Book Review: Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals (spirituality/non-fiction) 5 Wonderful Stars!#TheZennedOutGuidetoUnderstandingCrystals #NetGalley

CrystalsThis is the second book I’ve read by this author, but the first time I’ve ever heard of her. I feel like she’s a new favourite non-fiction author of mine already from just two books. I also bought this one too. I thank the author and Netgalley for my free copy in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

About the Book:

The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals covers everything you need to know about crystals and their unique healing properties.

This is your spiritual guide to using crystals for healing, meditating, boosting energy, improving mood, elevating your health, and much more. Discover which crystal is right for you and harness its power as you become more balanced and centered. Approachable exercises make it easy for you to practice techniques for amplifying healing energy, manifesting your intentions, and enhancing your ritual work. A gorgeous illustrative guide to over 90 crystals helps you identify which crystals resonate with you the most. With this book, you’ll:Learn the significance of each crystal’s color and its relation to chakras, the best way to position it, and ideal crystal pairings.Find out which moon phases, days of the week, zodiac signs, and chakras work best with each.Learn how to best clean, program, and protect your crystals by using elements such as the moon and the sun, so you can enhance each crystal’s power as you work with them.Use crystals as intention-setting tools to manifest what you want to bring into your life and add more meaning to your spiritual craft.Practice meditation techniques and protect your energy to raise your vibrations.With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals, you’ll deepen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit as you explore the earth’s energy through crystals.
The Zenned Out series is an open invitation to seasoned and curious spiritualists who want to explore their craft. With Cassie Uhl’s approachable steps and explanations to mystical tools and symbolism, readers can start using the information right away.

blendedfamilies - my review

So this is my third book on this subject matter I’ve found on Netgalley and then purchased, while the others are both five star reads, I feel like this book offers something very different. It’s to die for also, visually as is the author’s other book I read. This book on crystals felt more down-to- earth and by this I mean, less technical, or metaphysical with the fine details of what makes up each crystal from the earth. That said, for me the more toned down approach was not something I needed, I could get head around the metaphysical approach of the others, it was just nice to read a more reader friendly book on the subject!

Also, the author covers a very different angle for example moon phases, astrology, and different areas of crystal use, information, facts and practical info that other books have not. I found this really nice. Generally it is an easy to read book, and very enjoyable. I would recommend it for anyone who has an interest in metaphysics, crystals etc. Especially beginners because the author’s approach is very different to what I’ve noticed is common, with books on this subject matter. Five wonderful stars from  me! I can’t wait for the hard copy to arrive. Thank you again Netgalley and the author for the chance to review it free!

Book Review: Understanding Auras (Non-fiction/ Spirituality) 5+ Wonderful stars!! #TheZennedOutGuidetoUnderstandingAuras #NetGalley

Understanding AuraThis book is OMG gorgeous on EVERY level, I thank NetGalley and the author for my free review copy. All opinions are my own. Let’s just say, I bought a  hardback copy after I read the e-book version!

About The Book:

In this beautifully illustrated comprehensive guide to auras, expert spiritualist Cassie Uhl shows you how to identify and interpret energetic fields with actionable steps that will make you an expert in no time.

Auras are constantly changing. Everything can affect your aura: your mood, your health, the food you eat, your environment, and the energy of other people. With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras, you’ll learn how to intuit your auric field and what steps you can take to keep your aura radiant, healthy, and protected. You’ll also learn the different layers and colors and what they mean, plus discover techniques to cleanse and heal your energetic field. Gorgeous illustrations make it easy to navigate through the chapters as you enhance your intuition and understanding of energy. You’ll:Learn about the subtle energy body, the many purposes of the aura, and how each chakra connects to the auras.Tap deeper into your intuition and third eye chakra to open yourself up to experiencing auras by feeling, hearing, touching, intuiting, or “seeing” them.Take the aura quiz to find your primary aura color(s) and better understand your personality and traits.Protect your aura through energy work, crystals, herbs, food, meditations, visualizations, sound healing, and breathing techniques.Do quick aura scenes to identify energy vampires that are harming your aura and help keep your aura healthy.Perform aura readings on other people and on yourself! With these interactive exercises and tips, you can protect your aura from unwanted energy and feel like your best self.
The Zenned Out series is an open invitation to seasoned and curious spiritualists who want to explore their craft. With Cassie Uhl’s approachable steps and explanations to mystical tools and symbolism, readers can start using the information right away.

blendedfamilies - my review

I picked up the book off Netgalley as I just love these kind of esoteric subjects, and yes I have been able to read my own aura by using my hand in the past.  It’s not a new subject to me, but there’s always more to learn and understand. In fact, I have never really read more on the subject of auras, than what I found on small blog posts on esoteric websites I follow. The first thing to say is, this book is visually to die for, the illustrations are beautiful, diverse, and feature people from all over the world. There are so many ethnic pictures it is just adorable to look at. Apart from the stunning visual I found as a reader, that the author is very down to earth, uses everyday language, very detailed, and makes the whole subject matter of ‘auras’ we give off as people 1. interesting 2. fun 3. very practical in ‘how to’ actually read someone’s aura, or your own.

The book also covers a lot of reference to the body’s chakra system, therefore it gives additional learning and deeper understanding. It also covers why we have auras, where they come from, the different types and so many other cool things.

One statement that the author makes is that, ‘we give off an aura before we even say anything, shake hands etc.’ ‘ Vibes don’t lie.’ I totally agree with her, I have always felt this way. The author is very relatable in her style of delivery.

Overall, I give Understanding Auras 5 plus wonderful stars, the level of detail, ease of reading, and general enjoyment for me was off the scale! I recommend it to all those who enjoy spirituality and esoteric subjects. I can’t wait for my hardback to arrive it will sit very proudly on my bookshelf for ‘woo woo’ subjects LOL. I thank Netgalley and the author again for the preview.

Book Review: Moon Baths : Bathing Rituals and Recipes for Relaxation and Vitality 3 Wonderful stars.( Self-help) #MoonBath #NetGalley

Thank you to Netgallery for the information on this book, as other reviewers mentioned, when I tried to download my review copy it wouldn’t work. However the blurb sounded fantastic to me, I was convinced after reading it that ‘this is one for the bookshelf.’  I pre-ordered a copy and waited patiently. It arrived, I read, had a lovely bath last Sunday during this month’s new Moon in Virgo! But… and there is a but, I found that this book could be improved slightly in my honest opinion, but I do like it. And would still recommend it.

About the Book:

 Moon Bath a luxurious guide that invites readers to immerse themselves in the healing powers of nature.

cover192964-mediumThis transformative book features 16 bath and shower rituals aligned with the lunar cycles and the natural rhythms of the cosmos.

Organized by moon cycle –New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon – each ritual includes a bath recipe featuring healing natural ingredients.

– Includes affirmations and meditations
– Journaling prompts promote reflection and self-discovery.
– Filled with lush, nature-inspired photography

Brimming with Ayurvedic wisdom and plant-based medicine, Moon Bath is a lovely companion for modern mystics, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to wash away the stresses of daily life.

blendedfamilies - my review

3 Lovely, But Room For Improvement Stars

First thing to say is, this is a visually stunning book, it screams luxury the pages, hardback, colours, everything about it. I really love all of this. I also love how the book is organised into seasons. So each month we have a new, waxing, full, and then waning moon– the moon’s natural cycle. Within the book there is a special bath tea ( tea to add to your bath water), with herbs and lovely essential oils for each moon during the spring, summer, winter and autumn months– love this! I also really love the pictures the authors used, and the writing prompts for each moon/season and bath.

On the other hand, while I expected all of this wonderful stuff to read, and loved all the information what I found was that:

  1. A lot of the herbs used to make your ‘tea’ to add for your bath can’t be sourced very easily at the local supermarket, or herb store. Just by reading them I could see that, without even heading out.  Now if you are someone that knows or has an interest in herbs ( like me) you can reach for other resources, and use alternatives. But, really this should not be the case. This is where I feel the book has room for improvement, it’s not very suitable for everyone in that respect. And some may even feel they need to search the internet, import these herbs/flowers etc and go through a lot of expense. I feel that overall the herbs should be easily accessible– all of them. In each of the sixteen rituals I could pick out herbs that would not be in the food aisle, sadly.
  2. The authors really do explain well how the different moon phases can cause us to feel, as people Eg reflective, creative, etc. However, here is room for improvement too. How about explain the moon’s phases in more detail, for those who don’t know the difference between a waxing and waning moon for example. Some readers ( myself included) do, but  some or even many may not. There’s major room for improvement here to educate readers further.
  3. The herbs themselves– why are we using them? Again if you’re not someone who is familiar with all of them that the authors recommend to use in your bath, where is the extra education for readers? I would have love to know WHY the authors settled on the herbs they recommended for a waxing moon in the summer for example, compared to a waxing moon in the winter? Clearly there’s a difference what is it? As I don’t know and would love to!

As mentioned, last weekend I did look at the bath tea recommended for an autumn new Moon, and take a lovely bath. However, I did replace the raspberry leaves for raspberry herbal tea  I had at home LOL. So, you can see that in some months you may need to use alternatives. It  would have been lovely if the authors recommended herbs that allow ease of use, for more people. Generally, this is a beautiful book, and a stunning concept simply boiling herbs, water, flowers and in some cases fruit with hot water on a stove, tip it into your bath water, have a nice relaxing bath with it with candles and music etc, then reflect in your journal at key points in the month, based on the moon’s phase. However, there is a lot of room for improvement to enhance the average reader’s experience, learning, and connection with WHY they are using what they are using, and WHAT the moon’s actual energy is! I realise the latter is moving into the astrology realm, but it’s not hard to explain the differences between the moon’s phases for those who may not know. For me, it was worth the buy straight away without the free review copy, as I do like the book and can fill in the gaps. Readers who can’t may not get as much out of the book as they hoped, especially if the herbs for the bath teas are hard to find, which is the main concept of the box ‘tea baths’. Three stars from me, but I do love it and recommend it even to have on the shelf and look at it’s stunning. I will take more baths using the recipes  as in all honesty my house smelt amazing!  I felt like some kind of Goddess when I got out the bath, so thanks! Give it a try if you like the concept of a relaxing bath, some you time and relaxation.