Writing Prompt: Unfinished Business…


Write a post for today’s WordPress one word writing prompt unfinished.

By nature I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, I like to do things just so if it means a lot to me, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I have completed something  I’m not a fan of  unfinished business. The most recent thing I’ve left unfinished for much longer than I would have liked, is a story I’ve had rolling around in between my ears since October 2015. One full year! But what I’ve learned is that sometimes it is best to have unfinished business, as when you go back to finish up – things can be a lot more better.

Since I completed all writing and edits for A Stranger in France, and finally got to release day   in between that and  waiting for my second book to come back from the editor, I’ve gone back to the drawing board on this unfinished story. Six things happened when I read what I wrote a year ago through….

  1. Shock, it was terrible! All over the place in terms of presentation, layout, and I was not a fan of how the characters/ story came across. My (tiny) experience  from writing two other books kicked in.
  2. I re- drafted on paper the story ,about four times before I settled with what I have now!
  3. I re-wrote the first 4 chapters ( not from scratch) but I removed a good chunk 
  4. I managed to take the story in a new suspenseful/mystery  direction then I originally had done.
  5. I wrote and edited the first three chapters, once happy I sent it off ( last weekend ) to my publisher for feedback, with the full book synopsis.
  6. I feel now much more happier.

So I guess unfinished business in some cases can be a blessing if you’re a writer or  hope to have some of your work published some day, you can go off learn something from another project, then come back stronger,  and finish up in a more happier place. 

I hope I do get some positive feedback, even if I don’t I will still write the story for my own satisfaction  to not have unfinished business! 

What unfinished business have you got? WHY have you not finished it? What is your plan to have it complete?


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