Throwback Thursday x2! I love this Artist, Inspiration While Writing. @rihanna #throwback #music #dance

I love Rihanna no doubt about it. I have been inspired by her work as an artist on two occasions while writing, I’ve referenced her songs in my books. My four year old son (apparently) is in love with her, if a Rihanna song comes on he races to the radio or TV to dance. I first noticed his ‘love’ for the Caribbean beauty when he started to stare at her on the TV without a blink and smiling to himself. Then one day in the car I heard him sing ‘wild wild wild thoughts’ really clearly  I cracked up LOL.

This song here I’m throwing back is possibly the inspiration for the 2017 hit featuring Rhi Rhi. The beat is from the original beat of Santana’s ‘ Maria Maria’. I like the updated version which features Rihanna… and so does my four year old. How good does she look in this totally ‘wild’ outfit in the video?  It’s 1999 and 2017! Let’s dance and salsa if you can.

Wild Thoughts:


Santana Maria Maria – 1999

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