Writing Prompt: Stylish….hmmm


My favourite hour of the day! The WordPress writing prompt word has been announced and today it’s stylish. I love this word as I love style and fashion, other than writing and reading, style and fashion are two of my very favourite things. I can sew, follow dress making patterns, alter them and adjust clothes etc   just another skill up my sleeve. I  also own a sewing machine- I just love fashion and style.

So today, you’ll learn a bit about me  when it comes to style and also about Nicholas D’Coix when it comes to style… who is he? Oh where have you been? He’s the hero in A Stranger in France and he has BAGS of style.  Before we meet him and his style here are a few of my favourite things when it comes to style:

Personal style must haves

  • I can’t leave the house without a shade of lipstick on or a spray of perfume – habit.
  • I love to wear scarfs oversized ones with bold prints.
  •  When I invest in a new lipstick it  always has to be a matte finish one, not satin, or gloss  – like my book cover that’s matte too lol ( girls you know what I mean by matte.)
  • My every day perfume choice is actually ” Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker or  “Look” by Vera Wang – most days, but I have lots of smells I love.
  • My nails are never bare without polish, whether its bold and bright or dark and vampy they are always painted.
  • I don’t ever where trainers, like Nikes etc I have one pair of Converse and that’s it. I’m a shoe or boots girl always have been.
  • Jeans are always dark denim, much more flattering to the bum and thighs!

Here’s an  excerpt from inside my book A Stranger in France, which shows readers just how much style Nicholas D’Coix has. When I was writing this character, in my mind as a man he is  not only drop dead gorgeous he’s so stylish with it too. He has a natural flair with fashion. Here’s Kate’s POV on his style…. when she first meets him…..

After dinner and drinks, Tanya and I hit the dance floor fully buzzed from our champagne and ready to dance the night away. I’m so tipsy, my feet are not even killing me in my strappy wedge heels. Song after song, I dance, laugh, speak bad French to the locals and forgot my troubles in London, when from out of nowhere he appears again. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome grabs me from behind and spins me around to face him. He is even more handsome up close. In a smooth French accent, he introduces himself as Nicholas and asks me for a dance. How can I say no say no when I’m standing in front of a deep chocolate skinned, six-foot two foot man with a well cut body and enough style to make even Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City jealous?

I glance around for Tanya she’s deep in conversation with a handsome stranger of her own, what the hell? I turn back to Nicholas smile and we dance, pressed against him with my arms around his neck and his hands on my hips. He has great rhythm which makes me wonder if he has this much rhythm between the sheets….




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