Book Review: Snatch Girl, By L.J Kane – Thriller, Suspense. She Better Write Another One QUICK!! 4 STARS @L_J_Kane_Author

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About the Book:

Girl missing: What if you’re with her all the way through to the end…if it ends? Will Ellie survive? Would you?

The Shocking, Fast-Paced, Psychological Kidnap Suspense Thriller That Will Hook You From The Very First Line.

Snatched from her sadistic captor’s lair by his own getaway driver, eighteen-year-old student Ellie realises that she’s still kidnapped. As the enigmatic Darren Broderick drives off into the night with the terrified girl beside him, the sadistic Jon Braddon is not far behind.

Thrown together, on opposing sides, Darren and Ellie must stay one step ahead of Braddon’s twisted mind, and Ellie must resist Darren’s Aussie charms to the end. Darren Broderick needs the ransom, Braddon needs a victim. And he will fight to the death to get her back.

Warning: This book contains violent content, profanity, and sexually explicit scenarios.

My Review: 4 Stars

Thank you to LJ Kane for an ARC for a honest review. I interviewed LJ Kane last summer you can read that here, along with the first chapter of Snatch girl.

Oh! Wow, no time for foreplay let’s just get into this review!! First of all I have to comment on the author’s writing style,this is what gripped me the most. LJ Kane’s style is very descriptive, not ‘the door opened’… ‘the door opened slowly with a creak, the sunlight flood in across the dirty concrete floor’. She never wrote that by the way, it’s me explaining her style and what I mean. It’s not tell backstory descriptive,it’s place you at the scene so you see it and feel it for yourself descriptive. I personally loved it.  It’s for this reason I would say this thriller has an excellent thriller/ suspense feel, due to her style and execution, this author oozes flare when she writes.

The story line itself I must admit, at first I missed the main reason why Ellie is on the run, but I got it in the end. However, I would have loved to know more about the corrupt dealings going on, which she was caught up in. But it’s a great plot to follow in terms of build and suspense. What I also really liked about Snatch Girl is … it’s steamy in places! LJ  took it there ! There is sexual chemistry between Darren and Ellie. Personally, I really enjoyed the cross over into this area,  it was kinda surprising and made it more interesting to read. I was wondering if there will be a HEA, I won’t comment further on this and add spoilers. However, this is no romance make no mistake.

The characters for me I really liked Darren, he did the right thing in the end, and as a man I found his personality like-able.  Brandon the kidnapper arrrrrgh jez the author’s writing style like I said, places you in the scenes and I hated him. But I have a feeling readers are meant to dislike him, good job.

Overall, I’m giving Snatch Girl 4* because it is a fast paced, suspenseful thriller true to form, no bullshit.  I really went on a ride while reading and found it gripping, more so due to the author’s writing style.  PG readers stay away from this one, don’t disappoint yourself,  LJ Kane followed through on the warning she placed on the blurb. This author is my kind of thriller writer :),   if you  like it gritty,  don’t mind a bit of foul language, raw, and the sex steamy you may just enjoy Snatch Girl. I would read more from this author for sure again, write another one real quick!


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