Poem: Is She You? #amwriting #poem

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She, who is she? Is she me or you? If not you then she is who? All I know is she always says whatever it is I need to do …. trust me I’ll do. No matter the weather, no matter the stress her attitude is always “can do.”

Times get tough, troubled and unsettled waters maybe ahead, but does that make her see red?  Let me ask you a question, if you could do it all again in life would you? What would you seek to go back and re-do? You have a long list! Wow, my point, you have missed. Each experience is either a lesson, or blessing in disguise. Wrapped up in drama,  or feeling like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.  But  If you never travelled that road of drama, would you be able to hold your head this high?

Read between the lines you’re much better, you’re like titanium, and much more refined after all that drama you left behind. You’re now one of a kind, so leave those bitter memories behind.

Each day, look in the mirror and figure out what it is you must do, or what you want to do? What’s your next move?

Never be bitter or never be so unkind to yourself, so that you can’t read between the lines.

Gather your strength, keep your goals in mind, never look behind. I promise you with this wind under your wings you’ll fly. Now you must reach for the sky. Some days will be hard, you have the kids, work, school,  dinner to make, cleaning, the list never ends and the worst bit – everyone has their demands of you! You’ll want to scream hold up! What more do you want me to fucking do? Huh?  But remember it’s your strength,

That will see you through. So let me ask you again who is she? Is she me? Is she you? Oh she is you! Then get out there and do what you need to do. Remember Proverbs 31:25 now who is she?? Is she you?… Yeah, that’s what I thought, I knew you had it in you.

High five, keep going and do what you need to do.

 I just felt like writing. Salute to all the mothers, carers, breadwinners, goal makers and hard workers out there!


Sunday Vibes! #music #inspiration

Happy Sunday y’all. I’m about the head to the kitchen and start dinner, then have some family quality time. Before a marathon run of writing starts, when everyone is in bed.  I hope you’re having a great weekend? I’ve met all my deadlines.

Here’s my Sunday feel good song… California Soul which dates back to 1967 I think. I have Magic Soul FM on  the radio LOUD and clear right now! Some great feel good  songs playing this afternoon. This is one of my favourites ,I love 60s,70s and 80s music. I was not even born when this song was made, my mama  was almost eighteen,… which is crazy to imagine.

One for you Mum. Have a great Sunday!

Romance Writer’s Challenge Week #18: Boy You’re Just Too Funny! – What Makes Me Laugh Out loud#MFRW

It’s week eighteen, well it was last week. Forgive my lateness. I am as always fashionably late with the Romance Writer’s fifty two week writing challenges. Anyway, week eighteen all about what makes you laugh out loud. This writing prompt response is dedicated to a special person, the most handsome boy in the world! My three year old son…. He makes me laugh so  much here’s just a few examples of why.

Bath time:

What is it with little boys and their willies? Fast forward twenty years and I guess nothing changes, as  a grown man for him there will always be a  fascination with his willy! Every night, I ask my son when I undress him for bath time ” do you need to go wee wee?” He shakes his head “no mama ” jumping up and down eager to get in the tub. “Okay son, let’s get in the tub.” I place him in and he stands there  as soon as he gets in, hips thrust with his you know what thrust forward  and pees in the bath! Swirling his hips around for the perfect aim :). Then he has the cheek to say ” ta-dah!”  Look at me and laugh.  I do chuckle, no matter what I do he saves that bath-time pee especially for his ta-dah moment.

High Heels:

I have a pair of gold gladiator heels, I also have them in black too. They have a good say four and a bit inch heel. ( I’m only five foot five). I love them, so does Blake my son. My son is obsessed with walking in these heels, but only the gold pair for some reason. And to my surprise he can walk well, he trots around heels clicking on the wood floor happy as Larry. ” Mummy shoes, mummy shoes.” Every time I hear this I know he’s on about my gold heels he wants to wear them. I’ve tried to  put them away out of sight. Hoping he will mess around with a pair of my flats…. nope! He wants these gold heels. It makes me chuckle.


Learning to talk:

I think as a mother you learn to understand your child’s words even when to others they sound like baby babble. Some of my son’s words are so unclear. Fifished = finished. founded-it= found it. vashin’mach-in= washing machine and  mata-toes= tomatoes. It’s so cute when toddlers talk and learn to express themselves. His words often make me chuckle. Especially when he says tomatoes lols 🙂 .

Learning & imagining my future son:

Bless him, he is well house trained already. I watch him pull the hoover out and try to plug it in, try to sweep the floors, unload the washing machine when he hears the click of the end of a load of laundry. To see him do as I do is so heartwarming. The way toddlers learn is entertaining. I do catch him trying to fold himself into the washing machine now and then, the first time it was funny. Now I’ve learned to keep it closed!

Recognising who and what his mama is:

I encourage my son to read a lot, well look at the pictures in books he’s only three. We read together every night. He makes me laugh when he pulls a novel off my bookcase and opens it , then pretends he’s reading. My heart melts…. the best bit, is when he recognises the covers of my books on the case. He’ll pull them down and say “mama book.”  Or he will pick up my notepads I use for creative writing ideas ” mama book” he’ll scream. He’s so cute. He may have little words but he is very aware emotionally.

Kids…. you’ve gatta love ’em 🙂 They’ll always put a smile on your face.



Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge Week #16: My Biggest Dream? #MFRW

Hmmm ask an author this question and they’ll all say the same thing… New York Times Bestseller, Bestselling Author. These are all the recognition awards and titles we’re after right? Wrong, okay maybe, but not always in this order. 🙂

For me personally living the dream would mean  a  HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE catalogue of novels and novellas in both the romantic suspense and thriller genres. When I think of this dream, the one author that comes to mind is Stephen King. On my last check he has over fifty published novels. And my all time inspiration Jackie Collins the author I salute, as it was her who introduced me to romantic suspense when I was hardly in my mid twenties. I stumbled across  her novel Deadly Embrace , I then read everything by Jackie I could get my hands, on before I became an author. Surprise surprise I sleep and breathe this genre! Creating my own spin on romance and suspense. Jackie had upon her death something like thirty two novels  published I think off memory.  I was so upset when she died, I feel like some part of life is now missing. I’m one of her fans who would wait impatiently for the next hit, I’d check her site regularly to see what’s coming next and curse when I could not see my next hit coming. My other inspiration the great British crime author, Martina Cole has about twenty odd crime novels from memory. A lot of them I have also read.  When Martina publishes a book, a wicked grin comes over my face! I’m excited.  This is the level I’m talking about in terms of books I’d love to write and the kind of buzz I’d love to create in my genre one day as an author. Considering I’m only thirty four if I get a wiggle on and stay focused,  just maybe it could happen! I could knock out plenty of work.

I’m not focused so much on all the awards or labels authors can get, as nice as they are, it’s more about productivity. I’m also not that focused on becoming rich, this is the last thing I’m writing for.  I had an author mention this who will feature in my Meet The Author – I won’t say who it is look out for them on the 25th.  I’d personally like to give up the part time day job, write more full time, pay the bills by doing what I love and feel my talent really is and not worry. That’s the dream. I’d also love an endless supply of M.A.C and Kat Von D make-up, to create a line of clothing, a house with a pool and large garden for my little boy and to live in the sun…. pretty please if God’s listening LOL.

What’s your dream?? What are you doing to make it happen? If you’re an author reading this is it all about the label, money or the volume of work you put out?



Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge Week #15: My Love Hate Relationship With Social Media #MFRW

Okay it’s now just after nine London time. I’ve made myself yet another large mug of coffee and  sat down to work on Lover’s Retreat, novella #2 of my series. I’ve been distracted by the fifty two week Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge. I’ve missed a few weeks, I do have a good excuse I’ve been writing. So here I am catching up with Jazz FM playing nicely in the background. Week fifteen is all about social media hang-ups  we may have as writers… well what can I say, believe it or not I have a rather love hate relationship with social media.  Which is probably not the best thing to say as an author! As it does so much to reach out to readers and showcase our work.

Here’s the deal, before I was a publish author, when I just messed around writing and journaling with no real intention to publish anything  or write novels I NEVER used social media personally. I hated it. My view was (and I say was as I use it for a different purpose now) I don’t need a Facebook account to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. If I know you you’ll be in my phone book  or contacts and I’ll call, text or whatsup message you. I don’t need to email you, or put an update on the internet to tell you what I’m up to, you’ll  know via phone or in person.What the fuck is Facebook all about? What’s the point in that.. huh?  That was me before this whole new direction in life kicked off.

I also thought that social media was the cause of many relationship problems, your other half spending too much time on it, sending messages to random people, keeping in touch with ex- partners that kind of a thing.  Anyone here ever watched Jeremy Kyle the day time talk show… umm you know what I mean now? Why are all the people on that show obsessed with Facebook? Or have some kind of problem that started with ” I saw this on Facebook and so I ….” So I just ignored social media.

My hang up with it (social media)  was as I thought it could be  used to just paint a picture of your life, that may not even be true. You may not be as happy as Larry, enjoying all the updates you post. I thought Facebook was full of smoke and mirrors. As for Twitter… who? I’m a rather talkative person, I could not imagine squeezing all I have to  say into 140 characters LOL.

Now, of course I see the benefit of social media, and it has done wonders for me to grow as an author and continue to grow. My feelings now are that social media can be a positive thing, you can connect with people you’d never have a chance to meet in real life. Take for example my new monthly feature Meet The Author, this has been sooooooooooo popular! I’ve had so many authors contact me for a feature, which I am over the moon about. I would never have  the chance to  connect with them, or read their wonderful work if it were not for social media. That’s because I put out a call for authors over Facebook and Twitter, authors from the other side of the world as well as the UK have connected with me. I can’t wait to share all their interviews with you. Meeting a lot of you out there who are reading this, has all been down to social media. Which is great. I now see that social media does have a place in the world with some kind of use and meaning.

So I guess, my hang-ups on social media have changed  (a bit),as I can now see how it can be used to my personal advantage as a writer.  In my personal life I still think just call me don’t FB me and ask me how I’m doing!  I doubt I’ll ever entertain it for personal use, as an author yes and that’s as far as it will ever go.

Do you have a hang up with social media? Do you love it or hate it?



Random Sunday Feeling: Inspiration #amwriting #caribbean #music #sunday







Good morning from London! This morning I woke up in a good mood and the sun is shining in London, every time it does we must celebrate, take a selfie to show how happy it make us and post it 🙂 .. as it does not happen often :).  I’m about to set to work and transport myself to the wonderful Caribbean island of Cuba and work on my next released romance book, before my son returns home in a few hours. Then it’s back to mama duties. I feel like celebrating warm weather,  food, drinks, laid back lifestyle and the culture across all the Carib islands. Then I remembered this WordPress  writing prompt I did almost a year ago for the word “island”, I have re-blogged it below. Whatever your heritage be proud, I am British born but very proud of my parent’s descent from the Carib. In London / UK we have so many cultures and it is great to see them all and experience them.

You all know how much I LOVE music, here is a little song to do a jig to behind your PC, by a beauty who is also of Carib descent Rihanna. She was quite clearly inspired by Bob Marley’s iconic song ” I shot the sheriff” while producing/creating this song, it’s great to see artists influenced by the Carib, as I have been to write my  romance series  of four books set in exotic locations –Romance in Paradise.


Have a wonderful Sunday!







I am the daughter of an immigrant from this beautiful island. It’s  been many years since I’ve laid eyes on this beautiful island. I remember  the beautiful golden sands of Negril beach, walking around Montego Bay area  and hearing the sounds of sweet reggae being played. I also remember the mountains, shacks and more deprived areas of the island also, the police corruption which I experienced myself as a tourist to the island.

 I remember  eating rich and delicious  island foods such as plantains, ackee and salted fish, jerk chicken , callao and drinking plenty of carrot juice my mouth waters at the thought! Sipping the island’s local beer Red Stripe at silly o’clock in the day, in the blazing hot sun relaxing, people watching. I remember the mosquito  bites also now that was painful as I had soooooooooooooo many.

I remember how I  could walk out so far into the Caribbean sea from  Negril’s beach, before the water would reach my hips it was so strange to me.  I love this land, I love this island and I hope one day to go back and show my son this beautiful island.

National Anthem of Jamaica 

Eternal Father bless our land
Guide us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.
Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty’s call
Strengthen us the weak to cherish
Give us vision lest we perish
Knowledge send us, Heavenly Father,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.

It’s interesting I was born and raised in London, do I consider myself English –  well with 33 years here yes I do, but I don’t ever forget my heritage and culture.If I was stuck on a deserted island what would I need with me.

  • My  2 year old son
  • A pen and note pad
  • Bob Marley’s Greatest hits and a CD player, so my son and I could dance and sing to them, as we do most Sundays. Just like my mama did with me growing up.


  • BM


Jamaica the carib island  I love!


My Greatest Strength/Weakness: Romance Writer’s 52 Week Blogging Challenge #MFRW

I’m catching up with some of the challenges I’ve missed for  the Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge. So week twelve’s theme was to share and write about your greatest strengths, week thirteen was weaknesses so here goes, a chance to know me personally…

I’d say my greatest strength as a person is probably my hard work ethic, anyone that knows me personally knows I’m not work shy in any respect. In fact, hard work kind of motivates me depending on what’s at stake, and how much something means to me. Putting aside the fact that as a writer it’s hard work naturally,  a writer with a three year old son and working part time now that’s fucking hard work!! LOL. But I actually thrive on it in a strange way I think my best work comes when there’s work to be done or some kind of non easy route.  Aside from this “hard work” generally as a person, stripped down bare  removing the fact that writing is hard work, for me work ethic is important to me. I think this comes from my mum.  I was raised by a single mum we only had her and she supported all three of us well, and the best she could with her strong work ethic which I observed all my life. Don’t get me wrong life was not hard with just Mum, I was just always aware how important it is to work hard, follow dreams and anything can be achievable with the right attitude. This is what I’ve learned and observed. This message I for sure will pass to my own son. It’s a very important one.

Another strength of mine stripped bare not as a writer, but  as a person is creativity generally. I love to create, whether it be with make-up artistry, customising a piece of clothing using just a sewing machine, or deciding what colour to paint the living room walls I’m a visual learner and person. I think being more visual feeds into my creative strengths when writing.

So that’s a few good things, now for the weaknesses … drum roll please.

Well, I’d say I am overly organised and this can piss people off if I’m honest. Take for example at work, I can’t hot desk for the life of me, when people work in “organised chaos” that pisses me off! I can’t do MESS of any kind ( well I try not to) it throws me off balance, and I can’t’ think if there is too much mess going on. At home try living with a three year old, ( maybe you do and you know what I am talking about), once upon a time I my home was pristine clean and neat now it’s neat but not as neat as if did not have a family on my own, with no one else to disturb the “organised karma” I like. *Shakes head* what can I say I’m laughing at myself as I type looking around my living room now. To be fair, if I had my way everything would be neat all the time, but in reality my efforts to keep things neat can leave others a bit worried about me lol.

So what about as a writer? Well my strength I think is creativity in writing and description. Being a visual person, this comes out I think in how I (try) to transport readers into the story. You’ll always know what a character looks like, what they feel, think etc due to visualising my characters and their traits. I guess it’s basic character development. My weakness as a writer is … humm * thinking*. I like to plan ( that’s my organised side) and I guess at times this means inflexibility. I set out with a plan, it helps me overcome writers block ( I did a writer’s block blog and how I overcome it here if you want to read it).  I guess if I do what many writers do, just write it would lead to more flexibility. I have (when I wrote A Stranger in France) deviated from the plan for one particular character on the spot, while writing as something creative came to me and it worked.  But generally I think a weakness is  an inflexible style of writing?? I heard Stephen King calls it ” a pantster” meaning you write and create as you go. It’s worked for him that’s his style and  he writes brilliantly, but never works for me!  I’m no pantster I never will be. I plan, create, write. Not just write.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Blog it put your link below I want to know!