Daily Prompt: Complications of an Author’s Genre Specialism



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  1. Difficult to understand, analyse or explain ( dictionary definition)

What a word! Today’s WordPress writing prompt word describes exactly my  situation today. I’M  23 /28 chapters into editing my final draft of A Stranger in France good news is I’ll make my publisher’s due date for next month’s release. Bad news, or the downside is  today started to think about my current book I’m working on; if you’ve been following a while you’ll know it’s a story with crime/murder  (and love) involved, and was originally the first ever book I started to write before A Stranger in France and certainly way before my creative idea came for my #2 novel due for release after A Stranger in France – later this year at Christmas.

The my dilemma  or complication is, as a writer /author do I pigeon hole myself to just one genre romance-suspense writing or do I do what I love, and what I feel I’m also good at writing crime also. From research I’ve done I’ve read so many conflicting views. Some say YES!  You must just stick and specialise in one genre it is suicide to gain readers and then write in another genre and build up a readership from the ground again, some say go for it, do what you love to do, your brand is not your genre it’s your own unique story telling voice and ability to engage others in a story – your readers (or potential readers) will follow you regardless of genre. Hummm  a complicated and  hard choice for a new or even established author.

Personally, I have some authors I love to the bones I wait impatiently for the next book to be released, and I buy their new release the day it is released, without even reading the blub or questing what it’s about. Just because I love their writing style and stories  in general. From this personal view as a reader, I’m tempted with this story I’m writing with an element of crime/murder to just do what I love and write in both genres. My professional head who wishes to build a nice readership and allow some form of consistency for my potential readers says Kim – don’t be a fool girlfriend stick within the genre you will be published in first…. romance suspense. It’s so complicated!

 I thought about the story I’ve been working on and I did some further research  there is in fact  thriller sub genre under romance I read about. No, not suspense, thrillers are  a lot more darker think of the book ” Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn an excellent book and example of a thriller. When I read  about this the creative side of my brain ticked, that’s it! Re-craft the story a little so that the crime and romance blend so it does not  come across as essentially  a crime friction story that just so happens to have 2 people that (once) loved each other… surely I can do that right? …. but what about the ” brand” I keep reading about? Would I confuse potential readers with writing a romance story with an element of crime- especially as by the time it’s ( hopefully) published, I will have  1. romance suspense book published and 1. romance story published, can I really throw MURDER or crime in with it too? … Like I said it’s complicated. I also changed my tag line on the blog from romance-suspense & crime fiction writer to romance-suspense and thriller writer to keep it broader in genre and creative outlet.

I never realised that writers who end up published are faced with such hard decisions that may impact their future career. I honestly (maybe naively) thought you write what you want, go where  ever your creative juices take you, after all it’s not ( for me) about the money or fame  that’s lovely but firstly it’s  the fact that the story is out of my head, on paper, in print and I achieved something great that I’m proud of.  And secondly, I’m just writing, as that’s what I do and what I enjoy it’s part of me.

So my questions are

 Readers: Would you abandon an author you liked because they wrote in a genre that is not your first choice. For example you found a great author read a few books or a book and then they wrote something else  or throw in a red herring in a genre? Or would you still read along?

Authors: Are you brave enough? Have you done it? Have you committed ” suicide” and wrote in more than one genre. Who has big balls out there?? Is it wise  in your experience?

At the end of the day, as a reader I love both genres I write, as a writer I really enjoy as well as love to write in both genres I have chosen . So I think I will grow some balls rework book #3 slightly and now ”pigeon hole” myself as Kim the romance-suspense and THRILLER writer rather than crime. This way  I (think) I can get away with romance &  a bit of murder  *wink.

Man that decision was COMPLICATED! 



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