Book Review: Aggravated Momentum by Didi Oviatt 5*

Aggravated Momentum by [Oviatt, Didi]

A very enjoyable read! First let me start by saying, this author has a certain style of writing, it’s not just fast paced and gripping, it’s moving and will place you in the same room as the characters. Each character is portrayed via a first person POV, my personal favourite in the thriller genre. Didi Oviatt did not fail me! I was convinced by every character’s POV. Especially  our prime suspect and killer.

The Plot:

Markie finds her self surrounded by death, her nearest and dearest are dropping like flies, and no one can understand why.  Her sister Kam is also unnerved by the random killings taking place. Early on in the book we learn who the suspect is, I won’t give spoilers as I hate these myself. As I was reading I thought to myself why did the author do this, why has she given away the who-dun-it so soon?  Well, there’s a good reason, the plot thickens the murderer is connected not just to Markie, but her sister Kam and  their mother in a major way. And the suspect’s  motive is a sick one, as a reader you know more than the killer does about the past ,as the author shows you it.  There’s more than what meets the eye. Once we learn who our suspect is we take a walk in their shoes for the remaining chapters, Readers experience their sick mind and spiteful ways. We also walk in Markie, Kam and their mother’s shoes.

Each of these characters have their own issues, Markie is grieving the loss of her best friend who was murdered, Kam is in constant conflict with her role as a younger sister and how important she is to Markie, Brock Kam’s boyfriend… hummm don’t let that soft feminine exterior fool you, Evelyn Kam and Markie’s mother is a drama queen, with a LOT  of secrets and a LOT to answer for.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot, as I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but what I will say is the plot is good, unpredictable and surprising. The ending is left open for a good chance of a part #2,I really hope that there is! I finished the last page feeling like I need more, more answers and more knowledge on what happens to Kam and Markie next.

The last time I read a thriller and felt like I was there, with the murderer in the same room was when I read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. This is the second time. Aggravated Momentum really made me feel as though I was part of the crime scenes, and right next to the killer as they planned and plotted the next move. Just brilliant.

I’ve given this book five stars not just for the unpredictable and surprising plot, but for the writing style and flare in how the story is told, it works well, and how the author was able to write different POV’s consistently, and really well. As readers you are pulled into each character’s POV and issues. It takes a lot of talent to get this right, Didi has done it. Five well deserved stars! I will for sure read part #2… I hear on the grapevine there just might be one landing soon!

Book Review: The Homecoming 5 Stars by Tammy Tate.


This book is like some kind of wave. For me personally, just when I thought the dust settled some drama came knocking! For a paranormal romance there are parts that are really thrilling and suspenseful, and I never saw the ending coming. I could not predict what might happen.

Sydney is half human and half shifter, she moves over to her aunt’s  from Oklahoma to prepare for her first shift, in hope that she does not die during the experience as the force is powerful with the change.  She’s  only half shifter as her father is human,  her late mother was a full shifter. Before she arrived she had a few dreams about a certain man who she could not place. She drew a picture of him to remember him, for some reason she is drawn to him.

Once she arrives  at her aunt’s in the shifter community off the main land, almost instantly she crosses the mystery man’s path. Enter Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome himself – Kyle. Kyle knew she was on her way, as a full shifter he could sense it and smell her. He imprinted her ( bonded with her) , so in a way they were bonded before they even met and destined to be mates, hence the dreams Sydney had.

Mr. Tall Dark and handsome has a lot on his hands when his potential mate Sydney arrives. Seems like women in the shifter community are swooning. He has a mate pre -organised for him, Emily, and another female on his case Mona.  *conflict alert* I won’t spoil it and say why Mona has an interest.

Sydney survives her shift, and now she’s public enemy #1 for Emily, Kyle’s mate organised by “the elders” and Mona we’ll call her “the bunny boiler” after Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. Sydney survives three attempts to kill her, * conflict alert* I won’t spoil it.  This drama leads Sydney, Kyle, Kyle’s best friend Beau, and Emily Kyle’s organised mate  to Canada, across the boarder to find Justin Kyle’s twin brother. *I won’t spoil it * Once they arrive that’s when the wave picks up again and the pace is fast. What I liked about this part of the story was, the element of real life the author crafted cleverly. They are shifters leaving their off land home to enter “our” human world, driving cars, getting on planes etc. To see all this play out as a non- human was great. It really worked well in the story.

The sex scenes and heat levels are pretty steamy too!

The Homecoming is a trilogy I think, but there is certainly part #2. I hear on the grapevine it will land in June. Lap up The Homecoming and sit tight for part #2. When it’s on pre-order I’ll grab mine!

Overall, what I will say is The Homecoming for me was an enjoyable experience to read, and I liked the story line. The turns and anticipation did have me up late at night. It was a book I found hard to put down. The romance was there with a complex love triangle – a modern one too, I could see the drama happening in real life within humans. The swooning over Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome was there, he fought for his woman. And he was not the arrogant alpha- male type that needs a woman to calm him. Our main man is really cool, with a fun side but takes charge. His best friend made me smile a real likeable character. The world created in this shifter and vampire paranormal romance really pulled me in.

I have read other stories by this author before, what I will say is her style is fast paced, modern not dated, and very engaging. Her stories do tend to highlight diversity, I have read stories in other settings non paranormal where native people would  normally be found, she did not ignore that she wrote from the native’s POV, with accents and all.

I will for sure be reading The Homecoming part #2. Thank you Tammy Tate for creating this wonderful world to escape to! Five well deserved stars.


lovely 4* Review! Thank you Reader ! #amreading #romance #newrelease

Awww I’m getting excited in the run up to release day. Each time I’m notified of reviews for Havana Heat I hold my breath and hope the reader enjoyed. Thank you reader, whoever you are! I’m glad you enjoyed the Author Review Copy the book promo company sent you. I hope you’ll be back and read book #2. in June.

Don’t forget guys you can read the first four chapters for free here. 


Format: Paperback

Havana Heat was an enjoyable wee read. It features everything a traditional romance novella should: lust, intrigue, complex situations, a good dose of drama, some steamy moments, suspense and of course a Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Melinda Jones is fed up with dating. It is always the same mundane task where the man is only interested in something quick and casual. A successful wedding planner, her professional life could not be better, until a bride to be invites her to join them on their dream wedding in the gorgeous destination of Havana, Cuba. A break is just what she needs.

Detective Sebastian Garcia is struggling to cope with life. Suffering from PTSD, a trip to a Caribbean Paradise is just what the doctor ordered.

Neither one expected what they would find. Sparks fly, mix in sun, sea sand, salsa dancing and tequila and you have the recipe for the making of a real spicy Latin Loving. Well worth the read.

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Writing Prompt: Write About A Book That Affected You – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn #amwriting #author #inspiration

Another writing prompt from the random situation generator I found on line, to spark writing creativity. There were a few  random situation prompts,  this afternoon that caught my eye- being a writer this one stuck out. I’d love to share why I love this particular book , (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn), and how it helped me make some hard decisions as a writer and now author.

Where do I start with this book? Have you read it? If not you really should. If you’ve seen the movie the book is miles better, even though the movie is also good. A few of the things I admire about this book is firstly the genre, (psychological) thriller, the characters, the actual story line’s nuts a bolts (human relationships) and the way Gillian wrote the book. She did something that a lot of writers/authors (not me) shy from- she wrote in the first person. Some say, that this is a sign of amateur writing, I completely disagree and fight this point tooth and nail … I think if you can do it and do it well – get on with it. From experience it is a challenge to do this, if you write in the suspenseful type genres. Do y’all know what it takes to write in first person well enough for it to have the right impact on readers ? A hell of a lot! Gillian did a fantastic job, I can’t praise her highly enough. You have to react to situations like the character, not how you personally would and be consistent- challenging not easy.

When I read Gone Girl, I was there, totally engrossed, mouth open. I felt like I was right there with the main (crazy ass) female character, Amy dressed in black with my hat low, ready to commit the crimes she did in the book, along side her. I saw, felt, heard, tasted, smelt and experienced everything she did in all the (unthinkable) acts of madness Gillian made this character do, in this brilliant suspenseful thriller. In my (humble) opinion the story would not have had the same impact on me as a reader, if it she  wrote in third person.

Apart from the choice of  how Gillian decided to tell the story, through her characters as opposed to third person as the author.  And the brilliant ( unpredictable) twists and turns, the character development was spot on! From chapter one, I sensed Amy was a nut job I never liked her as a person, she was out of this world crazy, but guess what I was not about to put that book down. In my view Gillian created a villain and unusually a female villain- a total bitch I hated, but she ( Amy)  made me want to read right to the last page. To do that as a writer I think is something to be  very proud of.  Nice job Gillian.

How this author’s book helped with my own tough decision making as a writer is also quite important.  Firstly, I honestly believe that when one has a story-line knocking between their ears, the story will tell YOU how you write it eg suspenseful,  scary, horror, thrill, third person, first person whatever. That’s been my experience, while writing two books and now on my third. A Stranger in France (my first book) the story-line and characters I had in mind told me three things 1. suspense is the theme and overall feeling of the story 2. Kim you have to write first person if you want readers to feel and experience, what each of these characters go through, in the twists and turns you have in mind, third person won’t work.  What reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl did  for me personally as a writer is  to allow me to  say f*ck it! I don’t care what anyone says about writing first person. I am in the driver’s seat I am the writer damn it I’m going against the “norm” or what is considered as the usual approach for my genre ( romance),  I’m writing in first person, and I’ll do it  as well as I can !  To be honest if an editor or publisher said to me “Kim write this  ( book) in third person” I would have said no and self published, that’s how strongly I felt about it and how much I enjoy first person writing- becoming the characters as I write. So Thank you Gillian! You gave me some balls  that I will carry with me for life as a writer, after seeing an example of perfect first person writing, with excellent character development. I’d do it all again …  in fact I did 🙂   and I plan on writing more stories maybe in first person, using excellent character development. Thanks Gillian!



Seven 5* Amazon Reviews I Want To Share. #amreading #romance #amwriting


Yesterday I had a really terrible day (Tuesday) I won’t bore you all with why, it’s a new day. Today -Wednesday I woke up to two more five star reviews for A Stranger in France. This makes a total of seven so far. I swear the last one almost made me want to cry! As I said when I posted my four star review that came back from  Goodreads it humbles me, surprises me and most of all motivates me to know readers so far are enjoying my work.  It’s feedback like this that makes a writer hold on to their own self-belief, that maybe one day they can just write! For the love of it.

Well until that day comes for me, I better continue getting ready for the day job, and focus on writing my third story and the charity book story.  If you’re an aspiring writer, published author whatever you want to call your self bottom line is you have a dream to write … don’t stop, if you get turned down, take it on the chin and keep it moving. If you get told don’t write this write that but you have just one passion- keep it moving believe in yourself! And be you. Good luck!


With love,


I absolutely adored this book! I felt like I was a fly on the wall during all of Kate’s experiences. The story was great, and I really hope that Kim Knight writes more books that I can read! I love novels written by anyone, but I especially love novels written by a Brit! I love British slang and humor and this book had it all! Kim Knight is awesome! She should be on a top list of authors for people to read, as well as one of the best books of the fall! A Stranger in France is high on my list!
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on October 17, 2016
This reminds me of the movie Under The Tuscan Sun. Here, the story unfolds in the beautiful backdrop of France. Seeing their marriage is failing because of her husband, Kate travels to her bestfriend who lives in Marseilles, to take a break from her marriage. During her vacation, she met a charming, tall, dark and hadsome man, Nicholas. You will get entangled with Kate’s journey with twists to entertain all readers. Kate represents a strong woman who has her own mind and strong will.

I volunteered to review the Advance Reader Copy provided by the author.

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Lovely 4* #book review on #Goodreads #amreading #romance #amreadingromance

I’m so humbled, surprised and of course pleased when I get 4 and 5 star reviews, for A Stranger in France! Here comes another one on Goodreads you can read here.

I’m so glad readers (so far) are enjoying!

Thank you for reading!




Two 5 Star Reviews!… No Way!

Afternoon guys,

It appears readers are really enjoying A Stranger in France, those that read my preview copy here’s what they said on Amazon…

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition

To the outside world, Kate has it all! A nice London apartment. A fabulous job at Clapham High Academy. Years of hard work has paid off. She’s over the entire English department. But that isn’t enough. She’s in a dead end marriage. A year ago, her husband lost his job. Now, he sits home all day drinking, smoking and thinking up ways to demean her. Her achievements remind him of his failures. The emotional abuse he imposes becomes unbearable. She wants their marriage to work. Only, he doesn’t. Not even on Valentine’s Day when he chooses football with his friends, over spending the day with her. It’s the last straw. It gives her the courage to move on.

When the academy closes for Spring break, she hops a plane to Marseille Provence, France to visit a friend. One night, they go to a fancy nightclub. Right away, Kate’s smitten with the rich, handsome club owner. The attraction is mutual. As things escalate, she’s torn between wedding vows and what her body and soul craves.

This highly descriptive story has something for everyone! Romance, suspense, and an unexpected twist you won’t see coming!

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Format: Kindle Edition

An excellent debut book. Well done! This is the kind of story that I can get my teeth into. I do enjoy books with strong women character, who show spirit and determination. Finally Kate realises that her husband is not pulling his weight in their marriage and neither is he appreciating her efforts to keep them afloat during a rough patch. With her mum and best friend to support her emotionally she decides to take a break from the marriage to clear her head.
Unfortunately her head gets clogged up with other complications while on holiday in France and she struggles with her conscience on how to proceed.
It’s easy to feel for Kate, and you get caught up with her tale from the get-go, especially as you get inside the the heads of all the character..
A good story with a twist.a-stranger-in-france-1

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