Writing Prompt & Book Excerpt: “I Disagree…asshole!” #amwriting #amreading #romancereader


Today’s WordPress writing prompt is disagree. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have your own mind, and not agree with everything and everyone. In A Stranger in France my main heroine Kate,  clearly feels the same way. Here’s an excerpt from A Stranger in France showing Kate’s POV and her  explosive disagreement with her husband Danny. I’m not going to tell you what they disagree about, who, what or how  helps her to gain  her inner strength back, to stand up to Danny….. oh the suspense continues!…. You’ll need to download it from Amazon to find out…. So far A Stranger in France has received only 5 star reviews.


I slam  my fist down on the kitchen table to punctuate my last word. He raises his eyebrows at me in surprise. I don’t know what he’s so surprised about, how can you come out with a bullshit comment like that to the woman you’ve been married to for five years that’s offered financial and emotional support without any resentment….. up until now.

‘’Look Kate, let’s not argue.”

Suddenly, I see Danny through different eyes, the rose tinted glasses have been removed. I look him up and down and realise I’m too much for him, clearly not the type of woman he needs I’m just not needy enough. That’s what makes him feel like a man a needy woman. Does he not know behind every successful man stands a strong woman. In a rage I scream out at him.

“That’s the problem Danny, we don’t argue or even communicate for that matter, and you’ve shut me out and made me feel unwelcome in my own home. You said you’ve hated me at times! Hated me for me being who I am? For working hard and achieving? Having a plan and sticking with it? Not failing in life? Not being the one who was made redundant? What?’’

I walk up to Danny and stand under his six foot one frame, I’m no longer fearful or feel I need to censor my words. I get right in his face.

“Tell me what have I done? For you to fucking hate me asshole?”


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