10 Randoms and Facts About Me…. #author



kimknightprofilepicI was inspired to do this blog post right after I read another blogger’s, what a great idea. So here are 10 randoms about me, I just wrote the first that came to my mind. If you have questions do ask me! I will answer.

  1. I’m five foot five in height.
  2. I always paint my nails and toes no matter what, I like them to look pretty, and I like to look pretty lol.
  3. My favourite colour is green.
  4. My birthday is the 14th February – yes Valentines Day.
  5. I am a massive music fan.
  6. I did dance lessons until I was about twelve or so.
  7. I speak French.
  8. I love fashion and to make clothes. I can follow industry made patterns to make  shirts, dresses, trousers whatever.
  9. I like body art, I have four tattoos the least painful one was  the flowers I have tattooed on my right foot! I’d like another one.
  10. I have a masters degree.
  11. Let’s make it eleven facts…. I’m a very spiritual person rather than religious, I don’t tie myself to a religion or follow it, personally. That said my mum would lean toward catholic as a religion… imagine her face when she reads my books ” Now Kimberly there really is no need for that language and all that sex,  how and where did you learn THAT!??” LOLS.  I believe in the Law of Attraction, The Universe, Affirmations, karma and all that good stuff!… call me chooco but I really have seen it work wonders in my life. Everyone needs some kind of faith to hold on to this is mine.


Tell me  randoms about you…

11 thoughts on “10 Randoms and Facts About Me…. #author

  1. Responding to your 10 facts:
    # 1 I’m 6 foot 2 in height and I weigh 195 kg. No, wait, make that lbs!
    # 5 I love music too, both to listen to and perform (I play oboe in a local symphony).
    #7 I used to know some French, but since moving to the States from Canada, I’ve forgotten more French than I ever knew. Sigh.
    #8 It would not be possible for me to care less. Sorry.
    #11 This describes me quite well, too, except that my dear, departed mum loved sexy romances.

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    • Hey Ed thanks for stopping by and for sharing some random facts. Wow you’re tall! One thing I would love to be able to do is play an instrument, probably the piano. How long have you been in a symphony for? …. all your French has gone? What a shame, you need practice and it will all come back. I only speak French if I go to France or to my French speaking girlfriends. I do write a lot in French as I have French speaking “pen friends ” to keep my fluent. I love letter writing too. Not many men care for fashion so I forgive you lol. Oh your mum had great taste in books *wink. I think my mum is really proud but can’t quite get her head around the fact that her youngest daughter “writes like that” or “can write that POV” I don’t think it’s too sexy for her I think it’s more the fact that it’s me … writing!


  2. I’m showing my age here, but I’ve played principal oboe in one orchestra or another for the last 40 years. The current orchestra is an amateur group. I used to have some online French correspondents, but that gradually withered away.

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  3. Fun facts! I also love music, but I am bit on the shorter side {5’1″}. I wish I could speak French, but know a little Spanish. Oh, and I want a tattoo but I’m a total wuss when it comes to pain, so I’m too scared to get one!


  4. The secret and it’s grattitude is the way I roll too. You are possibly a giant… I am 4 foot eleven. I love music of many genres A tattoo would be a wish but my chance to have one has passed me by as my teeth are far too long almost the length of my years… but never say never. Great to learn some more about you.😇


    • Oh wow 4’11 that’s tiny! But my 5’5 height normally makes me a giant compared to petite ladies like you. I still wear my killer heels so I can be at least 5’9 as I find normally I’m on the shorter side compared to must. I think they say the average height for a women is 5’8 …. I’d love to have super model height. 🙂

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    • Oh yes and the secret is something I read a good few times a year. And I have my visualisation board to pinned up, above my table where I write. It’s so empowering this school of thought. A girlfriend of my introduced it to me years back. I’ll forever be grateful to her.

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      • Me too, my sister gave me mine and insisted I read it. I remember rolling my eyes it was 2008 and everyone wrote a self help book. It is on my desk alongside my laptop and notebooks. One day I will write about the outcome of my visualisation board, for now I won’t tempt fate as I am almost ready to write the hardest words on my manuscript… The end ‘eeeekkkk’


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