National Novel Writing Month- I’ve Signed Up… Umm Humm #amwriting #nanowrimo

Last week I found out about NNWM or nanowrimo via another blogger. I just got around to checking out their website. I’ve done it, I signed up just now. Since I have a personal goal to write sixteen chapters in about eight weeks,  by the end of December.  (I’ve completed three of sixteen already, to be fair), I thought what the hell, let’s give it a go. I may as well sign up with millions of other writers around the world, and see if I can pen 50,000 words in the month of November. I’m crazy!  But rather up for the challenge and motivated by what I’m writing. I feel fully engaged, here goes.

I just updated my word count on NNWM, based on their assumption I started writing on the 1st November and  I have just over 7,000 words down,  they calculated  just over 1,000 words  a day I’ve wrote on average, over the seven days of November. According to NNWM’s stats  with this figure, this means I will finish by the 18th December. I can live with that, to be honest as long as I’m done by the end of 2016,  I can use January 2017 for submission prep I don’t mind. It would be amazing if I actually completed it (all), in the next twenty four days…. I have a rough word count of about 50-65K in mind. Again according to the stats that came back from NNWM, if I write just 1,700 words a day for the next twenty four days I’d complete 50,000 by the end of November. Ummm humm sounds good. 

Who has  signed up? Or is thinking of  it? Let me know. Need a writing buddy??


November’s Writing Goals.

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