What’s Kim Reading: Book Reviews

I love books

I love to read and write. Before I started to write novels I ran a book club for women for almost five years. I miss it! I gave it up to make more time to write. Now I read and  review books then talk to y’all about them, instead of my club members. Here you’ll find all the links and books. If you’re an author and you’d like a read and review of your work, please contact me via  the contact Kim page. I read all genres mostly, apart from young adult or teen books. If your book interests me I’ll read it, if not I’d kindly say why I don’t think I can. I’ll always give a honest balanced review on my reading experience.

Star Ratings I Use:

5*= loved everything about it, an amazing reading experience a real page turner!

4.5*= really enjoyed it, this was a good read for me and a page turner!

4*= I liked it a lot.

3*=  It was okay.

1-2 * = I either could not finish it, or really disliked it for a genuine reason, or found some issues with the story or plot. You probably won’t find any 1* reviews from me. Reason is, as a reader I don’t think it’s fair to  1* rate a book you didn’t/couldn’t finish, it could have been good in the end.

The Spirit of The Dragon- Fiction 5 plus amazing stars!

Almost Paradise- Trina Crooks – Romance – 4 stars

For My Good- Tanisha Stewart, Urban /African-American – 5 stars

True Crime Thriller- Why She Lied- Julie Coons 5 stars

Willow- Lonely Spinsters Club Romantic Comedy Series – 3 stars

Justice For Belle, crime, suspense, thriller by Didi Oviatt 5 Stars

Go Home Afton- Crime, Suspense + Thriller by Brent Jones 4 stars

Pure Hollywood- Christine Schutt – Short Story Anthology- 2 stars

Snatch Girl- LJ Kane, thriller suspense- 4* stars

Steps To Find, Health, Wealth and Inner Peace-  Francis O’neil, mind, body soul genre. 4.5 stars

Amy’s Christmas Casserole – Romance by Best Selling Author Tammy Tate – 5 stars 

Framed- Black Swan Investigations- Crime/ Thriller by Wayne Kerr – 3 stars

Secrets In The Woods- Cosy Mystery by J.E Smythe – 4.5 stars.

Saved – Romantic Thriller/ Suspense by H. L Anderson- 4 stars

Love On The Forbidden Side- Contemporary Romance by Mariah Ankerman – 4 stars

Girl Within Girl Book #2 Erotic Thriller by SP Aruna – 3 Stars

Book Review: Workings Of Energy In The Human Energy Field (Non-Fiction) by Dr. Z. Gojkovic 5 *Stars #amreading

Accidental Lawyer- Kim Hamilton ( Crime/ Mystery/ Humour) – 5 + stars

Is Love Enough?- Taryn Steele (Contemporary Romance)- 3 Stars

Grave Injustice- Netta Newbound ( Crime/ Thriller)- 2.5 Stars

Black or White (Crime/Mystery) – Ben Burgess 5+ stars

Seaside Passion- Tammy Tate ( Romance) 5+ stars

Valentines Vision- Tammy Tate ( Romance) 5 stars

Pills- Jack Binding (dark humour /horror/thriller)- 5+ stars

Silence Is Golden- Sara Ackerman ( historical, suspenseful romance)- 4 stars

Poppy’s  Proposal- Gavin Ough ( romantic comedy/ contemporary romance). 4.5 stars

The Homecoming- Tammy Tate ( paranormal romance). 5 stars.

Agrivated Momentum- Didi Oviatt ( Thriller) 5 stars.

Early Dessert- Ava Sterling (erotica) 5 stars

The Playground- E Denise Billups ( paranormal /suspense/mystery) 5 stars

Murder in the Vail- Judy Moore ( Mystery & Suspense) 4 stars

Call Me Cutie- Ava Sterling (erotica) 5 stars