What’s Going On?…. #amwriting #writerslife

No, I don’t mean the lyrics to Marvin Gaye’s classic song I mean with me? I know, I know  it has been a while since I’ve logged into WordPress, but here I am. Firstly thank you and welcome to all new followers… I see you, thanks for keeping me company.

Well, it is freezing here in London, but I’ve done enough running up and down  this week to keep warm(ish). Last week my book tour for A Stranger in France kicked off, and I’ve done a couple of interviews as part of the tour. There’s also a  giveaway on Goodreads too. I will blog the interview links this week coming, when they are published. They were fun to do.

Friday night, I did a  once over/last minute edits  on my next book published next week I believe it will be, or the latest the week after (Not Just for Christmas). You can, read the first  2.5 chapters for free by clicking here. It’s a feel good romantic novella set in my home town London. Two characters that oppose each other wind up  in love, set on the back drop of Christmas- very heartwarming. I hope you enjoy. I will of course let you know the exact date it will drop on Amazon.

The short story I’ve wrote for a serial novel, along side nineteen other authors, to feature in a book called  Code Redhead, is complete. I enjoyed writing that story, it’s a bit of a erotic romance story I guess, a little steamy. I called it One Night in London. You can find out more about that writing project by clicking here. The book will be published in February 2017.

My progress with Novel Writing Month started if you read that blog. The challenge is two chapters per week from next week as a goal to complete. I have agreed a date to submit my work to a publisher who requested to see the full manuscript. I’m super proud of myself and excited, to have a positive response after they read the first three chapters. I need to get my ass into gear though. I will also post a chapter preview of this third book, a romantic thriller soon. This is my current focus writing wise.

Personally, last week I made some life changing decisions. I’m a full- time working mum, my son turns three next week, and to be honest I think life will be more manageable if I worked part- time. Don’t take this as I’m rolling in money far from it, but I weighed up a few things. Any woman out there who is a mum knows what I am talking about, when I say I’d love more time with my boy and a better work life balance. On top of this I have a number of personal reasons that part-time working would be better for us. So I put in a request to my boss  to reduce my working hours late last night. I mulled over my decisions and e-mail to the boss after doing the maths. After  a bottle of red wine ( yes a bottle!)  I am convinced this is the way forward. On the flip side, it  means more time to write! And purse my real dream, as well as things working out for the better of my family. I hope he sees my points and allows the reduction.

So that’s why I have been absent, I’ve been writing, doing some interviews, working my ass off in the day job, and trying to keep warm.  I will be back next week with some writing prompts and short stories. I have withdrawal symptoms LOL,  it’s been a week since I’ve participated.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and you’re  refreshed ready for the new working week.

Enjoy the last few hours of Sunday.


2 thoughts on “What’s Going On?…. #amwriting #writerslife

  1. I’m with you 100% girl!! Being a mummy is more than a full time job in itself and don’t I know it!! I’ve recently done the same, applied for flexible working under statutory law. Good luck hunny xxxx

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