Daily Word Prompt Response: Admire (One For My Girlfriend)

IMG-20160730-WA0004 (1)Admire

Write a response to today’s word prompt: Admire

  1. “To regard with respect or warm approval”
  2. “To look at something ( impressive or attractive) with pleasure”

(Oxford Dictionary definition)

For today’s response I want to share with you my admiration for the girl on the left, no it’s not Kim Kardashian it’s one of my best girlfriends Ellie! If you have read the preview chapters of my novel, you will see in the acknowledgements I thank Ellie for being such a dear girlfriend. We took this picture today . We both had a well deserved break from motherhood, left our sons with their fathers and took off to enjoy London’s sunshine. We head to the shopping mall, had lunch, gossiped,laughed,shopped,went to Starbucks and sat outside in the sun talking some more.

Ellie and I met years ago, in our early 20s at university here in London, we both left our previous careers (she’s a qualified lawyer)  and went on to study to qualify as teachers. Our paths crossed as we were placed in the same group to work together on a project, I’m not going to lie when I first realised I was placed with Ellie  I looked her up and down and I thought ” Oh my god, this girl is going to be hard work  to work with number 1. she is beautiful with her  big wild dark curly hair and perfectly applied make-up,  and nice clothes and  number 2 she’s a qualified solicitor (lawyer) she’s bound to be argumentative and a real diva.”  I remember I took a  deep breath, slapped a smile on my face and hoped for the best as she said ‘‘ Hey I’m Ellie”. How wrong I was, she is one of the most kindest, down-to-earth and gentle females I have come across. We also have so much in common we both spend way too much time on You Tube watching make-up tutorials and product reviews. In another life  we’d both be make-up artists. We are both spiritual souls.

I realised looks can be deceiving and I was wrong to pass judgement on her due to how she looks and what she did previously for a living. Her clear brains and beauty are  non diva like at all. All these years later she has not changed.

Anyway, why do I admire this lady? Why am I dedicating this post to her with my word prompt response? Why did I thank her so openly in my author acknowledgements and why would I be upset if I lost her friendship?….

  1. Ellie introduced me to ”The Secret” and the ”Law of Attraction.” She is a very spiritual soul. Thanks to Ellie my already spiritual self was enhanced when met in our early 20s. To this day, the main achievements in my life especially my publishing deals I’ve scored,  have been thanks to this school of thought Ellie introduced me to. She has helped shape how I walk through life. One afternoon over lunch about 6-7 years ago when we were having a deep conversation about life, religion and beliefs I  I was learning about her cultural background-she’s of Iranian decent, she pulled out her phone and started to show me all this ”stuff” I never looked back. I admire her way of thinking about life and how forward thinking and positive she is.  She may serve you up some blunt home truths, but she means well. She is very straight down the line, fact based, no bullshit kinda person. Probably the lawyer in her but I admire it.
  2. When we were broke students, I was in a panic  one day as I had received final notification from my electricity suppliers. They were going to cut off my supply for late and non payment. I am not ashamed to say this  I had NO money to pay! Ellie knew something was up, I didn’t know her well enough to explain my situation, I just lightly brushed over money worries as a broke student  which she could relate to. Ellie paid my bill, just like that, that very day. I did not ask her she got it  out of me what the ”real” issue was. She never asked when I will repay her. Of course I did in bits and pieces I  was determine she’d get her money back. Bottom line, she is very generous, caring and trusting she hardly know me  back then. We met in September this was like October/ November time. She saved my ass big time. I will never forget this. I admire her giving heart.
  3. Ellie helped me understand the legal aspects of my publisher’s contract and oversaw that all my interests are protected. I lucked out making friends with a lawyer! I admire that no one can pull the wool over her eyes.She’s a smart-ass when it comes to the law.
  4. She constantly has my back and encourages me. I admire that she is a friend that has your corner, and never makes you feel like the friendship is one sided.
  5. She’s a great mother,   I admire how she juggles work and family life so well.

I admire, respect and trust this lady. It feels like in some past life we knew each other we just click and she just gets me! Thank you for your friendship. I also did another writing prompt on the word buddy which you can read here.

13 thoughts on “Daily Word Prompt Response: Admire (One For My Girlfriend)

  1. Wow. I admire the respect you have for this woman and she’s so lucky to have you too. With everything you posted here, please get her to read it, I mean it’s so touching, I wish I had a close friend like that too 👍✌

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  2. Hey Kim. Truly enraptured by your beautiful and honest words about my sister. She is one of my biggest heroes, a true embodiment of humankind and what its potential could achieve. She inspires many and envelops those she cherishes with a love and a warmth that is unique only to her spirit. You have summed it up perfectly and she chose well to find a sister (chosen family is just as important as actual) in you. Thank you for inspiring us with your friendship.

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  3. I am completely taken back by your beautiful words 😪 YOU are and have been a true inspiration to me and ALL women out there! Today you were able to lift my spirits in exactly the way I needed to be lifted and reminded me of what amazing and great things this life has to offer; beautiful, positive and ‘GENUINE’ people like YOU, which are truly rare! We crossed each others paths for a reason, and that reason manifested itself through all the ups and downs we’ve managed to get through by leaning on each other and being each others strength- the way I hope and pray to one day see in the rest of humanity!

    I love you from the bottom of my heart and I thank you for being MY true inspiration xxxx

    Ellie xxxxxx
    #grateful #blessed #thankful

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