What Camp Are You In For National Novel Writing Month? #nanowrimo #writerslife #amwriting

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I’m limbering up for July’s marathon month of writing, with fellow writers around the world. I’m excited to take part in National Novel Writing month for the second time! I’ve updated my profile and jumped into a writing camp.  I just clicked “surprise me with random cabin mates.” This time I don’t care what group/camp I’m assigned to. I look forward to motivating, and being motivated by random writers around the world in my camp. I’ve set my goal : write book #3 of my romance series, predicting about 25,000 words for this short story. Saturday night… it’s show time!

If you’re doing Nanowrimo in July, what camp are you in? Have you signed up to one? Those of us that are taking part let’s keep in contact throughout July.


Good luck writers!!


8 thoughts on “What Camp Are You In For National Novel Writing Month? #nanowrimo #writerslife #amwriting

  1. Ooh, book 3! Exciting. Have you done random cabin assignments before? They tend to be disappointingly quiet. (At least from mine, and some others, experiences)
    I’m not joining a cabin, (I spend too much time talking and not writing!), but I am taking part in Camp.

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