FREE Chapter Preview: ‘Not Just for Christmas’ #romancereaders #amreading #newrelease #christmas

Happy Guy Fawkes night guys,

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable night, here in London the celebrations have kicked off already. I’ve had  fire crackers going off outside my window, for a few hours now.

Tonight I’m pleased to share with you a free chapter preview from Not Just for Christmas, my second book will be released little later in November. I’ll confirm the date for you all soon. In the mean time,  if you’re not out in the cold watching fireworks, then enjoy the start of a modern, feel-good romantic story, with a Christmas theme.

Book blurb:

In Not Just For Christmas readers are taken on a romantic journey set in London, during the festive season. Following two characters originally opposed to each other fall in love, with a enough warmth and sensuality to keep readers warm at any time of year.

As Christmas draws near thirty five year old social worker Ava Green, finds herself desperate to not be alone at her favourite time of year. Following the break- up of her engagement to her ex earlier in the year, Ava has spent  ten months on a mission to get over her ex.  With the support of her two of her closest girlfriends Tasha and Marie, Ava makes a bold move which surprises her girlfriends in order to find a companion for the festive season.  Ava’s path crosses with tall dark and handsome Detective Jerome Samuels, a forty five year old divorcee also in search of love. Once their paths cross after a few bumps along the way there’s no turning back, these two characters are caught up in  a whirlwind of sensual and heart –warming romance, that Detective Jerome Samuels hopes is  not just for Christmas, he’s on a mission to claim his lady Ava.

Click the link below to download the first 2.5 chapters for free.




Christmas 2016



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