Q& A: What’s The Hardest Scene You’ve Had To Write? #writerslife #amwriting @didi_oviatt

It’s Christmas Eve already across Europe, it’s 1.23 A.M I am still up. This is a question I ask  to other authors who feature in my monthly Meet The Author spotlight. This evening I’ve just answered this question myself, and thought I’d share a progress report on our next release The Suspenseful Collection Volume #2. Things are going really well! We have a wide range of great stories yet again! Looks like a January release for us. That said, after pacing my kitchen, eating a croissant and washing it down with two glasses of Coke, I’m faced with this situation as a writer ‘the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write?’


Didi.jpg I’ve just read a story that Didi wrote and sent to me, to write the second scene and finish up the tale. It’s a paranormal one, (something she does really well all that sci-fi, sciencey stuff, as well as suspense and thriller.) OMG I can’t think what to write!!! This is the hardest scene I have ever had to write!! My brain ( sometimes) just does not tick this way, the creativity that paranormal writers have is totally a different level of creativeness…. Damn! I totally respect writers in this genre.

Gimme anything, any prompt, and I mean anything I can write  it or for it.  Didi’s paranormal stuff… well now that’s ‘ the hardest scene I’ve ever had to write’,  same thing happened in The Suspenseful Collection Volume #1. LOL  Anyway, I better get back to my empty Word.doc. Thank you for the push right out of my comfort zone Didi.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

3 thoughts on “Q& A: What’s The Hardest Scene You’ve Had To Write? #writerslife #amwriting @didi_oviatt

  1. Reblogged this on Didi Oviatt and commented:
    LOL! After a day full of Christmas festivaties, way too much food (and wine), and lots of love and family, I’ve finally settled in for the night. I opened wordpress to the BEST compliment a writer can get… and that’s stumping your writting buddy!! 😂😂
    You’re welcome, my friend! You’ve got this!! I have complete faith 🤓


  2. Well it’s Christmas Eve morning , waiting on everyone to get ready to go eat a family Christmas Eve breakfast. My dog died yesterday and I am 😞 . But I am going to keep my head up and Rock. I hope everyone has a Rock Christmas also.

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