The Lights Are On… But Nobody Is Home, Damn Creativity Block! #writerslife

Writer's Block

Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? How is November treating you so far? I hope it’s going well. For me I can hardly believe that we are two weeks in! Which means Christmas is coming and I can’t wait.

Since I last wrote a personal blog post (which feels like many moons ago), I have completed book #1 of my next romance series Romance in The City. It’s in editorial and with Beta Readers. Last night I sat down to continue writing for The Suspenseful Collection volume #2 with my co -author Didi Oviatt.  Do you know I could not write a Goddamn thing LOL. I don’t know what came over me. Have I been writing too much romance? I felt like I lost my suspense and thriller edge (if that’s possible) ….I just got distracted by the Internet and started watching make-up videos on YouTube…. so I gave up and focused on my book cover instead, for the romance novella. I brainstormed a few ideas and felt a bit better for doing something productive.

So far, for Nanowrimo I slowed a little in week #2. But this weekend the aim is to get back into it.  If you’re participating in Nanowrimo how are you doing? Are you knee deep in words or struggling creatively?  Either way may the creativity be with you this November!

Any tips on how to claim back my suspenseful edge? I was trying to craft a wicked crime scene with strong characters… something I pride myself on actually !  Last night every story I started I deleted. In my head I said I can’t send that to Didi to finish writing on…. If I do…..

Before: Didi

Didi (1)

After reading….

She’ll get on Skype and be like‘ WTF is that Kim, you expect me to finish writing that. LOL’ 

The lights are on, but nobody is home! Who stole my suspenseful edge give it back!! I hardly experience writer’s block, but when you write blindly with a co-author as a ‘panster’ , with no planning or discussion it’s such a challenge. Didi is so great at this her writing style is more panster than mine. Help!! The next collection has a lot to live up to from the first lot of stories, I am determine to blow you all away again. I’ll give it a few hours and get back behind the laptop, hopefully with my creativity strapped to my pants this time.





Two Days Into National Novel Writing Month and I’m done!! #amwriting #NANOWRIMO



Whooo I’m done! Well okay I cheated a little bit as I’m revamping a 13,000 word short story     but the aim of National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is to ‘write a novel in thirty days’. I’ve just finalised a  romance novella story, renamed it and it’s now almost a 20,000 word story. The next mission is to finish off my third Romance Set In Paradise novella and The Suspenseful Collection Volume #2 with Didi Oviatt. I’m on a roll.

I have a question for you all, in your view what makes a good book cover? The people? Font? Teaser? What?? I’m in the process of now thinking up possible designs, while my manuscript is with Beta Readers and my editor. Vote on the poll below if you have a view or drop me a comment.

Well, I better crack open the next manuscript….

Seven Days After National Novel Writing Month: The Update #writerslife #amwriting #nanowrimo


Well between you and I, the month of July, for National Novel Writing Month for me pretty much sucked. LOL. But, I have a really good excuse for sucking at my second attempted at Nanowrimo. Like you know two books were released in July, within the space of one week of each other. That in itself was madness. Writing, editing, editing, writing, proof reading. Jezzz, I’ve actually never worked so hard in one month as a writer! All against the backdrop of motherhood and family life.

As a result about two weeks into Nanowrimo, I had only about 2,000 words down of book #3, of my next Romance Set In Paradise novella. In my head on the 1st July I said yeah, 25,000-30,000 words you’ll do it Kim just keep pushing. By 31st July  I had about 5,000 words … I never made it at all way off target. Seven days post Nanowrimo, well almost seven days, I’ve attacked my keyboard and have almost 10,000 words down. I feel somewhat pleased. The blast of writing creativity over the last week has done well, I’m making good progress. If I stick to my deadlines I should finish writing this baby, get all the usual cover design, edits and proofs done, then BOOM September my seventh book will be published. Here’s hoping, I’ll keep you posted. Well done all those novel writers that had a successful Nanowrimo last month. I’ll be back in October/ November time for my third shot. And this time I will do it!! 🙂


Day 10: Getting Into The Groove! #nanowrimo #amwriting

Day 10 of nanowrimo.png


So here we are ten days into National Novel Writing month, and I’m getting into my groove I think. I did some research on the Jazz scene in the 1950s as that’s where I’m at with writing. You can see what my project is about here. Today I wrote less than I would have hoped. That said I did start late and it’s already just after 11:00 pm London time. And I was reading for research. But the good thing is as you can see, I still only need to write less than 1,000 words a day,  for my next addition to my romance series. When I look at it like that, life really does not seem that bad actually. 🙂  I can knock out under 1,000  a day no probs… all I need to do is be disciplined and do it! No You-Tube, or messing around. Just park my ass and write .

Tomorrow’s another day, I’ll try this theory of park it and write it tomorrow.

How are you doing fellow #nanowrimo writers?? Is the word count coming along? What’s your camp like online? Mine is really lively actually, I can’t keep up with all the conversation. Some lovely writers though, I seem to be the only one writing  romance… I can work with that it’s okay. Quite a few crime and fantasy writers in my camp.

NaNoWriMo Update: Week One #amwriting #writerslife



Jes … where did week one go? I was up to my eyebrows in words, but just not words for my NaNoWriMo project! Last week the race was on to meet the deadline Didi and I set ourselves, to wrap up our first anthology we’re publishing together. We plan to release it on the 28th. I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew! As I also have book #2 of my romance series out in just ten days!

As a result of all this exciting stuff, I’m only 2,000 words deep into my actual NaNoWriMo project, which is novella #3 of my romance series. The plan is to focus on  it this week, starting right now I have a few hours to write. How’s  your word count going?

Please tell me it’s doing better than mine?? Drop me an update comment.

My Day Three: NaNoWriMo Update #amwriting #writerslife #nanowrimo


Happy Monday!

I logged on this morning keen to read all the progress updates from my fellow NaNoWriMo buddies. You’re all looking good! I’ve found my new camp and writing mates. I’m in camp thirty six, anyone there? Do you like your camp? So far I’ve spoke to a writer over in the USA in Kentucky writing fan fiction. Here’s my nanowrimo progress.

Day One:

Well Saturday night I did make a start on my novella to write this month, but I never actually typed anything. I outlined the story. You guys remember I’m a plotter right? I can’t do this panster writer stuff very well. I’m kind of learning to fly by my knickers when writing, during with my weekly writing challenges, with my writing buddy Didi Oviatt slowly. Very slowly.

Day Two:

 On Sunday I did a bit of research. Book #3 of the Romance Set in Paradise series will have a little historical feel to it. Not a lot, but the characters are slightly more mature. Most of my characters are around my age mid thirties. This romance novella will feature a heroine in her fifties. I look forward to writing the POV of a more mature lady. Research is needed as I’m featuring the 1950s jazz scene. Woooo hooo! An era I love, and have referenced in previous stories I’ve wrote. However I’ve never actually taken it there in a full book and really made use of it. This story will move between the present and the past.  And the exotic paradise location is … Greece! Somewhere I have been and really liked. I won’t say too much in case I change my mind lost moment. I knocked out five hundred words last night.

Today I have a few hours to write, I plan to write like no one is looking, knock out some serious word count. I’ll be up to my eyebrows in words for a few hours.


Have a great day!

What Camp Are You In For National Novel Writing Month? #nanowrimo #writerslife #amwriting

women writer funny

I’m limbering up for July’s marathon month of writing, with fellow writers around the world. I’m excited to take part in National Novel Writing month for the second time! I’ve updated my profile and jumped into a writing camp.  I just clicked “surprise me with random cabin mates.” This time I don’t care what group/camp I’m assigned to. I look forward to motivating, and being motivated by random writers around the world in my camp. I’ve set my goal : write book #3 of my romance series, predicting about 25,000 words for this short story. Saturday night… it’s show time!

If you’re doing Nanowrimo in July, what camp are you in? Have you signed up to one? Those of us that are taking part let’s keep in contact throughout July.


Good luck writers!!