of character development over at Serious Reading.  Here I share my top tips on developing  your characters  in your writing, you can have a read of the blog post by clicking here.

Magazine Publication: Beauty Review

Yes! Make -up, beauty and fashion are the other areas  I ‘m passionate about  and  write about for Love Life Live Magazine here in London. Love Life Live Magazine is a wonderful online magazine, with a focus on everything from health, travel, dating, entertainment, food, books  and lifestyle.

Readers in Europe will have heard of the store I’ve referenced where these beauty products can be snapped up. This article features low cost but REALLY good skin, hair , nail and make-up products I’ve tried and loved myself. The whole point is to look and feel good on a budget. If you’d like to know what they are then just head to Life Love Live Magazine here.

Enjoy ladies!

Magazine Publication: Heartwarming Fiction

Often, when I feel like reading a  heartwarming  feel good story 9 times out of 10 I’ll think  of browsing the  romance genre, sometimes I fancy a feel good heartwarming read that’s outside of this genre completely. Do you feel the same? Or not a romance fan?

Published in Love Live Life Magazine  you’ll find my article with a review on a handful of beautiful heartwarming reads, I’ve read outside the romance genre. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry but they all leave you with a feel good vibe and a warm soul. Check out my article in Love Life Live Magazine by clicking here.


The author of one of the books featured in my article seemed to like the review I did! Happy days.


Magazine Publication: Female Empowerment

This week has just gone from good to great! No better  it’s  officially amazing. This week my  article on female empowerment and how it can be understood via the historical fiction genre, has been published in Love Life and Live Magazine today. The article is also  a perfect fit for the WordPress writing prompt ” understanding.”

So, how can us women learn and become empowered via heroines in 3 historical fiction books I’ve read and loved? Find out on this link to  Love Life Live Magazine.