The Road To Publishing Update! #amwriting


So, I finally finished this  suspenseful romance, with a historical feel to it a few months ago, I’m really proud. I have submitted my work to some publishers and agents and had some good responses! Today, I am tasked with giving it a final proof read, so I can send it back to those who are interested in my work. I sent off the normal three chapter query etc and here are some responses…

Publisher- requested the full manuscript after reading a sample! Feedback was ‘ Kim you’re an exceptionally talented writer.’ I became a bit tearful after reading the feedback.  Happy days.

Agent- would like me to re-edit slightly and return the sample… hmm not sure on this request after reading it.

Agent- requested a sample within 24 hours of submission, I am waiting out the 6- 8 weeks for a response to see if she is interested in working with me. I would LOVE to work with this agent with all my heart, from research I feel maybe we would be a good match, in terms of what I write and what she likes.

Publisher- invited  to revise and resubmit! I think I will go with this request possibly, as it’s a well established romance only publisher.  I would like my work under their label but it’s a long wait to resubmit that’s the only thing, but really happy for the interest.

Agent- There is another agent I would really like to work with, and feel we could be a good fit. My work meets her wish list. I sent a nice email to see if she had got to my submission as yet, as she confirmed she sends her ‘rejections’ within a week. The response was ‘ still on my pile for consideration Kim, hang in there.’ Happy I am not on the reject pile… yet!

Today, I have two things to work on final proof reads and edits of this novel, and more submissions as I received a book with 2019 updated publishers and agents. There are a ton of romance representatives here.

Y’all know how it goes, don’t put all eggs in one basket and keep options open. I remain hopeful that the two agents I have my eye on I can win over with my opening chapters, but still I feel like I need to caste my net wide if that makes sense. This is a very special story to me, I have written it spanning over different eras from the 60s – 80s and in the present day and really took a lot of time and care, I want it in the right hands if that makes sense.

What I have learned from this process is this, even if there is interest in your work, be sure that you want your work to be published or represented by the person showing interest. We all have clear goals with our writing careers, if you don’t think it can be met…keep  looking for someone that can help you achieve what you wish.

I must say, it does take you away from current projects though, focusing on getting this novel out has meant little time to write the current one I’m now on. Or maybe it’s me as I don’t just throw my work at anyone, I really spend time knowing who I am approaching. (Which I advise).

Have a great week! Good luck and happy writing to all writers in the same boat as me! Searching for their ideal match.





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