Day #20: The Count Down Begins!


So the count down begins, over the next 20 days I’ll be posting updates on what’s happening during the run up to the release of my first romance suspense novel A Stranger In France. The big day is  20th September 2016! On Amazon for 90 days and then on Barnes and Nobel.I’m feeling great today, the sun is shining in London and has been so far for a good few weeks. This always puts me in a great mood  and adds a smile to my face, as you can see from my Wednesday selfie posted.

So what’s happening then?  It’s been busy!  Other than doing writing prompts and finalising A Stranger in France, being a mum and trying to sleep, from release day my virtual book tour has been organised. It will  kick off just after the 20th. I will keep you updated on where A Stranger in France will be touring.  I have a ”Release Day Blitz” organised for the cover  of the book across a huge number of romance focused blogs for 3 days from the 20th September, and A Stranger in France will be featured on All Romance Reads blog also!

In October  A Stranger in France  will feature on Coffee Time and Romance. I am super excited about this, to be featured  as a new author on various promotional dates throughout the month.

Moving forward in terms of writing book writing, right I’m  waiting for my second ”feel good” romance novella to be returned to me from my publisher, so I can get the final draft together ready for a Christmas release. While that’s pending, I’ve gone back to re-working my first ever attempt at creative writing. A romance -thriller which I’ve had some worry over where to place it in terms of genre and place myself if I’m honest. But I’m confident I’ve now made the right choice. If you’re wondering well why Kim? Find out here.

This particular story is so special to me as it was my first ever idea for a story, to create into a full blown book, before either of the 2 books about to be released. It’s my baby, in a genre I feel so passionate about so I want to write it, and write it  as bad ass as I can! So I’m taking my time and re- working it in areas, now that I have a little bit of experience behind me. What I’ve found with writing a story with a bit of crime is that accuracy is sooooooo important especially when it comes to police involvement. I have 2 girlfriends who are in the legal profession and will be interviewing them so help me with research. The other challenge for me is the balance of  don’t want to give away ”who dunno it” and  leaving  little droplets of info for readers to open their mouths in shock and  think ” OMG I did not see that coming! I have to keep reading.” 

Writing this particular story is a very different experience for me compared to A Stranger in France, and my second story (which I won’t blurt out the name of). I think it’s because the story focuses on love and romance but there is an element of crime to it it is a different atmosphere to create for the story and reader, with A Stranger in France the story just flowed out of me non stop, this one is a challenge! But I am determine to research and get this idea out my head and completed.

Well I better run, I have a pile of unopened mail aka bills, * sad face* and some letters to write to pen friends overseas *happy face*. While my son is enjoying a day at summer camp I better get cracking with my day.

Have a great day!




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