Book Review “Almost Paradise” by Trina Crooks 4 Lovely Stars! ( Romance).



Sandy beaches.
Amazing blue water.
Rest and relaxation.

These were all of the things that Kenya Burrows was looking forward to when she arrived in Jamaica for her best friend Marley’s destination wedding. It was going to be a wonderful week in paradise…well almost. Except for the fact that Maurice, Marley’s brother and Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, was bound to be in attendance too and he was the last person she wanted to see on her tropical vacation.

Maurice Parrish couldn’t wait to get to Jamaica for one reason only—Kenya. It had been three years since she walked out on him and in that time, he had grown and matured; just as she wanted from him all along. And now that his sister had asked Kenya to be her maid of honor for this wedding in paradise, it was the perfect set up. He needed to be face to face with the one and only woman he ever truly loved so that he could get her back once and for all.

Kim’s Review 4 Lovely Stars!

Aww this was a lovely story to read, a really nice romance novella length tale of ‘when a man loves a woman’  I  would describe it as. I stumbled across the book on FB, and glad I bought a copy it’s just .99p, and worth a read.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the setting ( obviously), and being whisked away, but also the growth that the author managed to show readers in her storytelling, concerning the hero-Maurice. There is nothing worse than reading a romance ( for me as a reader), and you don’t see or feel the growth that the characters go through, or any kind of struggle before the happy ever after for at least one if not both. Especially  if the story is about one character trying to prove themselves worthy of the other character’s love. I never found this a problem I felt Maurice’s ‘ I am going to claim this lady’ actions.

The writing style for me was nice and easy to engage with quickly, I read at least 80% of the book in one go. I was drawn in by the story and how it is told right from the start.The characters are likeable, and as I said I really saw Maurice go all out for Kenya. A swoon worthy hero for sure. I also found the story to be extremely realistic, and likely to happen in real life. Without giving spoilers, the reason why Kenya left Maurice I can 100 percent understand.

What I would have loved, (and this is not a put down at all), as it did not make me enjoy the story or writing even less, but I would have loved more ‘drama’.  Especially on Kenya’s side… there is a love rival present, another lady with an interest in Maurice.  I would have loved to  see her character ramped up a bit, to cause Kenya some drama. Also, to see Kenya have some kind of ‘dilemma’ of some sort if not with this other lady. For example something to make her think  ‘I need to make a choice do I do this or not with Maurice’ or ‘ OMG  this has happened, yes I need this man in my life’.  Don’t get me wrong as I read it was clear that she was confused with her feelings for him and scared, but some additional drama to push her or challenge her would have been nice to read. But like I said even though it’s not a drama filled story with lots of unexpected twists for Kenya, it is still an adorable story, that’s very enjoyable and I would read more from this author for sure. I recommend this story for true romance lovers, who like nice stories, not too over sexed or steamy, that make you swoon over the happy ever after at the ending

So for me a lovely four stars for a realistic adorable story, great male lead, lovely location, great writing style and a beautiful ‘ohhh that’s so sweet’ happy ever after.  The story is really what romance is made of, I liked it a lot. I hope to read another one from Trina Crooks.



Throwback Thursday Who Remembers This One? It’s 1986??

Who remembers this one, what a tune! And a voice. Monday morning I was about to settle down to some work,  I switched on London’s ‘Smooth FM’ station to play in the background, and this came on.  It set me up for a great day!  And reminded me of my mum she loves Anita Baker, and all the great soul diva’s of yester-year.  I must admit I do too.

Let’s step back to shoulder pads, bright eye shadow and  when music was more about lyrical content, not just the beat. I love me some Anita, clear your throat and sing along with me to ‘Sweet Love.’


New Season, New Wardrobe, I love Fall Do You?

And by that I don’t mean just clothing! I found a fantastic cover designer on FB, she own’s the group Cover Girl,  she set me up nicely as we enter fall. I thought why not, let’s revamp all my covers so far,  here’s the job done. Very excited as they look so different and I just love A Stranger in France…he looks yummy, just like the main character himself. I love them all and really thrilled with her work.

As we enter fall what changes are you making for the new season? Let me know.

And what do you love about fall?

Me personally I love the way fashion changes and it’s time to wrap up boots, jackets, make-up ranges change it’s fun. As well as taking long walks in the park. I really enjoy it on a crisp autumn day, the leaves crunch under your feet, it’s a little chilly, but the sun is so bright you still need your sunglasses! London can be a great place to walk around in this weather, with the many parks and places to visit. I remember when I ran a book club, the highlight of my month would be jumping on the number twelve bus to central London, to meet all the girls at Waterstones Book Store ( I love that place too like five floors of books, my kind of heaven). On the bus  looking at all the iconic locations I’d pass in the pretty autumn sunshine was a nice experience. I miss that! And of course, this time of year all the best books are released in time for us book worms to snuggle up with, as it’s too cold to be outside. Happy fall Equinox people!

Throwback Thursday, It’s 1995 who remembers this one?

So this classic tune came on the radio this week, imagine… me cooking and singing along and my five year old at the table playing with his tablet.

Me> Oh this  is a tune. *turns up radio and starts singing .*

Son> Stooooooop siiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnging!!

Me> *Narrows eyes and looks behind me at the boy.*

Son> *Wide smile, all teeth on show and bright eyes*  I love you Mummy, but no singing not today!

Me> **Cracks up laughing** Really, but can’t sing?

Son> *Eyes back on the tablet and he sighs at me* Noooooo Mummy, not todaaaaay.

The cheek of the little devil!! ROTFL at the time his tone had me in stitches he is five years old!! It felt like a role reversal, just like when I tell him ‘no, not today.’

Anyway, TLC are legends they were the biggest selling girl group of the 90s, I remember writing an article about Left Eye, then realising just how successful they were back then.  A chart topping and award winning group.  I really enjoyed their music then, and I still do now.  This song in particular,  also really like how they were unlike any other girl group. Baggy pants, attitude, and different personalities. They did not try to sell themselves on sex appeal like a LOT of female groups now. I respect that.

It’s 1995, I just left school and  was figuring out what direction to go in, what were you doing when this song was released?

Let’s step back, sing along and do the shoulder-hop dance this video is famous for along with T-Boz, Left-eye and Chilli…. otherwise known as TLC.


Book Review> For My Good, By Tanisha Stewart, 5 Brilliant Stars @tanisha.stewart.775



Gina is reeling from the shock of her recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Kayden Senior. He’s left her and their son high and dry, forcing her to take matters into her own hands to ensure their well-being.

Keisha is paranoid over her ex, Rico. He’s cheated on her and beat her countless times. He got locked up after he put her in the hospital, but she heard recently that he is set to get out any day now. Since Rico has been away, Keisha has taken notice of Mike, a nice guy from her church, but Rico has made her leery of all men and relationships.

Melanie broke up with her boyfriend, Jarvis, shortly after the birth of their son due to Jarvis’ cheating. She’s dating around, but one guy in particular, Kylon, seems to keep making his way to the forefront of her mind. She’s sworn off love and relationships, but Kylon seems more than ready to pick up the pieces.

Follow a story of friendship, heartache, and relationships as we meet Gina, Keisha, and Melanie in this prequel to the For My Good series.


Kim’s Review-

5 Stars, I am Buying The Next Installments…all of them!

You know, I could just say as a review this author’s work gets five stars from me simply because, as I closed the book I noted all titles in the series, went to, then joined the author’s reader’s group! But I should let you now more…

I was scrolling though my timeline, looking for something to read, on a day that I was feeling rather s*it to be honest. I wanted something ‘feel good’ to read, but not corny and unrealistic. The cover caught my eye on Facebook, so did the blurb. I bought it and  finished it in two hours flat, I was drawn in and felt great after! I have not read African-American or  the urban  genre  for a while, I finished one book the night before  and was feeling another one, I’m glad I picked up this one to continue my binge in this genre.

Firstly, what I really loved as I read this book is the author’s writing style. The story is told via first person, chapters of each woman’s situation however it ties together to give a full story. I also found as I read , that this author’s writing style  is very authentic in terms of the characters and developing them. I am from a different part of the world these characters are from, so I talk different, and my accent is too…but the author really made each woman’s personality ‘turn up’, how they spoke and their quirks  loved it. I understood each woman well, and imagined them well just from the way the author showed me who they are as women. Even without a physical description I did not need one.

Secondly,  as I read I noticed after the story unfolded on how the characters met, that this author could have just written it as a narration  from her, but instead she played it out for readers to experience with the characters, and I loved it. By the time I turned the page, and realised ‘oh okay that was how they met that was the backstory, not now’ I thought ‘hmm that was clever I like that’. Generally  I really liked the style of how the story is told.

Thirdly, I found the stories these women had to tell highly realistic, and that most women regardless of race could identify to at least something from each woman’s story. The stories were engaging to read, and all three of the women’s stories made me what to find out what happens next. A classic sign of a five star book, I cared and still care about Melanie, Gina and Keisha, so I can’t wait to open the next story from Tanisha Stewart’s series. A new fan gained!


The author’s reader’s group can be found here



Throwback Thursday> 1988! Who Remembers This One?

Who can do the running man?  Last Sunday this song came on the radio, I had  some friends over, one said ‘ bet you can’t do the running man!’ I was like whhhhhhhhhhhhhat phhhhhh please! Of course I can  :). It ended up in a fit of giggles, with everyone in the house  doing the running man and cheesy 80s and 90s dance moves to this song.

It’s 1988, this beat is crazy, let’s step back in time with Bobby Brown. What were you doing in 1988, how old were you? Me, I was just 5 years old.