Throwback Thursday!: How David Bowie Influenced The World Of Hip Hop! #music #dance #hiphop @DavidBowieReal

This song came on the radio earlier this week, I could not help but… dance! And turn it up. It reminded me of the influence this song had on the world of hip hop, the rapper Puff Daddy, (or whatever he is calling himself these days) sampled David Bowie’s hypnotic beat in his song ‘been around the world.’ I’ve posted both videos so you can see the influence one artist gave the other.

When David Bowie passed away there was a massive tribute to him in south London, in a place I have wrote about many times called Brixton. I love that part of London so vibrant. So it’s 1983 y’all I was three months old when the original came out by David. And seventeen, just leaving school  in 1997 when Puff Daddy sampled the original. Both of these tracks make me wanna dance, I am a hip hop lover as much as an 80’s pop culture lover.

Let’s Dance! Put On Your Red Shoes And Dance It’s Throwback Thursday!





Hip Hop sample!



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