Throwback Thursday, It’s 1995 who remembers this one?

So this classic tune came on the radio this week, imagine… me cooking and singing along and my five year old at the table playing with his tablet.

Me> Oh this  is a tune. *turns up radio and starts singing .*

Son> Stooooooop siiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnging!!

Me> *Narrows eyes and looks behind me at the boy.*

Son> *Wide smile, all teeth on show and bright eyes*  I love you Mummy, but no singing not today!

Me> **Cracks up laughing** Really, but can’t sing?

Son> *Eyes back on the tablet and he sighs at me* Noooooo Mummy, not todaaaaay.

The cheek of the little devil!! ROTFL at the time his tone had me in stitches he is five years old!! It felt like a role reversal, just like when I tell him ‘no, not today.’

Anyway, TLC are legends they were the biggest selling girl group of the 90s, I remember writing an article about Left Eye, then realising just how successful they were back then.  A chart topping and award winning group.  I really enjoyed their music then, and I still do now.  This song in particular,  also really like how they were unlike any other girl group. Baggy pants, attitude, and different personalities. They did not try to sell themselves on sex appeal like a LOT of female groups now. I respect that.

It’s 1995, I just left school and  was figuring out what direction to go in, what were you doing when this song was released?

Let’s step back, sing along and do the shoulder-hop dance this video is famous for along with T-Boz, Left-eye and Chilli…. otherwise known as TLC.


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