Writing Prompt: Tree- A Poem #amwriting



Write a response to today’s WordPress one word writing prompt the word “tree”.

Through rain, wind, snow and heat you remain rooted and firm.Sometimes I wish I was that firm. In life I’ve had many lessons to learn, that’s how I’ve become firm.

Regardless of what’s going on you’ll always be there, just five minutes away, in the playground where all the local kids go to play. Whenever I need shelter, comfort or a place to escape, tree, you’re  always there for me.

Each season that passes I visit you often. Sometimes weekly I’ll head out,  and seek thee -my beautiful tree. For some time to reflect, digest and de-stress , it’s the best place, as  while I sit under you somehow

Everything seems brand new,  I see the world from a complete different view. My beautiful thinking tree, I’m happy for the day I sat down on the grass and found you.


It’s been a bit of a stressful day today! I can’t actually write – not what I’ve sat down to work on about two hours ago, so I’ve done a writing prompt poem instead.  

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