Book Review> For My Good, By Tanisha Stewart, 5 Brilliant Stars @tanisha.stewart.775



Gina is reeling from the shock of her recent breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Kayden Senior. He’s left her and their son high and dry, forcing her to take matters into her own hands to ensure their well-being.

Keisha is paranoid over her ex, Rico. He’s cheated on her and beat her countless times. He got locked up after he put her in the hospital, but she heard recently that he is set to get out any day now. Since Rico has been away, Keisha has taken notice of Mike, a nice guy from her church, but Rico has made her leery of all men and relationships.

Melanie broke up with her boyfriend, Jarvis, shortly after the birth of their son due to Jarvis’ cheating. She’s dating around, but one guy in particular, Kylon, seems to keep making his way to the forefront of her mind. She’s sworn off love and relationships, but Kylon seems more than ready to pick up the pieces.

Follow a story of friendship, heartache, and relationships as we meet Gina, Keisha, and Melanie in this prequel to the For My Good series.


Kim’s Review-

5 Stars, I am Buying The Next Installments…all of them!

You know, I could just say as a review this author’s work gets five stars from me simply because, as I closed the book I noted all titles in the series, went to, then joined the author’s reader’s group! But I should let you now more…

I was scrolling though my timeline, looking for something to read, on a day that I was feeling rather s*it to be honest. I wanted something ‘feel good’ to read, but not corny and unrealistic. The cover caught my eye on Facebook, so did the blurb. I bought it and  finished it in two hours flat, I was drawn in and felt great after! I have not read African-American or  the urban  genre  for a while, I finished one book the night before  and was feeling another one, I’m glad I picked up this one to continue my binge in this genre.

Firstly, what I really loved as I read this book is the author’s writing style. The story is told via first person, chapters of each woman’s situation however it ties together to give a full story. I also found as I read , that this author’s writing style  is very authentic in terms of the characters and developing them. I am from a different part of the world these characters are from, so I talk different, and my accent is too…but the author really made each woman’s personality ‘turn up’, how they spoke and their quirks  loved it. I understood each woman well, and imagined them well just from the way the author showed me who they are as women. Even without a physical description I did not need one.

Secondly,  as I read I noticed after the story unfolded on how the characters met, that this author could have just written it as a narration  from her, but instead she played it out for readers to experience with the characters, and I loved it. By the time I turned the page, and realised ‘oh okay that was how they met that was the backstory, not now’ I thought ‘hmm that was clever I like that’. Generally  I really liked the style of how the story is told.

Thirdly, I found the stories these women had to tell highly realistic, and that most women regardless of race could identify to at least something from each woman’s story. The stories were engaging to read, and all three of the women’s stories made me what to find out what happens next. A classic sign of a five star book, I cared and still care about Melanie, Gina and Keisha, so I can’t wait to open the next story from Tanisha Stewart’s series. A new fan gained!


The author’s reader’s group can be found here



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