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Are you a writer? Or an aspiring writer? How do you find character development as a task while writing? Sometimes it can be quite a task to bring your characters alive on paper. For me as a reader I always love it when writers really develop their  characters  so well,  I can get a good sense of what a character is like  as a person. Or I have enough detail in the story to work with, to decide whether I like a character or not. 

I personally find that writing from a first person point of view ( which I love to do) also helps with character development, as you get right up and close to a character as the writer and reader. 

I done a guest blog on the topic of character development over at Serious Reading.  Here I share my top tips on developing  your characters  in your writing, you can have a read of the blog post by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Character Development- Guest Blog

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am writing a motivational memoir and have had to see myself as a character and worked through most of the Proust questionnaire as an exercise. That was quite helpful. I’ve also had to think about issues of character and values writing my blog. Because I’ve written about some pretty hard times but generally have a positive outlook and intentional try to balance out the good and the bad, I have to watch how I paint the mood and my outlook. I gave a talk once and was a bit shocked to read in the paper that I was experiencing depression. That wasn’t what I was trying to convey. I decided I had to in a sense sharpen the pencil and be more careful.
    xx Rowena

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