Writing Tip: Character Profiles & Their Importance #writerslife #amwriting

I’ve just sat down to do a couple hours work on the next novella story for my Romance Set in Paradise series, I started to think a lot about character development (as I normally do) as I’m creating a scene that’s unfamiliar to me. On top of that my main character is in a situation also unfamiliar to me. In order to do this  scene and story justice, other than research, one thing I have learned while creating unfamiliar or difficult scenes is it’s helpful to react to things as your character would rather than yourself. In order to do this you need a detailed character profile. (In my humble view).

When I wrote A Stranger in France, all 90,000 words were mapped out across chapters and character profiles, it helped A LOT especially as the characters are so far removed from me. I also wrote from a male POV – two very different males! So I had to keep in line with what my character’s traits are rather than me a thirty four year old woman. The benefits of a character profile I can not stress enough to every aspiring or even established writer out there. Here’s my take on this and why I’d say use them, don’t write blindly…. even if Stephen King does it!

  1. You’ll be consistent and save yourself a hell of a lot of headache while editing, you’ll have less red pen marks on your work from your editor saying ” you said x on page 57 now you say y on page 78″ LOL.
  2. Your stories will pop and so will your characters.
  3. You’ll write in an unbiased way, as your characters react to things based on who THEY ARE not  who you are.
  4. Character profiles can help move your story in a new and exciting direction!
  5. You’ll suffer less so called “writer’s block”.

So how do you go about developing a character profile? Here’s how I approach it as a tip generally you could….

  1. First see them as real 3D people. How they look, sound, smell, dress, talk. This helps to enhance your writing. ( I feel) and the reader’s experience.
  2. Interview them. Where do they live, car they drive, hobbies, interests, their general take on life?
  3. What is their overall goal in your story? What do they need to make sure happens to achieve it? What will happen if they don’t achieve their goal? What’s at stake?
  4. Take into consideration your genre and story length. I say this as you don’t want to take up all your words on too much of this if you’re writing a short story- a short story to me is like 30k words, to others this can be as little as 10k…. If you’re crafting a full blown novel over 40k words then by all means really work on your character’s profile and make them pop. With genre, I’m all about the suspense! 🙂 this is where my talent is, so to make the suspense come across character development helps within my genre, as I am SHOWING readers things via the moments of my characters rather than TELLING. Some genres don’t need this much work on characters to create the atmosphere of the genre.

And that’s my reflection on creating difficult scenes, and how to make your characters come across as some what believable! If you’re a writer what approach do you take? Do you even agree that character profiles are useful and important?

I better get back to work on my character profile and try to finish up this scene. In the mean time, drop me a comment writers what’s your view?



Calling All Authors/Aspiring Authors…. Take a Look at This #amwriting #author


And happy Easter, I have come across a lot of talented authors and unpublished authors over the last year. I believe in promoting yourself as well as authors, if you’re an author reading this would you like a spot light  for your book or interview on my author site?? There’s no catch I promise.  Let me know and I’ll share it. This is just part of a new direction I’m taking my author site in, I’ve done a few author interviews, personal book reviews and shared new release news for other authors it will now be a permanent feature on kimknight.com.

Another direction I’ll be moving in as well is sharing (more) writing and publishing tips, now I’ve successfully  traditional and self-published four books and now writing my fifth. It’s been an experience I tell you!

If you’re not published as yet, do you have questions or concerns over the process, your work, ideas or anything else?  Maybe I could help if I have list of questions I’ll happily answer them.

Anyone who wants to participate send me a message via the contact Kim page and let’s begin!


Week #14, Romance Writer’s Challenge: It Started With One Too Many Ideas! #MFRW

It’s week #14 of the challenge for romance writers, to write about each topic of the week for 52 weeks. This week it’s story inspiration. My current writing project is a complication of four (could be more!), romance novella length stories around 25-30k words each. They are all based in a paradise/  an exotic setting and country eg “romance set in paradise series”  ta-da great idea.

The idea came to me as I simply had too many ideas for short stories,  I even spilt one full romantic suspense novel  story idea I had in two, by cutting out one stand of the story and ended up with another possible idea! I have a large notebook full of creative ideas. One day as I flicked through I  wondered to myself how the hell will I write all of these? When will I find the time ? If I’m focusing on (at the time) my full length romantic suspense.. hmm the mind boggled. Then I buckled down and thought okay Kim, put them into one book, then I was like but there’s no theme they are all random stories. Most romance complication books have a theme eg  billionaires, historical whatever they are not random.

I gave it a few days then I went back to the note book, and started to write the first story (Havana Heat) this story I  set in Cuba from when I first brainstormed with the story line. I don’t know why I went with Cuba, it was probably damp and miserable in London at the time. Then it came to me, use an exotic location for them ALL where possible keep the original story lines but just move the location.

I was thrilled and excited as I love location writing, and setting a story in a location that I need to research about if I’ve never been, or recreate from memory as I have travelled there myself. So it seemed like an ideal project due to my love for transporting readers to another destination and myself as a writer into another destination. Especially when London is wet and windy it’s great escapism for me as a writer.

So that’s how the theme for my romance in paradise series came around.  And I can’t wait to share them all with you!

If you’re a writer where do you get your inspiration from?


How I Decide on The Title of My Books: Romance Writer’s 52 Week Writing Challenge Week #7 #MFRW

If my memory serves me right it is one year today I started this author site, I signed my first publishing contract  April 2016 and I was over the moon. One year later, I’ve had experience of the traditional publishing route and self -publishing and I am about to release my fourth published book, what a year! Ups and downs but I’m on a journey. Interestingly as part of the Romance Writer’s fifty- two week writing challenge, the writing prompt is ” how do you decide on the name of your books?” This is week seven’s challenge I have missed  soooooo many weeks so I’m catching up with the  challenge. I have a very good excuse, I’ve been writing my book 🙂

So, how do I decide on the titles of my books? Well other than one book I which I never named as I collaborated with twelve other authors ( Code Redhead- A Serial Novel), I always keep it pretty simple, what is the theme of the story? What’s significant that happens? Is it catchy? . That’s it, that’s my formula I have no magic way to capture a good title other than to keep it focused on the theme, setting, location, or message in the story. I have a habit of naming all my chapters I don’t just call them chapter one etc. Within my chapters there is always a chapter named after the book, 9/10. This helps also, I have gone back and forth between titles and changed it as I’m writing. Sometimes, the name of a chapter is better suited than the name I originally picked out. It really is that basic for me.

If you’re a writer how do you go about this very important process? Do you have a habit of naming your chapters too?


Random Sunday Feeling: Inspiration #amwriting #caribbean #music #sunday







Good morning from London! This morning I woke up in a good mood and the sun is shining in London, every time it does we must celebrate, take a selfie to show how happy it make us and post it 🙂 .. as it does not happen often :).  I’m about to set to work and transport myself to the wonderful Caribbean island of Cuba and work on my next released romance book, before my son returns home in a few hours. Then it’s back to mama duties. I feel like celebrating warm weather,  food, drinks, laid back lifestyle and the culture across all the Carib islands. Then I remembered this WordPress  writing prompt I did almost a year ago for the word “island”, I have re-blogged it below. Whatever your heritage be proud, I am British born but very proud of my parent’s descent from the Carib. In London / UK we have so many cultures and it is great to see them all and experience them.

You all know how much I LOVE music, here is a little song to do a jig to behind your PC, by a beauty who is also of Carib descent Rihanna. She was quite clearly inspired by Bob Marley’s iconic song ” I shot the sheriff” while producing/creating this song, it’s great to see artists influenced by the Carib, as I have been to write my  romance series  of four books set in exotic locations –Romance in Paradise.


Have a wonderful Sunday!







I am the daughter of an immigrant from this beautiful island. It’s  been many years since I’ve laid eyes on this beautiful island. I remember  the beautiful golden sands of Negril beach, walking around Montego Bay area  and hearing the sounds of sweet reggae being played. I also remember the mountains, shacks and more deprived areas of the island also, the police corruption which I experienced myself as a tourist to the island.

 I remember  eating rich and delicious  island foods such as plantains, ackee and salted fish, jerk chicken , callao and drinking plenty of carrot juice my mouth waters at the thought! Sipping the island’s local beer Red Stripe at silly o’clock in the day, in the blazing hot sun relaxing, people watching. I remember the mosquito  bites also now that was painful as I had soooooooooooooo many.

I remember how I  could walk out so far into the Caribbean sea from  Negril’s beach, before the water would reach my hips it was so strange to me.  I love this land, I love this island and I hope one day to go back and show my son this beautiful island.

National Anthem of Jamaica 

Eternal Father bless our land
Guide us with Thy mighty hand
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our light through countless hours
To our leaders, Great Defender,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.
Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty’s call
Strengthen us the weak to cherish
Give us vision lest we perish
Knowledge send us, Heavenly Father,
Grant true wisdom from above
Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, land we love.

It’s interesting I was born and raised in London, do I consider myself English –  well with 33 years here yes I do, but I don’t ever forget my heritage and culture.If I was stuck on a deserted island what would I need with me.

  • My  2 year old son
  • A pen and note pad
  • Bob Marley’s Greatest hits and a CD player, so my son and I could dance and sing to them, as we do most Sundays. Just like my mama did with me growing up.


  • BM


Jamaica the carib island  I love!


My Greatest Strength/Weakness: Romance Writer’s 52 Week Blogging Challenge #MFRW

I’m catching up with some of the challenges I’ve missed for  the Romance Writer’s Blogging Challenge. So week twelve’s theme was to share and write about your greatest strengths, week thirteen was weaknesses so here goes, a chance to know me personally…

I’d say my greatest strength as a person is probably my hard work ethic, anyone that knows me personally knows I’m not work shy in any respect. In fact, hard work kind of motivates me depending on what’s at stake, and how much something means to me. Putting aside the fact that as a writer it’s hard work naturally,  a writer with a three year old son and working part time now that’s fucking hard work!! LOL. But I actually thrive on it in a strange way I think my best work comes when there’s work to be done or some kind of non easy route.  Aside from this “hard work” generally as a person, stripped down bare  removing the fact that writing is hard work, for me work ethic is important to me. I think this comes from my mum.  I was raised by a single mum we only had her and she supported all three of us well, and the best she could with her strong work ethic which I observed all my life. Don’t get me wrong life was not hard with just Mum, I was just always aware how important it is to work hard, follow dreams and anything can be achievable with the right attitude. This is what I’ve learned and observed. This message I for sure will pass to my own son. It’s a very important one.

Another strength of mine stripped bare not as a writer, but  as a person is creativity generally. I love to create, whether it be with make-up artistry, customising a piece of clothing using just a sewing machine, or deciding what colour to paint the living room walls I’m a visual learner and person. I think being more visual feeds into my creative strengths when writing.

So that’s a few good things, now for the weaknesses … drum roll please.

Well, I’d say I am overly organised and this can piss people off if I’m honest. Take for example at work, I can’t hot desk for the life of me, when people work in “organised chaos” that pisses me off! I can’t do MESS of any kind ( well I try not to) it throws me off balance, and I can’t’ think if there is too much mess going on. At home try living with a three year old, ( maybe you do and you know what I am talking about), once upon a time I my home was pristine clean and neat now it’s neat but not as neat as if did not have a family on my own, with no one else to disturb the “organised karma” I like. *Shakes head* what can I say I’m laughing at myself as I type looking around my living room now. To be fair, if I had my way everything would be neat all the time, but in reality my efforts to keep things neat can leave others a bit worried about me lol.

So what about as a writer? Well my strength I think is creativity in writing and description. Being a visual person, this comes out I think in how I (try) to transport readers into the story. You’ll always know what a character looks like, what they feel, think etc due to visualising my characters and their traits. I guess it’s basic character development. My weakness as a writer is … humm * thinking*. I like to plan ( that’s my organised side) and I guess at times this means inflexibility. I set out with a plan, it helps me overcome writers block ( I did a writer’s block blog and how I overcome it here if you want to read it).  I guess if I do what many writers do, just write it would lead to more flexibility. I have (when I wrote A Stranger in France) deviated from the plan for one particular character on the spot, while writing as something creative came to me and it worked.  But generally I think a weakness is  an inflexible style of writing?? I heard Stephen King calls it ” a pantster” meaning you write and create as you go. It’s worked for him that’s his style and  he writes brilliantly, but never works for me!  I’m no pantster I never will be. I plan, create, write. Not just write.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Blog it put your link below I want to know!



New Release Spring 2017: Kim Knight & Tammy Tate Join Forces. 1 Book 2 great authors! #amwriting #romance #newrelease @tammytateauthor

Afternoon from a gloomy London,

I’m about to let the cat out of the bag as it is now official! Myself and fellow Code Redhead – A Serial Novel author and best selling author Tammy Tate, are working on a project together for  release this spring.  Spring is just around the corner so stay tuned. We’ll  bring to you a page turning romance novel with four great romance stories, set in some of the most exotic parts of the world.

Our heros are handsome, yummy , swoony worthy  incredible men! Professionally they are all Detectives  whoooooooooo we! And our heroines are strong and modern. The stories themselves are fastpaced, page turning and of course  a mixture of  suspenseful, steamy  and contemporary romance .This is super exciting ! Pulling  together a novel  with another author, while both sitting on opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean so far  has been an amazing experience.

How did this project come about? Well Tammy and I met just last year we both published  under the same publisher. As peer support we read each others work  knowing nothing about each other before hand. I was a writer from London and she was just a writer  from the USA. It turns out not only do we have an appreciation for each others writing style, love to feature strong women and incredible men, we love a  well written sex scene ( we’re not really into all that “sweet stuff” as writers personally we like a little fire).  When it comes to romance, there must be  a little excitement, all this and we also get on really well personality wise.  Based on this mutual respect for each other as writers and how our friendship has grown since last year even though we are across a very big ocean, we thought why not work together on a project, and put together four page turning stories for you to enjoy.

Stay tuned, teasers and  chapter previews coming your way soon, as we are both busy working on this book as you read this. This spring is going to be big!