MiracleChallenge Week #7: #3 Romance Short Story


Write a short story using the 3 words : Keeper, couple, time.

 Playing for Keeps: My Short Story in response to this writing prompt.

There was a time when our love was so vibrant, so alive it was all I’d think about during the day. I couldn’t concentrate  at work, I’d constantly check my phone for messages. On my lunch break I’d walk over to  the park and find a bench, I’d sit by the water and daydream or  scrawl through all the messages we’d exchanged, with a smile on my face.  We were in love. What happened? What changed? 

Back then I thought you were a keeper, someone I’d spend my whole life with. I never imagined things could go so sour -like rotten fruit sitting out in  the heat for too long. We’re  now spoiled, rotten to the core and fit for the bin. We were in love. What happened ? What changed?

Is it all my fault? Am I too much? Can I have done anything differently? I sit on the same bench I used to have happy thoughts  about us as a couple, and  I   go over this question in mind. It’s on constant replay time and time again. I sit here and it feels like a cloud is over me, I have no happy thoughts of us as a couple, I have no messages to scrawl through and we’re no longer a couple…. well at least it doesn’t feel like it anymore. There’s nothing more I can do, it’s not all my fault, but I AM TOO MUCH for you. I’m not the right ”type” for you, I think.

 We were  in a ” relationship” in the same house together but we  were distant, we didn’t  talk  much, we didn’t  laugh much and we certainly didn’t love much.  So we took time apart, now we’re apart and I feel alive again- I wonder is it time to call it time up on our relationship, so I can start again? I feel in constant limbo over  this, some days I do feel like  I have  some kind of love left for you, some days I just want to slap you.

 One thing is for sure, you disappoint me, you make promises you didn’t keep and I’m not a priority. I’m saying goodbye to all this. I  always tried to keep my end of the bargain. Why did you not try to keep yours? You ask me ” how do I feel?”, the first time  you see me  properly in months, spin me some bullshit  that we’ll always be connected- wishful thinking? We’re not a couple, don’t do that let’s not confuse things, c’mon you know what this is- you know what time it is and you know what the deal is. You’re either in or out. 100% or nothing at all. I can’t and won’t wait for you so that makes me out, time is not on my side my friend. Life goes on this I have been learning, and so I will too go on and find someone new, because of you and all that you do- I’m not convinced you’re a keeper, if you had loved much deeper, may be then I’d look at you and consider you a keeper. 


Sunday Vibes: Music to Feel Good

I have done all the housework this morning with a You Tube play list in the background, I felt in a very ”Island” mood today. Maybe it’s the sun and warm weather I wish London was always like this all year around. I listened to two great artists from small Islands miles away from me, Bob Marley and Rihanna.

I’ve not heard this song by Rihanna ” Diamonds” for what seems like ages I played it about five times before moving on to the next one while cleaning. It’s a very catchy, empowering and uplifting song. I love the way she sings it, it’s very close to the original version (Sia wrote this song for her).  So today  I play tribute to a fellow Islander the beautiful Rihanna from the sunny island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

Shine bright like a diamond people! Have a wonderful Sunday, I’m off to do some chapter edits and writing.

Daily Word Prompt Response: Admire (One For My Girlfriend)

IMG-20160730-WA0004 (1)Admire

Write a response to today’s word prompt: Admire

  1. “To regard with respect or warm approval”
  2. “To look at something ( impressive or attractive) with pleasure”

(Oxford Dictionary definition)

For today’s response I want to share with you my admiration for the girl on the left, no it’s not Kim Kardashian it’s one of my best girlfriends Ellie! If you have read the preview chapters of my novel, you will see in the acknowledgements I thank Ellie for being such a dear girlfriend. We took this picture today . We both had a well deserved break from motherhood, left our sons with their fathers and took off to enjoy London’s sunshine. We head to the shopping mall, had lunch, gossiped,laughed,shopped,went to Starbucks and sat outside in the sun talking some more.

Ellie and I met years ago, in our early 20s at university here in London, we both left our previous careers (she’s a qualified lawyer)  and went on to study to qualify as teachers. Our paths crossed as we were placed in the same group to work together on a project, I’m not going to lie when I first realised I was placed with Ellie  I looked her up and down and I thought ” Oh my god, this girl is going to be hard work  to work with number 1. she is beautiful with her  big wild dark curly hair and perfectly applied make-up,  and nice clothes and  number 2 she’s a qualified solicitor (lawyer) she’s bound to be argumentative and a real diva.”  I remember I took a  deep breath, slapped a smile on my face and hoped for the best as she said ‘‘ Hey I’m Ellie”. How wrong I was, she is one of the most kindest, down-to-earth and gentle females I have come across. We also have so much in common we both spend way too much time on You Tube watching make-up tutorials and product reviews. In another life  we’d both be make-up artists. We are both spiritual souls.

I realised looks can be deceiving and I was wrong to pass judgement on her due to how she looks and what she did previously for a living. Her clear brains and beauty are  non diva like at all. All these years later she has not changed.

Anyway, why do I admire this lady? Why am I dedicating this post to her with my word prompt response? Why did I thank her so openly in my author acknowledgements and why would I be upset if I lost her friendship?….

  1. Ellie introduced me to ”The Secret” and the ”Law of Attraction.” She is a very spiritual soul. Thanks to Ellie my already spiritual self was enhanced when met in our early 20s. To this day, the main achievements in my life especially my publishing deals I’ve scored,  have been thanks to this school of thought Ellie introduced me to. She has helped shape how I walk through life. One afternoon over lunch about 6-7 years ago when we were having a deep conversation about life, religion and beliefs I  I was learning about her cultural background-she’s of Iranian decent, she pulled out her phone and started to show me all this ”stuff” I never looked back. I admire her way of thinking about life and how forward thinking and positive she is.  She may serve you up some blunt home truths, but she means well. She is very straight down the line, fact based, no bullshit kinda person. Probably the lawyer in her but I admire it.
  2. When we were broke students, I was in a panic  one day as I had received final notification from my electricity suppliers. They were going to cut off my supply for late and non payment. I am not ashamed to say this  I had NO money to pay! Ellie knew something was up, I didn’t know her well enough to explain my situation, I just lightly brushed over money worries as a broke student  which she could relate to. Ellie paid my bill, just like that, that very day. I did not ask her she got it  out of me what the ”real” issue was. She never asked when I will repay her. Of course I did in bits and pieces I  was determine she’d get her money back. Bottom line, she is very generous, caring and trusting she hardly know me  back then. We met in September this was like October/ November time. She saved my ass big time. I will never forget this. I admire her giving heart.
  3. Ellie helped me understand the legal aspects of my publisher’s contract and oversaw that all my interests are protected. I lucked out making friends with a lawyer! I admire that no one can pull the wool over her eyes.She’s a smart-ass when it comes to the law.
  4. She constantly has my back and encourages me. I admire that she is a friend that has your corner, and never makes you feel like the friendship is one sided.
  5. She’s a great mother,   I admire how she juggles work and family life so well.

I admire, respect and trust this lady. It feels like in some past life we knew each other we just click and she just gets me! Thank you for your friendship. I also did another writing prompt on the word buddy which you can read here.

Writing Prompt: Private Investigator Short Story.


Taken from my fabulous ”#642 Things to Write About” prompt book thought I’d write something a little different this morning.

Writing Prompt: You’re a private investigator, you’ve been following a cheating husband for a month. Write a report to your client-an emotionally unstable wife (in crisis) telling her what you did and what you’ve learned.

Slumped over my desk, I screw up my face at all the evidence I’ve gathered against Mr X. For a month I’ve been instructed by Mrs X to investigate her suspicions over her husband’s infidelity. The poor women, Mrs X has been married to Mr X for just 4 years and already their marriage is in crisis.I pull up my profile on the married couple:

Mrs X 35, a stay at home mum to two boys aged  five and two. A degree in psychology, she gave up her career in criminal psychology to start family life with Mr X. 

Mr X is 36, a wealthy banker working in the heart of London’s financial district. He is a top investment banker for one of the UK’s biggest banks.

Late nights and early mornings have led Mrs X to suspect her beloved husband is cheating on her. She made contact with me on the  1st February 2016, a nervous voice on the other end of the phone explained how distraught she had been since Christmas 2015. He failed to make any real effort over the festive season, she also found a receipt for Victoria Secret’s lingerie  he bought on Christmas Eve-  lingerie that she never received.

Humm, I’ve got to get this report in today, I have so much evidence against this ass-hole but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm Mrs X, she’s already very unstable emotionally. There have been times I spoken to her on the phone, before mid day and she’s slurred her words. She’s not going to like what I write, but better the truth be told, set the poor women free from this crisis.

I turn my attention to the thick file of evidence, photos, credit card transactions, emails that the bastard exchanged with a number of women. For the last month, his attention has been on  two women Sam and Jane. They both have one thing in common, tall, slim and blonde. It’s clear Mr X has a type – certainly not his wife’s short , curvy brunette physic.

I pick out  three day’s worth of evidence as a taster for Mrs X and draft a short report, if she wants more evidence I’ll supply the rest:

Dear Mrs X

Thank you for making contact with me on the 1st February 2016, following our phone call I set to work as instructed.Below I enclose for you a summary report of my findings over three  days. Please read and refer to the attached  evidence. I understand that this is a difficult time for you and the information gathered may cause further emotional distress, however I can confirm your suspicions over infidelity on the days you had question marks over his whereabouts.

5th February 2016:  Mr X arrived at his office in Liverpool Street central London at 6:00 a.m he did not leave his car, he sat and waited. Approximately 10 minutes later a black Ford Fiesta pulled up behind him, a tall slim blonde I’ll refer to as Ms A got out of the car and greeted Mr X. A kiss on the lips. The pair got into Mr X’s car and departed. I followed behind at a distance in my own car. They pulled up outside a quiet cafe   in Shoreditch  a short drive from the financial district in central London.The pair entered the cafe. I waited 5 minutes and followed them in. I can confirm between 6:30 a.m and 7:.30 a.m the pair had breakfast at the cafe, held hands and openly flirted their body language was not ” business like” if she is a co-worker.  Please see  photographic evidence sample A.At 7:35 a.m the pair depart the cafe, I followed them to a  closed in car park. Ms A parks in a corner facing parking space. I park a few spaces away, it appeared to me at the time the couple were intermate at this spot. Please see photographic evidence sample B.

8th February 2016: Following the information you gave to me via phone, that your husband was due to attend a work function until late the evening of the 8th February 2016 I can confirm after hacking into his personal email account, during the day of 7th February 2016 he exchanged a number of emails with Ms B. The two organised to have dinner at a Thai restaurant on King’s Road  south west London on the evening of the 8th February. Please see evidence sample C the emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms B. I made reservations at the same restaurant at the same time the couple  were due to dine, as I dined that evening, on my body camera I gathered further photographic evidence of the couple. Ms B is not the same women from my last sighting of Mr X with another women. Please see evidence sample D photographic evidence of Mr X dining with Ms B the evening of the 8th February 2016 at 19:00 hours  – 21:00 hours. The pair then went on the have drinks downstairs in the restaurant bar until 24:00 hours .

14th February 2016: Following your information you gave me that Mr X would be away on a work business trip the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Please see evidence sample E and F emails exchanged between Mr X and Ms A ( the lady from the first sighting of Mr X’s infidelity). As you can see the couple organised a romantic weekend away in Paris, the trip was instigated by Mr X and fully funded by him. To confirm this please see evidence sample G – his credit card statement confirming a booking for two tickets to travel via  Eurostar  direct from London King’s Cross to La Gare Paris. Evidence sample H further showing a booking for a hotel in Paris under Mr X’s name for a double room for the duration of the weekend. 

I decide that’s enough evidence, I have more of course. Mr X was very active over the month of February I ping over the email, and evidence samples. I give it until Easter I bet my bottom dollar Mrs X files for a divorce and rapes him financially for every penny he has- good for her. I am meant to be objective in this line of work,but he clearly is a man with no heart. Half an hour later my phone rings, I know it’s her. I snatch up the receiver

” Kim’s private investigations, Kim speaking can how can I help you?”

” Kim, it’s… it’s me Mrs X I just got your report.”

I bite my lip, and brace myself for her emotional melt down. Mrs X’s voice is small and horse like she has already cried a million tears over the bombshell.

” How could he Kim?! How Could he!”

I take a deep breath, I’ve seen this a million times, heard it a million times a  distraught wife  in crisis calling me for some kind of explanation, after they receive my report. Like it’s not clear enough already that their husband is a cheating bastard.

” Mrs X, I am sorry for what the evidence shows I really am.”


Mrs X screams down the phone, I look up at the ceiling, this is going to be a long day…..






About to sign publishing contract #2!



Oh! What a way to end the day, well it’s 1:00 a.m London time but still you know what I mean. I’m not tired, I’ve been up doing word prompt writing challenges and reading blog posts- catching up on what I’ve missed these last few days. I should really be in bed, as my little boy will be up bright an early expecting to go to nursery school but it’s the summer holiday  bless him.  

It’s been a busy end to last week and start to this week. Last week, I received the edited version back of novel #1 “A Stranger in France”  I’m pleased to say no edits to my actual story, my editor left it untouched at this stage. Just edits to allow the book to be better read. I’m happy. Today, I also received (an hour ago) an email from my publisher with a contract for the short novella story I wrote. It’s due for release Christmas 2016, as my publisher will be releasing a number of Christmas themed books then I guess to pump up sales around the festive season. I am beside myself with nerves, happy thoughts and positive vibes. Since it’s after 1:00 a.m in the morning, I can’t call anyone and scream down the phone yet- hence the blog post. 🙂

So, I will look over the contract, sign and return along with the request for a brief on my book cover. I actually don’t have any idea how I visually want the cover to look. (Yet)…. do I bling -it- up and go all festive, or keep it sexy and romantic it is after all a contemporary feelgood romance, with slight suspense based around the festive season… decisions decisions.

The book is complete, and submitted already.  I’m just waiting for the edited version. In the meantime I’m still working on edits for ” A Stranger in France” I’ve got a lot on writing wise but loving it.

Stay tuned to the blog I will do a cover reveal again and chapter preview again for novel #2.


MiracleChallenge week# 7: Negative Thoughts Short Story-Continued

Ok, so this week, I’ve seen MiracleGirl’s (awesome) word prompt writing challenges, and decided to continue on from the short crime fiction story I wrote for week #5’s challenge, that was  her ” Negative Thoughts” writing challenge. If you’ve not read the first half of the challenge’s short story already you can by clicking here. This is the continued short story in response to week #7’s writing challenge. Write  a short story using the writing prompt: “make yourself comfortable I’ll be back in a minute“.

Short Story Continued: Negative Thoughts

My mind for one second quietens down, it’s like I manage to tune out  the voices in my head. I stop rocking. I look around and take in my surroundings, as if seeing them for the first time in the whole ten years I’ve been detained in this mental institution. The metal frame bed creaks underneath my fragile thin bones, as I move forward and really look around. A dirty brown sink with a leaking tap in the corner, a bedside table- no bedside lamp of course. Oh no “health and safety” they don’t trust me not to smash it to pieces or even worse smash it against one of the many nurses, who check on me every 15 minutes as part of the suicide watch I’m constantly on. A pile of books over in the corner, most of them I’ve read twice over. And that’s it, my home- bare to the bone. A large metal door with a cut-out  toughened plastic glass window takes up the top half of the door, this separates me from the outside world. They look in, I look out.  We play a game- we see who has the balls to stare the longest. Normally it’s me, I love freaking them out-especially the new ones. I stare right through them with a half smile on my face. They can’t stand to look at me for a full 30 seconds, these nurses on suicide watch are weak. They all think I’m a nut job so naturally I give them what they want, for my own entertainment of course when the mood takes me. To them, as long as I’m breathing, not bleeding, or chocking that’s all they care about.

The absence of the  voices in my head allow me to think back clearly to the day. The day my life changed…. I murdered every living member of my immediate family. I go back ten years in my mind to the day I was arrested, and charged with murder as a minor at just 16 years old.

“Sit down, make yourself comfortable.” 

 The Detective said to me as he loosened my handcuffs in interview room 2, at the police station.

”I’m Detective Jones and this is Detective Brown. Today is 27th July 2015, this interview is  being recorded via tape.”

”For the purpose of the tape, please confirm your full name and date of birth?”

“Sophie, Sophie  Lambert born 14.02.99.” I responded.

”And for the purposes of the tape, sir please confirm your name?”

”David Stephens, Sophie’s solicitor- here to protect her rights and interests today while she is interviewed under caution as she’s a minor.” 

“Sophie, you’re under  arrest for the murder of your father, mother and younger brothers you do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be used against you as evidence in a court of law. Do you understand?”

I stare at him, smile  sweetly and nod.

”Sophie, what happened tonight? Start from the beginning please.”

“It wasn’t me.”            

”Sophie,  let’s not play games we arrested you with matches and petrol in your hands, it’s all over your clothes you smell like a petrol station. What happened if it was not  you?”

“She told me to,she done it.”


“The voice.”

”What voice?”

”Can’t you hear her? She’s laughing at you Detective Jones.”

I started to laugh along with my voice in my head  at this point, I remember I  pointed at Detective Jones and looked over his shoulder behind him and laughed.

”Sophie, this is not a game… who is SHE and what is her name god damn it. 4 people are dead murdered in a viscous house fire. You were the one at the crime scene with petrol and matches.”

Detective Jones slammed his fist down on the plastic table to punctuate his annoyance with me.

 ”I hear her all the time, only I hear her- she makes me do things .It’s not me she uses my body but it’s not me. She said it was for the best.”

”Sophie, are you saying that you hear actual voices out loud telling you things? Can you clarify this please?”

” Yes.”

I  remember, I stared directly into Detective Jones’ eyes deadly serious with my response. He had heart I gave him that, he never looked away. He wasn’t scared to look into the eyes of a murderer and push them into a confession, all in a day’s work to him I could tell. That pissed me off, he did not believe me, all he wanted was a confession not to help me or see why I really done it. No one believed me not even my parents. I heard these voices all the time for well over a year. No one ever thought to check if I was OK? How I was feeling, why I was crying, harming myself, track marks the length of my full inner arm showed the evidence of how disturbed I was at the time I committed murder. 

I snatched up the cup of water in front of me, and threw it all over Detective Jones and his smug face-ass-hole. Detective Jones jumped up out of his seat, while Detective Brown flew around to my side of the table to  handcuff me. I didn’t protest, I let him have his kick out of  handcuffing a minor 16 year old girl. I looked Jones in the eye, raised an eyebrow and pouted. This guy’s a prick I thought to myself, I decided I no longer liked him he was just like the rest, he didn’t want to help me get better and stop the voices, he wanted me in jail.

”She said you don’t believe me and you’re laughing at me?” I pouted at Detective Jones again and added with a sinister look and low whisper ”She also said… Detective you  were having inappropriate thoughts about me just now. Is that true? I am a minor you know.”

Detective  Jones shook his head and sighed.

” You’re a nut job  kid”

” You need help young lady, I’m ordering a psychiatric report- interview terminated at 21 hundred hours.”

With that Detective Jones, stopped the recording and started to dry his suit down with tissue paper. He leaned in close to me, put his face in mine and looked me dead in the eye, he was so close I smelt the coffee on his breath

” Take a seat, make yourself comfortable (Sophie), I’ll be back in the minute. Young lady you’ll be here for a while.

”F*ck you!”

I spat  at him as he and his side kick Detective Brown walked out of the interview room, leaving me and my solicitor alone. Jones called over his shoulder .

” You’re 16 years old young lady, you better watch that smart mouth of yours!”

I pouted again, and then I heard her  she said ” don’t worry we’ll make sure he gets what’s coming to him.”








Last night I re-blogged a great romantic story authored by a man. I wake up to a great erotica /romance authored by a man. Nice work Jason…who don’t love morning sex lol. Nice reading for my Monday morning start I never realised you wrote sweet little erotica /romance I’d like to share your talent and re-blog

HarsH ReaLiTy

She begs me to write her clothes onto the floor.

Each and every piece until her whole body has been explored.

My pen unbuttons without a second thought.

Scribbling towards what I want.

Naked body meets naked mind.

Feel your inhibitions unwind.

Feel me like you feel my words.

Smooth as hands upon your curves.

Take me now, come take me in.

Ecstasy as we begin again.

-Opinionated Man

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