Book Review “Almost Paradise” by Trina Crooks 4 Lovely Stars! ( Romance).



Sandy beaches.
Amazing blue water.
Rest and relaxation.

These were all of the things that Kenya Burrows was looking forward to when she arrived in Jamaica for her best friend Marley’s destination wedding. It was going to be a wonderful week in paradise…well almost. Except for the fact that Maurice, Marley’s brother and Kenya’s ex-boyfriend, was bound to be in attendance too and he was the last person she wanted to see on her tropical vacation.

Maurice Parrish couldn’t wait to get to Jamaica for one reason only—Kenya. It had been three years since she walked out on him and in that time, he had grown and matured; just as she wanted from him all along. And now that his sister had asked Kenya to be her maid of honor for this wedding in paradise, it was the perfect set up. He needed to be face to face with the one and only woman he ever truly loved so that he could get her back once and for all.

Kim’s Review 4 Lovely Stars!

Aww this was a lovely story to read, a really nice romance novella length tale of ‘when a man loves a woman’  I  would describe it as. I stumbled across the book on FB, and glad I bought a copy it’s just .99p, and worth a read.

What I really enjoyed about this story is the setting ( obviously), and being whisked away, but also the growth that the author managed to show readers in her storytelling, concerning the hero-Maurice. There is nothing worse than reading a romance ( for me as a reader), and you don’t see or feel the growth that the characters go through, or any kind of struggle before the happy ever after for at least one if not both. Especially  if the story is about one character trying to prove themselves worthy of the other character’s love. I never found this a problem I felt Maurice’s ‘ I am going to claim this lady’ actions.

The writing style for me was nice and easy to engage with quickly, I read at least 80% of the book in one go. I was drawn in by the story and how it is told right from the start.The characters are likeable, and as I said I really saw Maurice go all out for Kenya. A swoon worthy hero for sure. I also found the story to be extremely realistic, and likely to happen in real life. Without giving spoilers, the reason why Kenya left Maurice I can 100 percent understand.

What I would have loved, (and this is not a put down at all), as it did not make me enjoy the story or writing even less, but I would have loved more ‘drama’.  Especially on Kenya’s side… there is a love rival present, another lady with an interest in Maurice.  I would have loved to  see her character ramped up a bit, to cause Kenya some drama. Also, to see Kenya have some kind of ‘dilemma’ of some sort if not with this other lady. For example something to make her think  ‘I need to make a choice do I do this or not with Maurice’ or ‘ OMG  this has happened, yes I need this man in my life’.  Don’t get me wrong as I read it was clear that she was confused with her feelings for him and scared, but some additional drama to push her or challenge her would have been nice to read. But like I said even though it’s not a drama filled story with lots of unexpected twists for Kenya, it is still an adorable story, that’s very enjoyable and I would read more from this author for sure. I recommend this story for true romance lovers, who like nice stories, not too over sexed or steamy, that make you swoon over the happy ever after at the ending

So for me a lovely four stars for a realistic adorable story, great male lead, lovely location, great writing style and a beautiful ‘ohhh that’s so sweet’ happy ever after.  The story is really what romance is made of, I liked it a lot. I hope to read another one from Trina Crooks.



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