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Three men. Three stories.

A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

They’re successful, hard-working, and honest.

But their personal lives are far from perfect. Their hearts are lonely and their beds empty.

They believe they have their lives all figured out. Until they meet women who disrupt everything they knew about love.

Trusting someone else with your heart is always risky.

Sometimes, the pros surpass the risks.

But sometimes, all you can do is run for your life.



Three men. Three stories.

A country music superstar. His manager. And the guy who doesn’t believe in love.

Riley Burns is the manager of the biggest country music star in the world, Carter Hills.

He discovered him at eighteen and brought him to stardom. Yeah, Riley’s career is what everyone in the business aspires to.

Except, nothing in his personal life is worth fighting for. Until he meets her one night and falls under her charm.

The chemistry is there.

But soon she vanishes into the dark night, leaving no trace behind, not even her full name.

What if love at first sight really exists, but only hits someone once?

Riley makes it his mission to find the woman who stole his heart, no matter how hard it might be.

But what if she doesn’t want to be found?


Our eyes met. Something passed between us. Fascination? Lust? Magnetism? Maybe a mix of all three. And much more. I brought my tumbler to my lips, relishing the burning sensation of whiskey as it slid down my throat.

My Adam’s apple bounced.

My heart did one of its moves. The ones where it got all bothered and excited.

I fastened my grip around the glass in my hand.

With a straight back, I moved forward, my steps light and focused.

The woman pushed her long curled blonde hair over her shoulder, giving me a perfect view of her lickable long neck. Was that even a word? I pushed the thought away. I was a man on a mission.

The vampiric side of me, the one I didn’t know existed until now, emerged in full strength.

I blinked.

The temptation to bite the soft flesh of her neck grew bigger by the second.

The woman smiled, and all my restraints broke loose. They caught fire and burned to ashes in the dark night.




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Smart, Sexy, and Sassy Love Stories

Emmanuelle Snow is a contemporary author of mature YA and New Adult love stories, who likes to give life to strong characters who’ll fight with all they have to reach their life goals and find their own happiness.

Emmanuelle is in love with love. Especially those complicated, deep, and passionate feelings that make a relationship extraordinary and complex, all at the same time.

In her spare time, when she’s not writing or reading, Emmanuelle likes to go on road trips—with her four kids and her own soulmate—watch movies, paint, or do some DIY, always with a cup of green tea in her hand and listening to country music.

She splits her time between beautiful Canada and the small US towns she adores.  

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Cover Reveal! by Pat O’Brien @CayellePub @lovebooksgroup @lovebookstours


A serial killer is terrorizing members of the medical community in Buffalo, NY. Veteran Detective, Rhody Richardson, is leading the investigation with his partner, Detective Wayne.

Victims have been disfigured and tortured – faces sliced, numbers carved into their chests. The brilliant, but young, forensic intern, Connor Patrick, tries desperately to make sense of the numbers but cannot find a pattern.

The killer has promised ten victims, but Richardson and psychiatric consultant Dr Kaileen Taylor believe it will continue well past that number. At each of the gruesome crime scenes, the killer has left cryptic poems with different names. Richardson ventures down a dangerous path, deciphering what the killer is trying to tell them before they escape justice into the eternal void of the unknown.


Hundreds of Free Books + Updates and Podcast Feature.

Afternoon all,

I hope that June has started well for you? Me personally I’m doing well and today I have some freebies and news for you! But first, at the start of May I had the honour of being invited to join a podcast with a lady who is German, and lives in Scotland. You can check out my thirty minute chat with Ursula from Breaking the Mould, and Being Bold below. Just click the picture and you can listen on Spotify, Amazon music, and an array of different places. I don’t often do interviews at all, but this one was really fun and not really like an interview more like a chat with an old friend. Ursula is lovely!

So this month I have decided to focus in and continue to write my Unsolved Mystery stories books #1 The Note, #2 The Red Light Girls are now published, and book #3 Till Death Do Us Part is on pre-order do check them out. The Note is still only 99 cents. I had a wonderful review from Didi Oviatt here on this link, I appreciate the time and effort with reviews! So thank you anyone who does leave a review on any book of mine.

Do you like free books? Yes, you do I’m sure! I shared in this month’s newsletter hundreds of free reads check out this link here for the areas for freebies from some fantastic authors, in many different genres:

Happy reading, and have a wonderful Sunday. xoxo