Book Review: Amy’s Christmas Casserole by Tammy Tate 5* @authortammytate @tammytateauthor #amreading #romance

Christmas CasseroleChristmas reading challenge off to a great start, one down,three to go! Thank you to the best selling romance author Tammy Tate for an ARC, in exchange for an honest review. First thing to say, I have read and enjoyed EVERY book I have been lucky enough to get my hands on by this author. It’s really easy to see why she’s a best selling romance author….. let’s get into the review.

About the book:

After being attacked in the parking lot of her San Antonio apartment complex, Amy fears all men. One day she stumbles upon Sawyer Creek. Using all her savings, she buys a small house and café and her Chicken Dorito Casserole becomes an all-time favorite among the community. After four years, the nightmares have stopped, but the panic attacks haven’t.

Christmas is four weeks off when the Sheriff calls saying a shovel hit the backdoor of her café, setting off the alarm. Vowing to never be a victim twice, she arms herself with the shovel only to learn that he’s been shot.

Can she help him despite her fear of men?

My Review: 5 Stars

Amy’s Christmas Casserole is a feel good love story set against the backdrop of Christmas. The plot has  a love triangle element, but not your average love triangle. This is what I really enjoyed about the book. Often, this author’s work features some kind of well thought out (or even suspenseful) conflict for characters. This is exactly what happens here. I don’t like spoilers so I’m staying mum about that whole plot however,the plot is gripping, I found myself wanting to know what Amy will do. To be honest, she did not do what I thought she would do! Faced with two yummy men I thought she would swing the other way. Amy  went with her heart and her Mr. Right, rather than ‘Mr. Right Now.’ This reading experience surprised me and was enjoyable to watch the drama play out.

Alright! Mr. Tall Dark and Handome himself…. this author has a ‘habit’ of creating male leads that do make me go ‘aww’ and sometimes laugh a girly to myself, in a good way. They are always swoon worthy, no exception here. The female lead, I did like her as a woman. I did understand her feelings given the past, she was well crafted.

Overall, I am a Tammy Tate fan ( like you can’t tell). Her stories are well crafted, often a bit steamy with the sex scenes in her longer books, and pack a punch with the plot even at novella length. Her writing style is fast paced and to the point, who else would say ‘women go bat-shit crazy about him’ LOL. Another great job done. Thank you Tammy, I look forward to the next one, 5 well deserved stars, keep spinning these great romance tales.

Here you  can see my review for other books of Tammy Tate’s. My favouite is The Homecoming. A really fast paced paranormal romance novel… steamy too! I’m waiting for the second part of the trilogy to be published! Hurry up!!


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